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  1. ...oh my... Does this glitch change the hit-box of the bat to a mile wide, or is it still the same?
  2. Just jog around, supposedly if the counselors Stealth Stat is 9/10 or higher (A.J, Deborah, and Tiffany) they will not give off an noise blimps at all. And always travel around with another Stealth based counselor, the only exception is when your taking a Part to where it needs to go and need a bodyguard to protect you.
  3. •People that spawn in, leave doors open, don't put parts in immediately when they have high/average repair, loot every cabin until they find a pocket knife, and then ask for another pocket knife from someone else.
  4. Perks for each counselor

    So it's something exactly to Teachable Perks from Dead by Daylight?
  5. Part Runners: Tiffany/Vanessa Stealthy: Jenny/Tiffany/A.J/Deborah/Lachappa Repairer: A.J/Deborah/Lachappa/Fox/Adam/Maaaybe Kenny/Mitch Fighters: Adam/Buggzy/Chad/Jenny (cause of that juicy luck) Rounded: Adam/Kenny
  6. Jason leaving a match and watching him have a heart attack.
  7. Just say if everyone is in, even if you don't have a mic. mind games
  8. Commence the thread locking innnn.... 3...
  9. So, this game mode has only one escape option which is something that needs a huge amount of teamwork, quite possibly getting into a server without any mics at all?
  10. Try throwing a knife at the counselor when climbing into the cabin. If one leg has not gone into the cabin, the animation will cancel, giving you an easy grab/hit. Otherwise, they probably just left this in after they realized that adding a "Break Window Animation" was a mistake and removed it, but didn't take out the force field part.
  11. Right before I clicked on this post, I screamed "Jenny" out loud. Thats all I got for now..
  12. Whos better

    The two are both really good at doing the same things, running parts, and being distractions. Although I main Tiffany and really want to choose her, Chad is some-what superior because of his Luck making him able to hit Jason more than twice with a baseball bat.
  13. I'd love to see some new kills for Part 8.