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  1. I would get that if we had a discussion about this last month and Im just being a impatient ass. But this was said before launch, August, and in February. Pretty sure there was an update in December as well but not sure. It did get the soon treatment again when the no content was announced. Its a shit or get off the pot kind of situation here. We get it if they arent coming. Yeah people are gonna be pissed but you take your lashings and move on. But the longer they keep “sooning” this, the more its just proving what everyone thinks that its a pathetic cash grab now. I havent even played this game online since December. I swore off multiplayer til we get the dedicated servers that were promised.
  2. They arent coming. Theres comments on it daily with no news of it. But if a leak gets out, they drop everything to make sure thats corrected. At one point we were even told that servers 1# priority.
  3. Yeah I dont get what people arent getting as this wasnt an announcement, but a leak someone found. Happens all the time for other games. But yeah....what about those dedicated servers.
  4. Have you download an update for the game from these guys? You got a point if your correct but I would put money its just a repackaged disc version of the game that came out in Oct with codes to download content and update as soon as you pop in the disc. Its more than likely pre updated verison of the game on that disc.
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    An Idea...

    NO just no. Look I get a kickstarter to fund something many want but maybe cant get a major investor or company to back it. Thats not the case here as clearly there is a market for this game so turning down that would be dumb. It would be like if my best friend wanted me to loan him money to start a pizza restaurant. He opens up and its amazing pizza but he makes a bunch of stupid mistakes and has to close even with the place having a reputation for great food. So if my friend comes to me a year later and is like hey can I get another loan to do that again, my answer is no as I already know how this will end. Look they crowd funded bc they didnt want to have the restrains a major company would put on them. As a punk rock guy myself I get and dig that. But that clearly was a very bad move on their part as they were way over their heads from day one.
  6. Yeah I read this now and scratch my head. But this isnt the first time Ive seen foot in mouth stuff from theses guys. We had a post on reddit that had a bunch of tweets from the games twitter and devs saying dedicated servers were coming at launch. Then there was a twitch chat someone screened with wes saying a couple months after release that dedicated servers were over kill and not needed. But yeah this was interesting to see their 2016 take on the games progress
  7. The NHA guy commented on the reddit post. Not sure if it was covered here but he said this was taken out of context or he mispoke. Not sure as both are very different but he did update it there.
  8. This is my theory on what I think happened and not stating it as a fact So with this new info I think what happened was they knew the deadline was happening. But they needed to get lot out and still had work to do on uber and the last map. Instead of spending anymore money on something that will bring no $$$ they put the update as the main focus knowing they can just blame the suit on not being able to finish. Putting a price on the dlc would have been a remedy to this but would have went against what they promised, so just said fuck it. I had said before if you want to bash them on anything else go ahead but the suit was out of their hands. But this all seems more and more like they wanted out and took the out. Still think more needs to be uncovered before that can be stated as fact but I highly doubt the devs comment on the deadline as that could be the final nail in coffin.
  9. Yeah I added a edit to my post since I really didnt read what you were responding to. So I took what you said out of context.
  10. I actually think I commented earlier in this trend bashing the switch. Since then we got one for my son and it’s actually a lot better than I expected. Played the mario game and didnt encounter many bugs. Honestly the system does really well and I only play it undocked. But your example isnt good. If you google search any game with bugs and glitches, something will pop up. Edit Of course I now see what you responded to. No there are bugs and glitches. No game on any system is free of those nowadays.
  11. By far uber and gendel. I was about this game when it was announced as a multiplayer only game. Honestly bot mode was good enough as Im not shitting on single player mode but its 5 hrs at the most. Not having uber makes the game feel incomplete. At least putting him in the game with the explanation we had to cut single player mode would have went over way better than what they did. Like I still have no clue why all effort was put into an update they could have did after the deadline.
  12. Uh really?? They delayed the initial release of the game on 2 weeks notice. Then would only give a vague “early 2017” when asked when its release was coming. And then said things like dedicated servers were coming on launch day. Just because they talked more but gave shitty info that wasnt correct many times isnt transparency. They have never...EVER been good or remotely ok in this department.
  13. K3ys3r S0z3

    The lawsuit

    Like Im trying to stay on the it is what it is fence here. But you qa test a jason for 3 weeks.....let me repeat that 3 weeks. You just put out an engine update and a patch to fix that update that I cant see how 3 weeks time was used testing both of those combined. Theres just no way. The more I think about this whole thing confuses me more and more. So you focused on single player and an update you could have did anytime after june, instead of working on the last map and last Jason. Like really what were you guys thinking. Even just adding Jason X would have saved the feeling of an unfinished game. Single player was a cool 5 hrs at best.
  14. If they really want to keep a playerbase, they need to put this game stupid cheap. 100 people buying it at $10 is better than the 5 people that will buy a game for 40 that isnt and will never be complete. But I doubt they really want to do that as I have zero faith dedicated servers are coming. Before someone replys “but wes stated they are coming and They tweeted they are”. Please they were said to be here at launch, they were almost done in the fall, and Im to believe when the game is dead in the water they are coming now?? Nope
  15. Ive wondered that myself. I dont mean to start speculating but I understand pulling content thats about to be released. But why pull content thats not coming? Also from my understanding accessing the map content is not possible with the new update so not like they pulled it to avoid people from replicating the videos.