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  1. Yeah, you're right. I forgot about on tables and boxes too
  2. Yep. It sucks. Yet another bug
  3. The propeller is always on a shelf. Most people blow by it because it looks like a damn pot or frying pan until you get close up to it.
  4. Does it on PS4 as well
  5. The fact that the AI Jason isn't walking into walls or trying to climb out the window is the "great AI"
  6. Yes, but it's usually the sweater wearer who's the next to be killed.
  7. It appears to not even come with a disc, just a redeem code.
  8. Friday the 13th switch ?

    I wish I knew how to only quote what I wanted to but the best resident evil 2 was on the Dreamcast. The n64 version was a technical marvel that they fit the entire game plus cutscenes (I think one or two got left out) on a 64 meg cart. But the cut scenes were compressed as hell. The only advantage was that it could utilize the ram expansion kit to up the in game resolution. Dreamcast with VGA cables is still prettier though.
  9. I was a counselor last night and I escaped with the car. Seems I always escape now.. but I was spectating and saw a Jason miss 5 or 6 attacks and a grab while on top of a counselor and he couldn't even hit the fence to break it down. It looked stupid. Wish they would make Jason someone to fear again. When the game first came out, you knew once Jason spotted you it was a matter of time. My wife used to gasp and be like "oh you're dead now" and I just laugh it off and waste 5 minutes of his time. Please make it fun for both Jason and not so damn easy for counselors. Neither is much fun anymore.
  10. Bud Bundy lol. Or Al Bundy. But have a 10 for stregnth
  11. Fox Confirmed!!

    If you look at the update history for PS4 it says for version 1.14 fox added at the bottom. But there's no Fox
  12. Finally I can join the club. Being playing since release of digital. Bought disc copy on Friday. Been playing off disc. PS4 Jarvis house, middle floor. Random drawer. Tape #7