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  1. Double xp or tape event soon after. With the speed everything is going at I cant see them doing anything different than what we saw from the PC update. Honestly Im still a believe it when I see it guy on the servers. The one mention every 5 months of its soon coming cant make me think different.
  2. Not really a badass moment but my favorite one for sure. Had killed everyone but like 3 people and they were running to the cop exit. As soon as I morphed in they shot me. While I’m down one of the guys tells the other 2 to escape, he has 2 pocket knifes so hes gonna have some fun. I promptly hit him with a knife and slash him to death. When we get to the lobby he started to cry about how I suck and slashed him. Im like your the dumbass that told me you had 2 pk’s, that would have been stupid for me to grab you. He left right after due to everyone laughing at him.
  3. So people bitch non stop about how weak Jason is. But fix or add something to make it harder to escape and people loose their minds. So with everyones logic they should remove all sound cues right?? Yeah Im sure you guys would flip out if they removed car cues. Like Im a critical person of the game and call it how I see it but come on people.
  4. yeah I had a comment in this topic deleted bc I pointed out how shifty or anyone from the company will drop everything to point out incorrect info, but when asked for weeks about any news....nothing.
  5. Uhh thats new content. Well boys a shit storm is moving in.
  6. K3ys3r S0z3

    Secret perks?

    This is old. Theres a couple perks they removed from the game but didnt removed from the perk roll animation. Its the reason the poket knife perk myth was a thing during the first few months of the game.
  7. K3ys3r S0z3

    Project Méliès (new gun media game)

    Really??? blow edward scissor hands donnie brasco ed wood dead man cry baby platoon Im not even a depp fan and can keep going if you want
  8. K3ys3r S0z3

    This can't be a coincidence..

    Its makes sense. F13 rushed the console release to beat DBD to the console market. Now DBD is possibly putting a nail in the coffin for its largest playerbase. People can say what they want about DBD and I personally havent played it myself. But this is gonna hurt f13 bad as I would for sure be playing it if it was offered for free.
  9. K3ys3r S0z3

    Friday the 13th: The Series / Ed and Lorraine Warren

    I remember that show growing up. I didnt much care for it but I was really young. Freddys nightmares was another one around that time but it was just horrible. Only episode of it that was worth watching is the first one. But maybe I will go back and give the F13 series another try.
  10. K3ys3r S0z3

    Nintendo Lawsuit

    So then just release the back catalogue of games on any of your consoles. Every platforms line up of retro games has been weak. The switch barely has any and of all the Nintendo consoles this makes no sense.
  11. I use to be like you with this thought. And I got burned bad. So PC is actually the larger playerbase worldwide. In the US and Europe its cost efficient to get a console but due to taxes on overseas goods thats not always the case in some places. Now is the PC base a good one to measure stats off of??? Sort of but its so widespread. What cracks me up is people then try to spin this like because there is full lobbies on console that means theres no merit to the steam chart numbers. You cant say its not relevant when it sold almost 700k on PC and can barely average a 300 players active. Console has 2 options for a game like this, its not because theres more of us. And for the record Im a console player.
  12. Can we get a news group to report something wrong so shifty and wes quickly come in to correct the news. I bet if gamespot posted an article on the servers, they would be here hours after posting updates. If they arent coming, then just say so.
  13. No, anyone but gun or illfonic. Id rather EA have the game and fill it with loot boxes and pay to play mechanics before I support another project from this group. We cant even get gun to give us an update on dedicated servers or even what build of the game will be released with the slasher version. I just cant justify funding another project that will surely end up unfinished.
  14. I would get that if we had a discussion about this last month and Im just being a impatient ass. But this was said before launch, August, and in February. Pretty sure there was an update in December as well but not sure. It did get the soon treatment again when the no content was announced. Its a shit or get off the pot kind of situation here. We get it if they arent coming. Yeah people are gonna be pissed but you take your lashings and move on. But the longer they keep “sooning” this, the more its just proving what everyone thinks that its a pathetic cash grab now. I havent even played this game online since December. I swore off multiplayer til we get the dedicated servers that were promised.
  15. They arent coming. Theres comments on it daily with no news of it. But if a leak gets out, they drop everything to make sure thats corrected. At one point we were even told that servers 1# priority.