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  1. People are still whining for Savini? I though the craze died down after the Xbox incident and all the free Savini’s bought were refunded..
  2. Ok, if you just had a bad game a few moments ago, there is a thread in existence where you can complain about this type of stuff there. Kay? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/15649-here-is-a-thread-to-vent-about-the-game/
  3. Welcome to the forums! p.s don’t dstrike me im just a nurse main aaa
  4. Former A.J main here. I started playing her way,way back when I first started the game. I really liked playing her because of her high stealth and it was actually useful back then?
  5. 311 Hours Rank 112 for me. Coming in close for my second was Dead by Daylight with 263 Hours.
  6. I think it would help both repairer, and non-repairer counselors if they opened the gas-cap before pouring it in.
  7. Sweet Home Alabama, and most likely always will.
  8. Vanessa and Buggzy. The both of them combined with good stamina, speed, average and high strength. They both can, bless his heart, can really put Jason in a disadvantage with catching stealthy counselors.
  9. Friday the 13th The Game, and Life is Strange: Before the Storm. Both made me cry and are great games.
  10. Part 8 Chin Striker. It's my favorite kill in the entire game,but it also sends shivers down my spine just watching it.
  11. Jenny is my second main, first being Tiffany. I usually just run around by myself. She's good at fighting against Jason with her 8/10 luck, her composure is 10/10 so you won't loose your HUD so easily, and she has decent repair (keeps pressing the repair until you get an easy roll.) Jenny shines at being a protector for a stealth character transporting a part to its location, and being a fighter, but otherwise, I usually run around by myself and helping out IF there is no-one else that can do it better then me.
  12. Indoors, you can just jog right by a corner, and when Jason follows you and is about to make that turn, hit him with an easy stun.
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