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  1. I believe I asked this a LONG time ago, either here or somewhere else, basically was told the same thing, old ideas never used. Would love to see some new perks.
  2. I lot of us really appreciate at least getting some news, and so far, everything looks great. Glad they hired you.
  3. Dude do you really have to add a GIF on EVERY THREAD??? you do understand you DON'T HAVE TO ADD A GIF ON EVERY THREAD right?
  4. have I not ran over 3-4 on a bridge in a toxic room? Yes I have. Did it feel good? Hell YES. Was I helping Jason, Fuck no. I just wanted to run over the bastards that were teaming with their buddies the game before helping Jason. Did it actually help Jason in the end? NOPE - I actually got more kills then that Jason that round. But damn who here can tell me that a bunny rabbit suit wearing Deborah bouncing off your hood doesn't feel good, then you are CNN (FAKE NEWS)
  5. Ummm i'm telling the teacher, oh wait that's you that tattles. BTW I for 3 (inside joke about a locked post) think you shouldn't be a "teachers pet" and act as a wanna be mod by telling ppl to search. Sickening IMO. Thank You.
  6. ahhhammm.....I said "you were right". Yeah I get it, i'm more of an explosive person than a passive aggressive.
  7. you are right, I am drunk and just pissed that they shitted on Jason like this. I just remember when they said it was all about Jason, now it's all about making Jason look stupid. I from here on out (when I play which isn't very often) will rage quit EVERYTIME I am Jason, just like so many did tonight. I mean you have 2-3 counselors around you, you are FUCKED. You can't grab anyone without laying on your back, you can slice MAYBE once before your on your back. It's like Jason spends more time on his back than a Las Vegas Prostitute on a Saturday night. WHY?
  8. Why don't you go back in time and change the name of the game to "retarded old man in woods that has 7 super-powered caped crusaders beat up the old retarded bastard". Title would be more fitting.
  9. Yeah that's about right @GunMedia this game is a fucking joke anymore. I'm sorry but it's a JOKE. watched 2 douchebags kill Jason 3 out of 3 times tonight and blamed it on "mashing button Jasons". Damn I use to love this game SOOOOO much and play it like 5+ hours a day. I find it hard to play it 2-3 times a week for more than an hour. #MJGA He had an excuse for everything "the window isn't broken, that's what knives are for" yeah well tell you what, crawl through a fucking window around me and let me have an axe, machete, etc. and see if I can't at least give you a paper cut along your back. and and yeah the grab is perfect, FOR THE COUNSELORS. Man Jason is really a freaking mentally handicapped retarded homeless man that is basically bullied by drunk 22 YO counselors. This is so fucked. You guys really are greasy. what you've done to this game makes DBD look like choir boys. You really made the worlds greatest killer a fucking pussy wimp that gets knocked out with a fucking loaf of bread but he can slash counselors with a weapon 4-5 times in the back while they run around and laugh. JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE. At least most comedians have a punch line, I guess your punchline is "and you paid $40.00 for this" yeah pretty fucking funny. For those of you who agree, give me a like. A like for this post is a DISLIKE for @GunMedia and the way the have nerfed poor old retarded homeless man. why did you cave and make the fuckwads that aren't fans so much more powerful than Jason. I literally have seen more ppl quit tonight from being Jason than I have EVER in the past. I mean at least 10 games as soon as a guy was picked as Jason, he quit.
  10. well I guess they didn't fix the issue with the chick trying to use the sweater and it not working. C'mon guys lets get this shit going. How the hell can it work fine then two updates ago, just stopped working?
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