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  1. I just played as Jason. I am ok at best. (Level 96)I haven't played much lately and and am a bit rusty. I got my ass kicked all over the place while playing Roy. Somehow I still managed to get 8/8 with just over a minute left in the game. I am very satisfied with Jason this patch.
  2. As a counselor, I enjoy trapping outside the cabin door, and then possibly inside as well too. This creates a nice place to escape to. Usually Jason will step in the first trap outside and never expect a second inside. This always makes me giggle.
  3. I think that now is the best time to work on your skills as Jason. Plenty of noobs out there. Try off peak playing times. Played today (Friday) at 2pm and got 7/7 in record time an probably should have taken it easier on them.
  4. It was heading toward the boat. I could see the boat from the mini map. Too bad I didn't get a screenshot of map.
  5. Counselors should be doing drugs, drinking, and playing strip monopoly while waiting for their unsuspected death.
  6. When I die early and am forced to watch the last counselor hiding under a bed for the remainder of the game. Go out swinging for #@$! sake.
  7. Ran into several bots last night. Not sure if the bot took over after player left the game. In one instance AJ bit was pacing back and forth in an odd pattern, not doing anything.
  8. Kind of late now but... And I am not sure where you can find online but... VHS - Pt 1 was awesome. Pt 2 was ok didn't see 3. Nightmares and Dreamscapes - king adaptation for tv. 1 season. Absolutely loved them. Southbound - 5 shorts that are connected. Very cool stuff. A small list to get started.
  9. Hello everyone. First off, I am addicted to this game. I am a complete horror geek and even sport the beginnings of a horror movie tattoo sleeve. I grew up with Jason and saw Pt 3, and 5 in the theater. I can't wait to see what is next.
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