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  1. Players in the Sky

    this has happened to me twice, i'm pretty sure one had something to do with the car and the other Jason grabbed me.
  2. I'm going to go with the super human killer of the franchise and ask for Jason Voorhees. Not the mentally retarded homeless man that found a ran down cabin that a bunch of bullying teens love to swarm him and beat him to a pulp. So yeah, my pick would be Jason.
  3. well I read on plenty of post how easy it is to somehow "share" him with friends, maybe that person was wrong. Who gives a shit really. He's not exclusive, and yes I watch hollow hunter break down doors on youtube and cuts like butter, my part 6 usually takes at least 4 extra hits.
  4. Salty much? and FYI there are more "shared" Savin-weenies on PC than both platforms together.
  5. Yeah he is actually next to SJ, the coolest looking Jason, but HORRIBLE to play as. My hard on is longer than his shift.
  6. all out of likes but yea this (and a few other things). how about hitting counselors going thru windows? how about being able to hit counselors with the slash, how about auto-lock with a knife if the counselor is within a certain distance. and why is it that a undead monster with super human strength and powers has to beat on a counselor 6-7 to put him down, but Tiffany can lay Jason on his back over and over.
  7. sure lets give the counselor more power to beat up the "retarded guy living in the woods with no running water / electricity". Isn't it bad enough that there is a gang of 7 that taunt and beat this poor bastard (post-patch) enough? hell let's give them machine guns, grenades, air support, flamethrowers. Hell let's have a fly-over from NKorea with a nuke.
  8. f**k spawn preference

    i've went days not being Jason (not since last patch, do I want to be humiliated anyway) but I have a friend that I swear gets Jason maybe every 4 games. I literally sometimes go 20+ games as Jason. And yeah it's usually the new guy who's Jason. I remember hosting a game for 5 hours and wasn't Jason once, but every new cuck that came in the room was. Ridiculous.
  9. Illfonics Negligence

    man on PS4 I can't and neither can anybody i've seen. I've never seen a counselor take damage. since 2 patches ago.
  10. yeah it's very, very frustrating. I like how in QP, you ask some POS that your buttons don't work and if he can stun you, what does he do? Yells on Radio "hey guys Jason is broken and can't do shit, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA". Such good folks (not all) on QP.
  11. Just getting ready to say this, do these dumb fucks think the keys spawn there?
  12. Well they said they wouldn't sell him, well how bout make it a level 150 unlock. I mean i'm a bit salty that true backers should be the only ppl to have him, but he's been released on all platforms and I didn't get in on it, If nothing else, Give him away (or for fucks sake sell him for $19.99 or whatever, I know i'd pay for it cause I feel the game will never be complete without owning him) and give him something to standout for the real backers, and maybe do something else for the backers also. Just don't make a counselor or a Jason that is superior.
  13. Illfonics Negligence

    F13 issues: Jason can't hardly grab anybody unless you have a horrible connection. You can't hit a counselor crawling thru the window. - this is my biggest issue. You miss door hits trying to break it down about 50% of the time. Jason misses about half the time when swinging weapon. Jason has been nerfed to basically a mentally handicapped man lost in the woods, while a gang a thugs beat on him I never was able to do the mile long grab with Jason because I have pretty good internet 300down/30up Some Jasons with a -shift literally are slower than the car. So much harder to stop the car. Jason should be able to go 6/8 7/8 all day long, anymore (yes I know there's a bunch of badasses on here that goes 9/8 each time they play) but for the most part i'm seeing 4/8 or 5/8 the norm. Meaning half the ppl are getting away in QP. I know player skill and other seems to make a difference. But as a HUGE Jason fan, i've noticed newer Jasons for some reason seem to play better than veteran Jasons. I don't get it.
  14. Got a great idea, since Savini Jason is never supposed to be sold and although 1000's of them have been leaked, sold on ebay or gameshared, it's no longer a "backers exclusive", heck I know a dude that has a youtube channel based on Savini, although he bought it on PS4 when they slipped up. @GunMedia_Ben @GunMedia @GunMedia_Ben SO I see we are raising the bar from 101 to 150. How about "unlocking" SJ at 150? it would REALLY give an incentive to keep playing. Then you can release a SKIN version of him that only backers could get. I mean it really is pay to win with him. I've watched so many videos and he really is better than other Jasons. He can actually break doors without getting his shit fucked up (part 6), he has the fastest cooldown on shift, longest reach, SO at least either change his looks and let him be unlockable (which wouldn't make as much since because so many have him) but you could make him different for the backers. He really is a better Jason than anyone else and just because some of use didn't even know about this game or for whatever other reason (hell I would have threw money your way). I just think it's so wrong that it's not just a backers thing, it's a fucking hacked, sold, stole, exploited item that really has divided the players. Keep your word, don't sell him, make him the top tier unlockable Jason and do something special for the backers that makes him stand out. I beg you guys, it's literally the best way to make everyone happy. You could do something as simple as make a skin like on part 3 purple nurple and have either his weapon flaming for the backers or something that wouldn't be hard to implement but would make them stand out. Trust me, I've read soooo many backers opinion about this, basically they for the most part feel it's not backer exclusive anymore, and I think they should just release him and do something different. What about changing any backers font or color on their name in the lobby, or put some Red chevrons or flame style chevrons on his mask or something easy to pay tribute to backers. I'm pretty sure all most EVERYBODY wants Savini released and something else done.