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  1. Oh damn, this an interesting topic. I currently main part3 J, and I've had a huge amount of differences. Ofcourse most of the times I've played qp, so I have no idea what perks the counselors were using... Sometimes it feels like I can take a shitload of hits before the mask came of, sometimes only a few. My personal best was two legitt hits. Vanessa stunned me with an axe. While I was stunned, two Foxes beat me with an axe and machete. When I got out of the original stun, either one of then stunned me again and off went the mask. Not a single hit occured before. I've had a few similar games, and like I said, a few where I've taken one hell of a beat down and still walked away with mask intact. I guess there is a logic there somewhere in between...
  2. lasse_hei

    Current state of the game❓

    @mattshotcha Respond please. This issue has been plaguing a big portion of the playerbase for two months now and all we have gotten is a "we are looking in to it" on a public forum. Need and deserve more!
  3. lasse_hei

    Current state of the game❓

    @mattshotcha Any word on the outdated client -shit? A possible fix perhaps? It's been two months now for crying out loud!
  4. lasse_hei

    Can't hear the boat?

    We discussed this with @malloymk back then. I also was convinced that the boat could have been heard by Jason back whenever. I remember a long time ago my kid saying that "wtf, the boat escaped, didn't hear it". I was also surprised because I could have sworn that it was heard at some point. Well, Malloy convinced me. It was a long way back and the times I thought I heard the boat start, I was probably near the boat. Or it could have been a temporary host-based sound-glitch between patches (wouldn't be surprised about that...). Or I just missremember this, nothing unusual about that. Anywho, I trust this bunch, so no further debate from me.
  5. Damn, hard to single out the best counselors... I guess I'll have be redrum's little parrot again and also go for Espe as the best I've encountered. Come to think of it, Espe might be the only one I've never even killed! Lol. Malloy also was a tough one to catch. Though the group is full of skilled players: luck, red, vader, joe, fred, rust... Each one of you guys have given me headaches!
  6. I met a similar dick just last saturday while playing with JuFred. Same spot, same perks, a shitload of sprays.. Too bad he didn't stick around for the next round; he would have been in a world of hurt, regrdless if he was Jason or counselor.. Good point there about the delay btw. So frustrating when after a few hits with a tk the prick can casually heel himself while your stuck in that friggin cooldown. Though fixing the glitchspots would also help alot... Oh, and abit earlier in a round at Packanack there was a funny bunch of retards that ran immediately after the round started to the second floor of the mainhouse and started jumping through the balcony window. Before Jason quit, there were atleast three people on the roof dancing and calling Jason a pussy. These pros man, there so fuckin' good... I did run atleast two of them over during the next round, so that gave me a little smile on my crooked face. The salt in the air also tasted good
  7. I second this. I've met a few damn good Jasons along the way but rust has definitely stuck out!
  8. They could expand the camp -possibilities. Let's say the Burning. Or Sleepaway Camp style "whodunnit" -slasher. Could be cool. And never underestimate the power of franchise and marketing. First time I heard F13 game and "play as Jason butchering counselors", I was hooked! Too bad they changed the theme: "Play as counselor and bully the retard in the woods"
  9. "Make Jason great again"... I agree on that, but fixing the outdated client -issue is single handedly the most important issue at the moment. It is affecting a big part of the playerbase. Many can not simply play the game online, so they are just giving up. Losing a large portion of your playerbase because of this is just wrong.
  10. @HaHaTrumpWon Tell me about it.. A few days ago I was playing with @RustInPeace , he was his usual Jason (killing the f**k out of everyone) at Jarvis. After he killed me there was one counselor left with about 3,5 mins remaining. Surprise, that bastard was camping at the porch glitchspot armed with a shitload of healthsprays talking shit and dancing till the timer ran out. His main joy was declaring that "there goes your perfect game, ha ha.". What a little piece of shit. These types of f**kers are multiplying rapidly, so its good to play with a good group so you can tk their asses next round, and the next, and the next, [rinse and repeat]...
  11. lasse_hei

    Current state of the game❓

    Thanks @Sinisterslither and @ZorroEUand everyone else who have informed us/the devs of this problem. More and more people seem to be coming out. Keep vocal, keep feeding info and keep the preasure on!! This really is a huge issue and it is starting to eat the already diminishing playerbase. Also, it's not good pr.. Hurry up devs, get it fixed.
  12. lasse_hei

    Current state of the game❓

    Thanks, I´ll tag @mattshotcha for this additional info on the outdated client -issue.
  13. Thanks, though I hope you guys also get the outdated client -issue fixed. Someone might think that that would be youre biggest concern...
  14. lasse_hei

    Current state of the game❓

    Apparently the outdated client issue is somewhat region based. It seems to be affecting northern and eastern europe, somewhere around central europe; atleast in some regions in the UK. Also in some parts of South America. Don't know about Asia or North America (some regions with problems?), though atleast to my knowledge the US-servers seem to working fine. A very shitty and frustrating situation. I will keep on addressing this issue until it gets fixed. Still pissed off...
  15. lasse_hei

    They were that close...

    Aw damn... I had the same thing happen to me during my "undefeated" streak. This is why, if were going for the Jason kill, I always remind Tommy not to hit Jason too many times with the "kill weapon"...