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  1. I just got the 2 seater going and it was in a spot to only go forward. It was me and a passenger and another player wasnt happy it wasnt him so he just stood in front of the car. I had to run him over to move the car. Now I get -1000xp cause he was trolling. I even went slow and tried to push him out of the way. Fucking people with nothing better to do.
  2. Double post
  3. Lol one is literally 20ft from where the 4 seater spawns. Cant remember the map though. Yep. Packanak.
  4. Of all the things we asked for.........

    Lets not forge the fact you cant kill people through windows now. Thats the main issue.
  5. Help playing with Jason

    Double or tripple trap phone box. Wait by 4 seater. Break close by powerboxes. Fuck the boat and 2 seat most over look them. This method will net you an easy 5-6 kills.
  6. Has anyone else noticed?

    Lol I noticed that. I keep thinging they are fuel cans when quicky glancing at them.
  7. Jason nerfed

    Nobody ever asked for any of the shit they did aside from nixing team killing....which is still lame.
  8. You should be able to keep beating him while stunned. Why not?
  9. Of all the things we asked for.........

    Not being able to damage / kill people in a game where the goal is to damage and kill people is fine?
  10. Of all the things we asked for.........

    In reality you shouldn't need combat stance to break a window.
  11. Of all the things we asked for.........

    Also I understand the devs can do as they wish, as they made the game, however completely changing things nobody wanted changed is just bad business imo. Its almost like they didnt test this patch with any actual consumers. Also Im still getting dashboarded so the memory leak is definitely not fixed. But thats a different topic all together.
  12. Of all the things we asked for.........

    He just completely misses the window if you dont use the prompt. I thought the game was glitching at first, thats how bad it is. Invincible glass......unless you press A.
  13. Of all the things we asked for.........

    Its not a troll topic and if they thought it was such a great idea, why wasnt it mentioned in the update list. Surely this wasn't implemented last minute.......although it does feel like it by how horrible it works.