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  1. I mean an NDA is pretty standard in an industry like this. Speaking on it like he did is risky but posting proof could potentially lead it back to him. I agree take it with a grain of salt but its not like this all doesn't fit the timeline of events pretty good.
  2. Ok so I do find it weird this topic has recycled itself. But I did want to ask here if weapon swapping changed this where this is now actually relevant? Like when the game came out this was a major topic of complaint as the Jason was advertised as a unique skin, not an entirely different Jason with its own stats. But then once the leaks happens alot of us(myself included) found he was good, but not the best. I personally hated the weapon and that was the reason I tended to not choose him.
  3. So to work around this you suggest making a new game pretty much. Yeah you cant change a already sold product with an update. Its like if I go to McDonalds and order a big mac. As Im sitting there about to take my first bite one of the workers takes it from me and says its not a big mac anymore. So they hand me a similar but different burger. If I paid for a product and its in my possession, you cant just change it like that. Just because you played court room with stuff animals doesnt count as “experience” because you are completely out of your element here.
  4. Hes still right. We have to assume regardless if it launched as f13 or summer camp it would have had most of the same issues. A lot of people gave them a pass due to this game being the best f13 released. If this game was summer camp it would have died just like the culling did.
  5. People need to stop being emotional and look at this as if it was yourself. You and myself of course would try to reclaim money if something we had a part of went on to make 100’s of millions and you got paid 7k. I dont blame the guy at all as this was in his legal right. If anyone is to blame its Sean but again that’s emotional as most of us would be doing the exact same thing he is.
  6. Lmao they didnt destroy shit. This isnt about money today, its about money over the next 30 years. If f13 never made another movie or game it will still be a profitable license. Lets not be over dramatic here as they are still making money, us fans are the ones that are screwed. Jason is like Mario. If Nintendo decided to stop making anything Mario related, they would still make millions on his likeness. It would be us the fans that would suffer, not Nintendo.
  7. If they cant add a rock to the game, how would a game mode be ok? They cant add anything new til Victor and Sean agree. I dont think theres a loophole here. Only loophole that was possible was having completed content in the game code before the cutoff.
  8. Exactly. Can people stop sharing this guys vids. They are complete trash. Dude emails Victor a guy who was threatened, harasssed, and his family was dragged into it. Of course hes gonna say yeah as hes seen the what this comunity is capable of. But nothing in that email is a green light for content or even anything close to that. I swear him and slash n cast are the worse content creators based in this game.
  9. This pretty much sums up where the anger should have been focused on. But end of the day people need to get over it as they were clear about no new content. If you load up the game and have fun awesome, keep playing. But if you load up the game and cant have fun bc you need more content to have fun, find a new game. Simple really
  10. The f13 reddit is what loads when I go to reddit. I usually just scroll see if anything new is happening and go on. Last couple months have been slow but I noticed when that released the traffic on posts and comments increased. Some of this is also due to the news that Id rather not discuss. Lol
  11. Lol that was your text. Instead of taking it from your original post, I took it from the post I quoted you on.
  12. And you said this. Cant have it both ways kid
  13. No means no. Your reasoning is why this question wont die. They said no because at the time most people were saying this thing wouldnt end for years. Like the no new content release was the most transparent communication they had released since even before the game released. But still people wont accept it.
  14. Uh yeah we can since the devs themselves said no. Your searching for an answer that was answered months ago.
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