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  1. F13 tournaments / leagues. They are mostly found on facebook (played on PS4, Xbone..). Usually up to 10-14 teams. Round robins and playoffs. Every team has a roster of a J and Counselors. J plays opposing teams counselors and vice versa. Both J and Counselors have a point system, that make up the winner of each round. Mostly these tournaments have a no glitch -policy, that results in forfeit or point deduction. A few other people from these forums play these tourney´s. Btw. If you´ve never been killed as J... take part in these tourneys as Jason, and good luck in keepng that record...
  2. I had this happen to me in a league match of all things. Was running with Tommy, threw my firecracker, had the sweater, all seemed fine.... Then J grabs me and I was like "wtf, where in the name of Zeus´s butthole is my PK damnit!". Tommy wasn´t close enough to save me so death was inevitable.
  3. @OCT 31 1978 I concur! The difficulty level should not be catered to the random bellow 30lvl players. As in any other other game: Play->learn->thrive. Jason kill is pretty easy, demasking is way too easy. Only kills we ever have problems with, are the top tier Jasons. Though we've killed a few of those too. And yeah, I've encountered these "I've never been killed" -Jasons.... It's not hard to run away or hide in the lake. News flash! Hiding to avoid getting killed don't make you good...
  4. @mattshotcha Counselors can cancel any x-prompt with r2 (ps4). NOTE: If you jump though open window and press r2 midflight, you can get though the window without the landing animation. Also works through broken windows WITHOUT talking damage! Gamechanger? Jumping through close windows cause damage , though the animation cancel prevents the landing animation. Also matchmaking is again affected; creating and joining parties are pretty damn hard.
  5. I thought it was the redneck-perk: "back to the kitchen b****, the dishes won't was themselves!"
  6. I've also met alot of newbies on the EU-servers /PS4. Been trying to give them advice etc,. Though unfortunately we usually (In qp) have a few experienced dicks who beat down or kill these baby-Jasons calling them trash or whatnot while making sure that these newbies are never playing again... So I believe the number of new players is high, they are just not staying with the game. I have a policy that I never kill or shit talk a baby-Jason. The opposite! Lets try to grow the playerbase, not discourage it.
  7. This IS a problem. Though the group I play with mostly respect rhe kill; "you earned it, I won't run". In qp, things get tricky... my personal best killscore is 32/8. Including two players that I had to drown 10-12 times each. All the others I had to chase down and kill twice. The funniest thing was that while I was drowning these fkrs, one escaped with the car! So, I killed 32 out of 8, and 1 escaped.... Strrange...
  8. @RustInPeace Good points, its cool though that we still have a solid group that keep together and play the game casual but fair despite the bugs and glitches. @malloymk would be nice to have you join sometime... Been way too long Sir. And yes, trolls and glitchers are a problem, have always been and will always remain. Though the playerbase has evolved and there are alot more good groups, players, Jasons, etc. (since fall 2017) out there so you shouldn't generalize on account of random bad experiences. I also hate the fact that were not getting any new content, but still the majority of the rounds that we play haven't been plagued with issues. And ot, I was not a part of scream team, but I have had the honor of playing with these players for about two years now. Seriously the best group ever!
  9. @sedaiv Somehow I'm not surprised that you were the one teabaging Jason for 8 minutes...
  10. I agree with basically everything @RustInPeace said earlier (including what he told to @sedaiv , who's assumptions couldn't be further from the truth). Though @TimDuke 01, I've seen your suggestion earlier and I concur, this would be a perfect compromise. Also as @Redrum138 and some others have said, a toggle option or a "no markers in private" would be golden. @mattshotcha , take these to the team if you will?
  11. Simple. Being utterly useless irritates me the most; not fixing, not running items, not helping others, being totally clueless as Tommy, etc... I just despise stupid people. Can't help it. I don't mind teamers or trash-talkers. I enjoy killing them over and over and over again. Wether as counselor or Jason...
  12. Evolution of the grab: 1st (during launch) the grab range / width was highly effective. You didn't want to get too close to Jason, he was a threat. Then started the complaints. Jason is op, Jason has jedi-powers, etc. Personally, I experienced these vader-grabs very rarely. Mostly these were caused by lag btw. Then the grab got nerfed, hence Jason's t-rex arms... This was the birth of the dancing counselor-mains; trolling Jason was so easy that many didn't even want to play Jason anymore. Jason was in a very sad state, the grab range was short and there was nearly no width. Sometines you couldn't grab a counselor even if he was standing infront of you.. Absolute garbage! And finally, after a long wait, the grab got adjusted. A little lenghth, a little width, and most were happy. Some trolls started crying right away, eventhough there was nothing op about this adjustment. Anyway this felt like an ok balance on "both sides". And when all seamed fine, and that Jason was heading in the right direction... Behold: New grab anination!! I did like the animation and the effect, but other than that... The animation and recovery is too slow, too easily punishable and the width of the grab is trash. A big setback for Jason. If they would speedup the recovery and increase the grab -width just a littlebit, I'd be happy... Oh, and the bad grab-animation hurts even more if your Jasons ping is higher than the counselors. Pretty hard to land a shiftgrab.. There, my 2 cents...
  13. Run to your ps4 as fast as you can and hit it repeatedly with a hammer. I prefer an axe, though many people might not have an axe in their livingroom. Hope this helped!
  14. Yeah, would have been fun. Pussies... @Redrum138 and I had a similar case a while back. Though we succeeded in killing that bastard three times in a row before he realised he was unwanted.. Good times!
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