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  1. It was fun!!! Hadn't played Friday (or drank for that matter) in a while. Hit me up if you ever need a player!
  2. I’d love to play this Friday!! GamerTag: Bionic Capo, or through the CLEA.
  3. Got it working again. The issue seemed to be the Titanfall Xbox one controller they sold years ago. Guess it doesn't work with this game. Tried my "Day One" controller and it works.
  4. Shortly after the first big Xbox patch a few weeks ago, I lost the ability to chat or hear players in game. Party chat works, other game chat is fine. Just this game and only recently. Im using a Turtle Beach Stealth 500 wireless headset. have I installed and downloaded the game again twice. Multiple hard reboots. Nothing works. Any help is appreciated.
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