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  1. ...or if Tommy tries to stun Jason with machete, or both or more players try to stun Jason at the same time... There are a few different ways to "fuck up" either the stun or the kill animation. Mostly, if done right, it works. Sometimes it doesn't; very rarely though. Hens, hasn't really been an issue.
  2. lasse_hei

    I'm waiting for new patches.

    @thrawn3054 And I agree with you too. I don't think that the devs representation have been only sunshine and rainbows.. More communication is definately needed, especially now, even though there propably isn't anything to report. Just a little more nods to the fans; "you are still there and we are still here." But I dont think they are keeping silent because of complaints. Majority of the gaming communities are comprised of preteens/teens who (sorry) don't know too much about the world of economics. Therefore, if the devs would take an offence about complaints from these communities, it would make them seem like grudging adolescents. I just think they have their hands full. Like I said, less revenue and profit equales less working hands. Final thought: More communication please, especially now during these times of uncertainty.
  3. lasse_hei

    I'm waiting for new patches.

    I wholeheartedly agree. Think about the amount of bitching if the devs would release a new patch with a new development team that turned out to be full of glitches. I´d rather wait for a fully tested patch that consurns bugs and balance, than a half-assed patch full of glitches that pisses everyone off even more. I do not think that I´m too naive in waiting for such. There is still money to be made in this game. Btw, I´m sincerely fedup with these "they lied to us", "they pulled the plug", "this was excuse to halt new content" -whiners, who are making up all sorts of conspiracy theories about why the devs didn't release Uber and such content earlier. Seriously? Have those people not been paying attention? Why do you think the devs focused on engine upgrade? Because the dedicated servers were their first priority. Why? Because the ds needed an engine upgrade. Why did they need the ds? Because the most critique was coming from quiting hosts. Well why was the new content held back? The for mentioned were first priority and because of earlier subpar patches. Why wouldn't they release subpar, untested patches? Because of the negative feedback from such patches. And no, I will not go to the lawsuit conversation, I´ve made my case on that issue already. The balance and bugfix patches are coming, it will just take a little more time; making sure that it has as little bugs as possible, proper testing, and ofcourse: smaller revenue means that you can afford a smaller body at work. Edit. I guess I´ve been lucky. Haven´t experienced any major bugs in a long time, even though I've been playing pretty frequently.
  4. lasse_hei


    You know, I've also been playing since this game released. I'm not great at video games. But I've become pretty good at this one. I kill everyone most of the time. I like to kill counselors alot. Pretty good at killing them and avoiding their attacks The times I don't kill em all It's because they get lucky stuns from those fucking "freebies" , shitty battle mechanics and a crappy grab animation. It is the most bullshit aspect of a game that is almost entirely comprised of bullshit aspects. I know why it's in there. It's because grieving counselor mains kept crying abput "forcegrabs" and OP Jason. I nevee liked the idea. And if it happened once a game, ok fine. It happens 10-15 times per game. Does Jason have have somekind of spasms that freeze him in place after being hit with a fucking stick? How in the whole fuck is this any way fair? Counselors have no equivalent. Jason just freezes 20 times a game after being hit by whoever with whatever I realize all this has been said before. It's just been irritating me for a while so I thought I'd whine on the internet. Wahh! Ahh. Better. Lastly, I would just like to extend a hearty "go fuck yourself" to any players who exploit these absolute fuckeries. If I've been killing counselors for 20 minutes, and then you "win" because my character froze after raging through a door or being stunlocked, please understand this in no way constitutes a victory on your part. Ok that's all. Let's see who's the next loser who comes here crying about absolutely nothing.
  5. Untrue. Either tanked and or just luck. The sound you hear is someone stepping in it = tanked. Thats the whole point of the pk disarm, Jason sees it, can't hear it. If you were right, they would just get tanked everytime. Fortunately you aren't.
  6. No it doesn't. If you disarm Jason's trap with a pk, it does not alert him. Though Jason can see that the trap is triggered on his map. Therefore good Jasons check there maps frequently and react if they see that a trap has been triggered without a sound = disarmed via pk.
  7. Alot of nice ideas here. I personally think that every single perk needs to have a pro and a con. While some of these improvements would help newer players, catching the "best" could get nearly impossible. The idea in the pros and cons aspekt is that you would really have to strategies on what kind of gameplay are you going to take. "What do I give up in favor of another". Do you rely on strength, giving up stealth? Do you rely on stealth, giving up stamina? Do you rely on speed, giving up a fighting, etc.? With giving too much power to the counselors without perk weaknesses, you basically give them the best of all worlds -possibility. Like @Redrum138 just pointed out, with the right perks you can already be basically invisible to Jason (fear should have a bigger impact). Dont get me wrong, there are alot of useless perks that need reworking, there are also a few perks that give too much of an advantage for the counselors, so all I'm saying is that you have to be very carefull when reworking the perks. Otherwise we could have another "Jason nerfed beyond belief" situation on our hands...
  8. In my case they have usually been basic gameplay "random moments" against the very best (note: I don't consider killing newbies as being "badass", even though they seem cool because its pretty easy to make "great kills" against them. You very rarely succeed against really talented players). Ok.. Everytine when you trick them with stalk. Example: I chased one into a cabin, stalk, wait.. wait.. and just when your stalk runs out, he comes out the window -> grabkill -> cussing "aargh, how f***ing long is that stalk!". Or waiting inside a cabin/shack while in stalk. Or killing a group with the help of some well placed block/grab/slash/knife- kombo's. Also shifting through the door when someone is just entering or shifting through a shotgun for a grabkill. And yeah, sonetimes just avoiding getting killed... All depends on who your playing against. Hell, sometimes even getting a kill against soneone feels like a badass moment... And my personal favourite: kill an annoying Chad while he is livestreaming in the 1st minute , and kill him again when he comes back as Jarvis.. I didn't even care that one escaped. I think afew of you know who/what I'm talking about
  9. lasse_hei


    If you missed it, please check out my post in the "clarification" -thread. There I tried to sum up everything consurning the game development regarding launch->lawsuit->current state. Though I must admit, I missed the whole issue with the cumulative costs of the servers. So that is another thing to consider when examining the possibility of future content.
  10. lasse_hei


    Lets sum it up "in a nutshell" what we know or seem to know (or perhaps speculate). NOTE: Certain aspects have been either ignored, or summed up in the following statements... First off, F13 the game was a love-project with a huge fan base. It got alot of backers and support from evey angle, including the people behind the movies The game got finished, released, and everyone from the devs to the fans were ecstatic. The Launch though was overwhelming.. Servers couldn't handle the huge amount of players, but it was fixed relatively quick. Then a bunch of other glitches, bugs and what not were introduced that scared away some of the playerbase. The amount of bugs that needed fixing stressed the devs, who then couldn't consentrate on new content but bug fixes.. Apparently the inexperience of the devs (this is not meant as an insult, on the contrary) was one of the reasons why the game (and patches) was not properly tested for bugs, causing a huge amount of additional bugs and a huge uproar from the playerbase After this came the casual players/grieffers/counselors who wanted Jason nerfed. The devs got a little scared that this outrage will cause another loss within the playerbase, so the devs tried to cater everyone, including (and foremost) the grieffers. Unfortunately this Jason nerf lost yet again a huge amount of its playerbase. After this the conversation/debate went back and forth, yet even with these setbacks, the devs still continued working on new content, which mostly got released. As mentioned, we got alot of new content during the first year, and also alot of new bugs. The amount of bugs caused consern in the devs, which in case caused delay with new upcoming content, including uber and grendel. At the same time the devs were trying to get the dedicated servers online (for consoles), because quiting hosts was the single most anoying thing that caused the most of the negative feedback. Unfortunately the ds needed an engine upgrade, so this was the most important thing, that again causes the stall on upcoming content. Another unfortunate incident was that the engine upgrade (and Jason's grab) was not, shall we say, a success.. Poff! And again alot of players fled the crimescene.. Still the devs continued working on fixes and grendel / uber. Though they were not going to release another "new content" patch without testing it properly. Therefore, it was going to be delayed; they simply could not afford another subpar patch. Then along came the lawsuit.. The lawsuit included everything in the universe of F13. So the devs (and everyone else) had no idea on how it would turn out, or how long the prossess would take. So naturaly all development was halted, excluding bug fixes and maintenance. So, everyone consurned in the development team were informed that "you may look for another gig, because we cant afford to pay anyone for just waiting around". This is the main reason why the devs informed us that "no new content, ever". They were playing it "safe". The lawsuit could have lasted for years, so it was just a smart business move, cashing in what to be cashed. Take their losses on the undeveloped content, and not pay anything else for material that might never be released. Now the situation has changed! The vedict came in faster than anyone expected, so the devs are in an interesting situation. Apparently Victor Miller only owns the rights for the original Camp Blood -script, including Pamela, Baby-Jason and Crystal lake. Horror inc. owns the rest. This changes the whole deal. Now the devs have a legitimate right to make make new content, that is not contradictory to Victor´s rights. The real questions are: 1. What kind of negotiations are held between horror inc and the dev team (if an appeal, then back to "no content ever" because the rights issue is open again), that could potentialy restrict the development of new content? 2. Do the devs see that recruiting a new team to work on the suspended content is worth the investment = Do they get their money back? So, final thought, I have never seen this as a situation where the devs have decieved or lied to us. I just see a group of people who love the game and the franchise, who are just calculating the finacial pro's and con's. Yes, there have been alot of mistakes, but I think the devs were just abit overwhelmed and perhaps a little inexperienced. Atleast they have learned alot during this experience, I love the game and I just hope that the pro's outweigh the con's.. Share your thoughts...
  11. lasse_hei


    @Kodiak I pretty much agree with you. I think the biggest frustration comes from either the lack of info, or the lack of knowledge. Even I dont understand where we are at the moment therefore a simple clarification to a few issues would help alot.. 1. Victor owns the script for the first movie, including Crystal lake, Pamela and "baby"-Jason/Josh. If I understand correctly these are basically the only things that cannot be used without a settlement of somekind? 2. Horror inc. owns the title Friday the 13th, the adult hockeymasked killer and the surrounding "universe". Therefore what in the world is preventing the devs from creating new content around this scenario? I just dont understand..
  12. What platform? I dont realy play offline, never had those kind of issues. I play a fair amount online, haven't witnessed any major bugs or glitches in a long time. Could be another issue with PC, I play PS4
  13. EU -servers are down..? database login failure, verify my f**king dick. Fuckity f**k. I had a nice group, weekend, shitload of beer and this shit happens. Pardon me all over the place but now I feel like hammered shit. Ofcourse the ample amount of beer may have something to do with it...
  14. lasse_hei


    That statement was before the ruling. They didn't want to take any chances because no one had any idea on how it could go. After latest news, in my previous post, I asked a question about what could the devs possibly do now...
  15. lasse_hei


    The things that puzzle me now that Victor owns the original script, including Crystal lake, Pamela and apparently the name Jason (originally Josh...?). Horror inc. owns "Friday the 13th" and adult hockeymasked killer. Content realeased before the exp. date is also leggit. Why cant they develope and release new content that is not from the "original script"? Example: Uber and Grendel? Or camp forrest green and an unspecified hockeymasked killer? There should'nt be any judicial obstacles?