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  1. Susan Jennifer Sullivan Status?

    Hey guys, I am the guy who wrote the article on F13thfilms.com´s message board and other boards.As stated in my post: There is more evidence that I do not want to publish ( current adresses etc) because for privacy reasons. Since her mother stopped answering me I guess it is safe to say that she does not want to have anything to to with the movie anymore. Considering her recent history that is understandable. What happened in the meantime: The Crystal Lake Memories facebook-page took down the report that she died (it is still on f13thfranchise.com though) after I contacted them. They said "We aren't sure who posted the incorrect obituary for Ms. Sullivan at the time but it was not someone directly associated with the creative team behind the show". She was severly ill during he making of Peter Bracke´s book in 2003 (see also the timeline on her webpage) so she could noit participate. CLM (the DVD/blue-ray documenary) said that their production manager was infomred by a relative that she died. As stated with the evidence that I have found it seems that it was a cover up in order for her to be left alone. I saw people doubting that she is alive because "I only showed pics of her from 2002". If you have read my article you would have understoods that I just used those pics from 2002 to connect her to Andrew Niccoll and that she is therefore indeed the mother of Mia (who posted on f13franchise.com in 2013 and claimed that her mother is still alive) and therfore proofing that the graceandletters-hompegae is the page of "our" SJS (and according to the info on that page she died not die as well!) There ARE RECENT pics of her on private facebook-pages and her alma-mater reunions. HOWEVER: Those pics are from private sources and therfore I will not link them anywhere in public because I sure would not want that some strangers woud publish private pictures of me in public without my permission. The SJS Facebook-fanpage however released SOME of those pics. I have stopped my contact with the owner of that facebook-page and reported him to facebook for using private pics without permission, (unfortunately Facebook won´t do anything about it). Sure, I would love to hear a statement from her, but she seems to have her reasons to stay quite. That is something we have to respect.
  2. Maps accuracy.

    The deer-statue in font of Higgins Haven that can bee seen in part 3 and 4 is missing ans well as that wheel-thing on the lawn (is it a cannon?)? There was also a silo behind Higgins Haven as seen in this screenshot: [/img] Camp Crystal Lake is missing the two-story cabin where Barry and Claudette where killed. The set-up of the room in Packanack where Jeff & Sandra where killed in is different. In the movie it was directly opposite to the stairs, in the game its slightly ajar. The door also opens to the different direction (remember, Jeff´s coprse was hiding behind the door)
  3. Tommy is by far more popular with fans than Creighton Duke. BTW: If Creighton was THE Jason archnemesis that JGTH wants us to believe: Where was he during Part 2-8? But I have to say that it is weird seing Tommy Jarvis with a shotgun since he never used a gun in any of the movies. The same has to be said if Creighton enters the map with a shotgun since we also never see him weartng any guns in JGTH. I believe that the "savior" character was originally meant to be Rob Dier from Part 4. I assume they replaced him with Tommy as soon as they got the rights to Thom Matthews liknesses. Now we only see Rob getting killed in the intros. I would make more sense for the Rob character entering with a rifle since he really had a rifle in part 4. But since Rob wasn´t very succesfuill in Part 4 ("he is killing me") and is not as popular as Tommy it´s understandable that Tommy is the saviour. However from a timeline-perspective having ADULT-Tommy be a character in Crystal Lake 1979 or any of the 1984 maps makes no sense since he was a 12 year old -(7 year old in 1979) during that time. On the other hand: Jason wasn´t a zombie in 1979 or 1984 so playing undead-Jason in those maps makes no sense when you look at continuity/timeline-aspects.
  4. Who is your favorite Jason?

    Richard Brooker
  5. That is her outfit, but we see it on Tiffany in the video!
  6. The clothes could just be a part of the pyjamas-clothing pack (just like the wheelchair-animation obvioulsy is just a kill for the single-player challenges).
  7. Virual Cabin

    Have you set the date back to friday, june 13th 1979 (it was it 1957?) in the Pc again? Because it will be back to the present day after finishing VC for the first time. Then go back to the basement and answer the phone again.
  8. Here is a scereenhsot from the "Shelly lives" clip on the "His name was Jason" documentary (that´s Larry Zerner himself). That documentary was released in 2009. And here is a pic of Shelly´s father, Walther Finkelstein, from the mockumentary "Crystal Lake massacre revisited". This was spreads across the deluxe DVD´s of F13 4-6, released in 2009 as well. Boith, the mockumentary and the documentary were made by Daniel Farrands. Maybe he came up with the name. I just noticed that Finklestein is spelled different in the documentary and the mockumentary.
  9. Shelly's last name was already revealed in the documentary “his name was Jason“ as Finklestein (see the Extra “Shelly lives“ video).
  10. Yes, I also hope they make more maps after the Grendel. IF they don´t want to put so much work into it they could make a "combo map" that has Camp Forest Green from Part 6 AND the Shepard-house and Party house from Part 7 on the other side of the lake. They could also put ikm´s boat from Part 8 in the lake. That ways they could cover 2 (or 3!)movies in 1 map. It should be easier to make maps for Part 6 and 7 than the Lazarus/ N ew York / Grendel maps. They need to make totaly new graphics and objects for the space, Manhattan and ship settings. but they can easily use the existing woods and cabins from the previous levels.
  11. Just because he was in the virtual cabin does not mean he gets included into the game. Roy was not in the virtual cabin "Jason showroom" but he is in the game now, earlier than UberJason.
  12. New Kill Ideas

    1.) Dartboard kill : Make the dartboards THAT ARE ALREADY IN THE GAME an enviromental kill. Jason should push a dart through a counselors eye. 2.) new weapon: Scythe (this one should have been the weapon for SaviniJason). Ideas fo the scythe: The Shepard: Jason impales the vitim from behind and continues to rip upards to the body (see the death of Mrs Shepard in Part 7.). Additional kills:) Jason slices a counselor in half at the stomach. 3.) I agree with the above suggested "tossed" kill for Part 6 Jason that resembles the death of Darren from the movie. 4.) I also agree with the cut throat-kill with the part 5 garden shears, but I would also add that the counselor should try to fend off the shears with his hands with the results that his fingers get cut off (see the kills from the movie "The Burning").
  13. The Camp Daniel Morgan that was used in Part 6 sure has a different feeling/setup than Camp Nobebosco (which was the original camp in Part 1). The cabins look different. There is one big cabin for boys oand one for girls instead of several small cabins. Remember the shot where -Jason walks through that cabin to get to the little girl (Nancy)? There were dozens of beds! The original camp only had a couple of beds in each cabin. The Part 6 camp also had a kitchen-cabin and a counselor-cabin that looked different than the others. The camp was on a little hill. You had to walk down that hill to get to the lake. So yes, the Part 6 map would be different to the part 1 map. However, i would prefer the Part 7 map (two big two-story houses next to the lake) to be included before the Part 6 map. On the other hand: Why not combine the part 6 and 7 maps into one? Have the Shepard-house and the Party-house from 7 across the lake from the Part 6 camp ... and put Jim´s boat from the beginning of Part 8 in the lake between the Part 7 houses and the part 6 cmp! That way you also do not have to fill up the map with random cabin´s that weren´t in the movies. Just make sure that Dan and Judy´s tent from Part 7 is included.
  14. They revealed UberJason in the virtual cabin. Uberjason has 10 minutes of screentime in JasonX. I was talking about PreUberJason... the design before he turned into UberJason
  15. Roy Kill DLC idea

    They could also try to copy some kills from "The burning": e.g. Counselor tries to fend of Roy with his hands (similar to the can-opener Part 7 kill). Roy cuts of the hands/fingers and then Roy puts the closed scissors through the counselor´s throat.