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  1. I may be mistaken but I remember that J7 had a buffed destruction for a little while between some patches?
  2. This thread is becoming rather stupid... Stoney, Dorian and a couple of their friends are basically blaming the game and its mechanics for bad players in QP? Its like I was demanding autoaim for bad players on rainbow6siege because they can't beat seasoned vets. Simple logic. The more you play, the better you get. That should define the gameplay. Since this dumbass thread began, I've mostly played qp and I strongly dissagree with most of the things your saying.
  3. Found all Pamelatapes circa lvl 110-115. No patern, different maps, different counselors. I've found only four Tommytapes, last one about a month or two ago...
  4. When someone shit-talks while juking you, you finally catch him and prepare to unleash the most glorious verbal comeback... he quits and theres no one there to witness your verbal masterpiece...
  5. After this, on to new game! Rinse and repeat.......
  6. Legendary Perks. Yay or Nay?

    I vote nay. I understand the point, many useless perks and no use for extra cp.. But still no. Good counselors are good, they can already kite and get shit done so they don't need any artificial buffs. The existing perks could be reworked though. Introduce a couple of new ones, and get rid of some of the useless ones. But that is a totally different conversation altogether... Edit. @Theiceman105 My point exaclty..
  7. Same here! Rats are the 1st to go, always! No exeptions. A while back I also used to savor them for last , but alas, I got schooled the hard way... The rat was an experienced Buggzy who juked me for more than five minutes. The annoying little fucker ran the clock and survived; while acting like a prick on the mic. (Hey, that rhymes! ) Oh, btw. Last night qp had a good amount of skilled players and lobbies. Only two quiting hosts (one rage quit when I tipped his boat and another one 'cause didn't get to be Jason). Overall, I think the quality of qp is getting a little better. I hope... *knocks on wood*
  8. I think some arguments here are just ludicrous (no disrespect.. ). Is the game really too easy and boring because someone gets aprox. 6/8 kills, sometimes everyone, sometimes less than 6... ? Ok... I'm probably not the smartest peanut in the turd, but that sounds like the way the odds should be. If its too easy, you'd get an 8/8 almost everytime, even against good counselors. Do you? And what kind of argument is this: "a good Jason will always kill a bunch of not so experienced counselors". Oh really? ...? ... Sorry, I got nothing. Ofcourse the gameplay should be jugded by good counselors vs good Jasons. Its the same thing with every single game. Good players will always outplay the weaker ones. Ofcourse Jason should be overpowered! That's what the game is about. Ofcourse Jason gameplay should be more fun! You only get a 1/8 chance to play him. It should be rewarding, to a degree. I've seen enough Jasons getting a 0-2/8 kills too many times, so there is no way that Jason should be nerfed again. In my opinion Jason is no where close to as OP that you are describing in this thread. Honestly, I really don't see the problem here. If someone wants to play lonewolf, than play lonewolf. Jason should not be neutered because you have troubles surviving with a bunch of noob-counselors. The more you/they play, the better you/they get. I honestly think that these hwo individuals I'm referring to, wouldn't have had a snowballs chance in hell of surviving during the games initial release.. I've played more qp recently because of timezones (I can explain if anyone cares), and I still survive most games, even against descent Jasons. Either lonewolfing or with good teamwork. I also have no ploblem with getting killed by Jason, on the contrary. I applaud a good Jason that catches or outwits me. And as Jason I usually have to strugle to get a flawless victory. Ofcourse its easy sometimes. Especially in qp, as is surviving. It all depends on how skilled the players are who your playing with or against . As Jason against a great group (Crystal Lake community), I'm lucky if I get 4-5/8... As I said, skilled counselors against skilled Jasons is the only way to set the difficulty -tone of this game. As in almost every other competiitive online game. If you cater the noob counselors, its back to the same shit as it was before the rescent patch.
  9. Unmasked tactics

    I've been in that situation a couple of times. Never have I backed down and never have I been killed. Once I should have.. some glitch perhaps or pure luck. Btw, with my playstyle I know that that day is coming I tend to attack full on, using a combo of quick shift attacks, throwing knives (which usualy miss) and morphs if I fuckup my original attack. Rinse and repeat. I have to say its kind of fun. Always feels really good if you succeed in that situation!
  10. And you should also remember that if you buff counselors, increase weapon spawns or nerf Jason, making it easier for random counselors in qp, think of the impact on Jason when playing against good cordinated counselors? Still when were playing in a good group Jason gets an average of 5-6/8 kills. Sometimes he gets everyone, sometimes 2.. Yes, qp lobby is mostly full of uncordinated players, but why should they be catered on the expence of enjoyable Jason gameplay? Ps. I'll be online again tonight! Lets have some fun!
  11. Funny. Last time I played with known members in the Camp Crystal lake -community, no one got an 8/8, best was a 7/8 with about a 5/8 average. Atleast when I was on... Trust me, these guys are pros. You must be very very good... I salute you (sarcasm).
  12. Things About The New Update

    Thanks. Maybe you should follow some of your own advice? Altleast I tried to rationalize my point...
  13. Things About The New Update

    "You bring the chainsaw, I'll bring the beer"
  14. Things About The New Update

    Why? I like playing online. Usualy I play with a good group. I've even played with afew people here and we get along just fine. And like I said, I have no real problems with gameplay issues. I just understand the reasons for buffing Jason and i'm trying my best to make you little princesess also understand the reasons behind these minimalistic buffs. Honestly, the game really was marketed as a Jason experience. That is a fact, I didn'yt just make this up! Google it... Did you miss my point or didn't you just understand what I wrote? Have I been complaining about anything else but you whiney little girls who just can't stand getting killed? Your comment to me is just stupid, out of place and it doesn't hold any relativety.
  15. Things About The New Update

    REMINDER: This game is about the Jason experience, not the counselor experience. When you fnally get to play Jason, it should be fun and rewarding. Counselors should have it a lot harder in comparison. Don't get me wrong, Jason should not be too easy either, but basic gameplay mechanics should allow the Jason player to always get an "x" amount of kills reagrdless. Don't overcomplicate things.