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  1. lasse_hei

    Jason bullying

    Jason does need a little tweeking, and there have been many good ideas here. Like @Redrum138 pointed out , fear should be a bigger factor. Jason's melee / grab should be a bit wider and a stun immunity period between stuns would be nice. Jason should also be able to block out of combat stance! And as far as I know, these changes would not be considered new content. As Wes pointed out, they can work on balance issues. Little tweeks can go a long way, and even with these minor changes killing/trolling Jason is still a viable possibility. But... Usually if you get bullied, it also has to do with your own mindset. In my case last night, I just had an "easy" round as Jason, it was 5am and I had just drank my last beer... I was a bit sloppy and careless while underestimating my opponents.. Well, I deserved it... Don't get me wrong, I have had my share of good games and bad, regardless of my mindset. I've just learned not to stress too much while playing Jason. Still, Jason should get a little buff. You shouldn't get anything for free, thats true, for both sides!
  2. lasse_hei

    This is inacceptable.

    Started watching the 1st clip and I agree. Letting the chipmunks play is definitely inacceptable! I agree!
  3. Part 3 with pigsplitter. Also part 8 with machete. Though recently been changing that up abit as random I used to main part 4, but with his -shift and -traps he is a bit underwhelmed against a good group pushing objectives.
  4. Each time I catch a kiting trolling asshole, especially the few times when this troll sees that only afew seconds left, he starts dancing and talking shit and you still get the kill even though the round has officially ended. The salt in the air is so so tasty!
  5. Searching for server +10 minutes, no games, canceled, canceling takes forever, restart, rinse, repeat... Fuck this! Me mad! Edit. Finally got to play afew games. It is nice though that no more quiting hosts. Btw. I haven't seen a single "game breaking" bug for ages, if you don't count Jasons shortcomings ofcourse..
  6. Nice! I got three games in the same lobby! Next search was also quick. Thumbs up...
  7. No offence taken, all cool bro
  8. Benny hill show. Played it a couple of times, while driving or juking Jason around cabins. Had afew good laughs!
  9. That I dont know. Havent tested in group/party, only qp by my lonesome
  10. My point excacly. Either way you get kicked out, only now its a 100% or money back guaranteed!
  11. True. Even if you get to finish the game you still have to find another game. I havent found a single new after completion. After a game (one) +10 minutes of searching and no new game
  12. Ok... continuation from previous post... waited for a new game for +10 minutes, then canceled. Canceling took forever so had to boot. Again same thing. Got a game quick (nice), after game ended searched for a new game for 10 minutes wothout finding one. Canceled... still canceling... 10 min . later canceled..@ShiftySamurai wanna check that out? PS4 Ps. / edit: So I wouldnt seem like a total prick, thanks for the DS guys. Nice to see that you havent totally abandoned us...
  13. Well, in qp you play one game with a good group, game over, returns to main menu and automatically searching for new lobby.. 1 match, then I've been waiting for a new lobby for 10 minutes.. Something good, something bad.