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  1. Played one match tonight on PS4. Watched someone run the gas that I shuttled to the car off to never never land while I got morph killed standing by the gas tank with keys in hand. Battery was already in the car. Waited till the end. Turned off PS4. I'm waiting for the update.
  2. **We've known that all along. At least you didn't say soon ™
  3. If you're going to be a Grammer Nazi, at least do it correctly. If you change it to haven't then you must change look to looked.
  4. WHAT THE FUUUU***** ??????

    Good lawd the amount of salt here. This is how the game was when it released digitally. Yay!! Finally Jason is to be feared again. To all those who opposes Jason being the star, find a new game. We don't need your bitching.
  5. I agree. That's what I was trying to convey myself. But I wish it was back to normal for public lobbies since that's all I play in.
  6. Other than the glitches and feeling like Jason grabbed you from 10 ft away it was genuine f13 gameplay like the movies. That's if you could play. Took upwards of 30 minutes to find a lobby. And team killing was bad. They would shoot you for no reason but it was all acceptable to me since "in real life" they could shoot you. The only bad thing about team killing is you could end up killing the person you were trying to save from Jasons grasp.
  7. Friday the 13th The Game App

    You lost me when you said discord.
  8. Didn't they specifically say over and over there may be a slight increase? How can you fuck that up so badly? Their fix will be you won't find jack shit the entire game and everyone will be back to calling it The drawer opening simulator. I have completely lost faith in patches fixing things. It was better the day the game came out. And that's a shame.
  9. I agree with bewareofbears on this. They're like the "friend" who is on their way to pick you up and never shows only to have a lame excuse as to why they didn't pick up a phone to call/text. A little communication would go a long way. There's no way you guys are so busy you can't check in here and talk once a week or something. I work 60 hours a week and still check in here daily. May not post daily, but I also didn't make any $$$ off the game.
  10. "Hard" bots my ass

    It feels that way. Played on easy and within the first two minute got stunned by a Chad and a Tiffany with bats. And they were working as a group. On hard Tommy sits there and opens a drawer over and over.
  11. "Hard" bots my ass

    I've found that easy is hard and hard is easy on ps4
  12. They're in the store but you have to Google it. I Googled Jason 7 kill pack and it finally showed up. If I can link it here I would. It's not on the store search yet though. Edit : here's the PS4 link. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2165-CUSA07878_00-F13GAMEKILLPAK02