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  1. I think it is a SCANDAL that there is not a female BLONDE character in the game yet! Blondes where all over the movies!!! They should make a model that resembnles Ginny, Megan from Prt 6 and Tina from TNB (Part 7) . The kinda look alike so they could make a "crossover" character like they did with Terry from part 2 and that twin from Part 4 in Tiffany, Other than that: Shelly from Part 3 and Jimbo from Part 4 are probably the most famous victims from the franchise. They should be added. And they should also add Barry and Claudette from the original movie. All the characters are just normal partying teens to me, but haveing real counselors with the real counselor-outfit would be a bit different. The hitchiker form part 4 would be fun to play as well.
  2. When you guys mention "Jason X" you have to be specific: "Regular Jason" (pre-nano-rebuilding) or Uber Jason? You do not need to change the maps to a space-station in order to have a "Jason X"-Jason in the game. Part 8 is also in the game even though there is no New York (or Lazarus) map. The regular Jason (from Jason X (shredded sstraightjacket with chains; greenish hockey-mask with a "duck nose"; shirt an grey pants; "medical machete" as a weapon; hair) will work fine in the woods. MY wish-list in order: 1.) Regular Jason from Jason X 2.) Final Chapter Jason (or a part 5 -dream Jason -version) 3.) Roy 4.) Uber Jason Freddy vs Jason-Jason and the rebbot-Jason would be between my nr. 2 and 3 picks, but I heard that they can not use those because of right-issues.
  3. Greetings from Germany

    I have been trying to register here for days ... I am playing on PC/Steam (same username as here). Are there any people here from the old, legendary fridaythe13thfilms.com message-board which went down 10 years ago?