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  1. I've had many simmilar experiences but mostly I find ok groups in qp on ps4. The issues I struggle with are mostly balance related. Though connection timeouts and quiting hosts are a major problem.
  2. @ShiftySamurai Please clarify. Will there be a decreace in defensive items in general, or only in the cabins? There are way too many hairsprays and pocketknives running around as it is..
  3. Lvl 87 I haven't found any logic or conditions on how or when or where the tapes can or can't be found. At first I found Pamelatapes only on Packanack, later randomly on every map. So far I've found10 pamtapes: 1-4, 7-8, 12, 15, 18-19 And 2 Tommytapes: 4-5
  4. Buff 'em all I say, buff 'em all! Give them max stamina, repair, speed and strength. Hell, give 'em chainsaws and uzi's! And beer! Lots of beer! Aah, I dont give a shit.
  5. Too many pocket knives

    Good point. At this point, I really don't care about XP either. Someone else might, and this was just an idea to help with the ludicrous amount of pocketknives.. And besides, if you can call the cops by using a pocketknife, this usually helps with both. I've succesfully juked Jasons dozens of times without a pocketknife while getting to the cops (no fear of shiftgrabs..).
  6. Prepatch: Honeslty, I didn't even care about the so called "vader-grab". Sometimes when I was grabed as counselor I just thought like "what?! Damn.. Well, can't wait till I'm Jason, then you're dead!" Still we managed to escape pretty frequently. It was hard and took some work, but still. Killing Jason? That was hard! Mostly we failed, but when we succeeded? It was great! Normally we also had to wait very many rounds before we got a chance to play as Jason. When we did, it was a blast! Killing counselors, tormenting them, scaring the shit out of them with a perfect shiftgrab. Man, that was fun! I felt rewarded for the hours of waiting in lobbies and sucking it out as a counselor for tewnty rounds in a row... Postpatch: Jason is still fun, don't get me wrong, but it's not as rewarding. Now we have melee problems, a perfect grabshift is purely luck, grab is inconsistent, too many pocketknives and hairsprays, stamina regenarates too quickly... and the traps are also a bit inconsistent I don't mean that I need to kill everyone everytime, just that after the waiting, being Jason should not be a chore. Yeah, still when playing against a lobby of newbies and only 1 ot 2 seasoned players, I still get everyone most of the time. But with these problems, playing against good players, it's a chore. A frustrating chore. To get a 6/8 demands atleast a little luck, not to mention 8/8... I also think about the newer players. It's not fun when you have no chance of killing anyone. Yeah, they definitely should get a little better, but it's rather difficult to practice. But making them feel like shit run over twice will not dedicate to a healthy playerbase. My ideas for making Jason more fun again (some are not mine, but they are good so I'll list them here): - Widen Jason's grabcone. To the front, sides, above and below - Widen Jason's Melee. Same thing as grab - Cut down Pocket Knives (max three + Tommy) - Remove extra Stamina and extra Hairspray -perks (so you dont have to touch stamina regen) or cutdown stamina regen and the number of hairsprays on map - Extra XP for using pocketknife on trap - Return trap-placement as before patch Other ideas that should also be considered: - Jason should be able to instakill anyone teabagging him - Jason should have an instant kill sequence if he gets to a counselor who is still inside his trap. Like I said, this game is all about Jason, and having fun as Jason! You may agree or dissagree, and these are only my opinions and I stand behind them 100%
  7. Too many pocket knives

    Yeah, way too many pocketknives. I also think three + Tommy should be enough! I've encountered six/game numerous times (counting Tommy), usually five. Just last night I fought a Tommy who had a total of three knives. I lost that fight.. But yeah, @PastyMcBaldertonthat was an excellent idea: extra xp for using pocketknife on trap. Btw, if you dissarm a trap by pocketknife, does Jason still hear the sound? And does it show up immediatly on his map? Edit.: @pApA^LeGBa, this issue has been addressed before in different topic.
  8. Besides the Jason nerfs the biggest issues with this is not only that the counselors are getting better, They really are better and but they can also exploit Jason's weaknesses perfectly. High luck character with "perfect timing" in stuns, use of perks (stamina re-charge, marathon, extra hairsprays, scense avoidance [sidenote: scence avoidance perks work, atleast sometimes, last night I chased an A.J. down that did not show up on my scense not once!}), having a pretty good idea of how far Jasons reach with melee/grab can get and also the blindspots. And of course, perked up Buggzies... I fucking hate perked up Buggzies... Combine this with a stupendous (F13 re-make anyone ) amount of hairsprays and pocketknives and your in for a hard time. If they dont want to buff Jason, I'd say cut down stamina re-charge, nerf the perks a bit and cut down the amount of hairsprays and especially pocketknives and I'll be one happy camper! Or a deranged killer..? Ps. I'm not going into other glitches, for there is another topic on that subject. Just the basic Jason vs. Counselor conversation.
  9. PS4, got my 666 trophy awhile back. No clue as to how many games, hours or kills. Ps. I fucking hate lvl 90+ Buggzies with endless stamina + pocket knives and hairsprays. Again fell one kill short after playing ring around the rosie for five fucking minutes till time ran out. Fuckity - fuck - fuck!
  10. The wierd thing is that most Jasons's prefer only a "perfect game". I've had many many games were a Jason quit after someone escaped with the two seater or boat. Shit happens! The whole point of the game is to have fun. So what if someone escapes? Nobody gets a perfect game everytime. I know its " a bit" frustrating when an asshole runs around Jason in circles, melee and grabs whiffing through counselors, constant knockouts and teabagging... Believe me, I've been through that shit... Just last night, got a 7/8 as time ran out against a good Bugzy (I also blame lag, it was terrible). Sometimes I get everyone, sometimes 1 or 2 survive. So what. But that's how you learn to deal with the nerfs. Just try to have fun, use a mic and try to get the the assholes on your side when see that things are turning to shit. Have fun. Get your 2/8 kills and adapt. Net time you'll get a 4/8 - 5/8 and sometimes, depending on your opposition, 8/8. Just like the rest of us. That's the best you can do (before a new patch...). Like I said, have fun and try to adapt. It's not that serious. Peace!
  11. I still like the game so I gave it a 4. Yes, there are alot of issues that I've also addressed, some small, some big.. but overall, I'm still having alot of fun. That's the most important thing! Fix the biggest issues and I'll give it 5! "why so serious"
  12. My thoughts exaclty! Crystal Small has been my personal worst with p4.
  13. Oh come on.. Like I said in the Tiffany -topic.. "Everyone has a prefered counselor and ideas for buffs that in their mind would make playing her / him more enjoyable. In truth, no counselors should get any buffs. Not in design or perks. Counselors and their chances have been buffed enough, while Jason got nerfed a bit too much. No more I say! No more! " Although, A. J. has a little extra junk in her trunk, so she could use a little buff to the chest area. Take a few inches from her back side perhaps?
  14. I like him! Cool kills, destruction and strength... He is alot of fun! Especially in quickplay on Jarvis House -map. The map is rather easy to control against randoms because of distances and limited escape options. You can rundown counselors after closing the gap with his shitty shift. Once in while someone escapes on the boat, but only because I wasn't paying attention (and twice because of trap - glitch(?) on phonebox). Usually I get a 7/7 or 8/8. But on any other map, if the lobby has atleast a few seasoned couselors, I prefer part 3. Before the latest nerf I used to prefer part 8...