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  1. @2moar you may be right. I was speaking in general. @Bropollocreed79 😘
  2. Ofcourse its a cash grab. Every single game (well atleast alot of them) does the same thing eventualy. Its a company , their aim is to make money. Period. I mean, whats the big deal / surprise here? If I were their CEO, I'd do the same thing. I know things are fucked up, I'm pissed too about alot of things consurning the game and the lawsuit and other bullshit, so I understand the frustration... but thats the way the coockie crumbles. No one truely cares about your feelings. Its just business, deal with it.
  3. Headpunch. Just incase, against groups and what not. All other kills are random according to what weapon I'm using atm. I used to think moviewise, now I tend to go for what I think is cool. But yeah, I have headpunch on every Jason. If someone doesn't like it, well, I don't give a f**k.
  4. lasse_hei

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    Good point, me2 (!). I need my safespace, I feel like a victim because I'm being micro-arggressed! I'm calling out for Social justice with a dash of political correctness without any white supremacy!
  5. lasse_hei

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    Yeah, I have to admit that I haven't spent so much time online ever with any other game. Guess they've done something right. Mostly nostalgic though, lived with the franchise from day one (yes, I'm old, so what?). Despite all the bugs, glitches and the random assholes, I've met a bunch of cool people, great players and good friends. Is it the best game ever? Hell no! But have I enjoyed it alot? Hell yes! I will continue till the bitter end. Hope you guys will stay with me... Thanks!
  6. Gonna try again tonight... Have gotten to play only one game during the last 62 hrs.. though this is not the only game thats been affected. Apparently some issues with psn, though according to them, all is fine... Greetings from northern europe!
  7. Gotto comment on this thread! Oh fuck yeah! Nothing feels greater than to kill an asshole that thinks that he/she is gods gift to this game.. On the flipside, you sometimes get these types who really are friggin great, they know it and they let everyone else know it... I've chased dozens of these toxic fucks throughout this game, some I've eventually killed, some have juked me for ages running the clock. And the shit talk afterwards? Un-fucking-believable... Sometimes I run these fuckers over when were both counselors. Yeah, sometimes I show a littlebit of salt. Ps. Anyone up for a few rounds tonight? I'm up in about 5-6 hrs from now
  8. Allrighty then... I guess I'll have to make an investment in the near future. Ps. I already called @malloymk a traitor:D
  9. Still playing, still enjoying and still having fun with good players/people. Some of them don't play as much anymore, but hope to see you soon. Ps. @malloymk I still haven't bought dbd. Should I?
  10. Besides the apparent gamebreaking bugs, as the game ending midways through, you should also do something about our poor little friend Jason. He is getting abit overwhelmed. With few to nil new players coming in, almost everyone knows how to beat the shit out of Jason. Especially with his wonky combat and reduced grab width. Jasons are getting killed left and right and counselors are having a blast. Don't get me wrong,I also hate the rubberbanding (though haven't seen it in a while) and getting stuck after repair but you really could help Jason out. Simple things: widen his grab, make the animation quicker, adjust Jasons melee, make broken windows cause more damage, make Jason harder to kill by increasing damage taken and making Jason harder to stun. Remove all "free stuns"... Thanks.
  11. lasse_hei

    The pressure playing as Jason / My diary.

    About the pressure... I feel it in qp, but when playing in pm with Vader, Malloy, luck, shades, fred, rust, Redrum and co.. only pressure I feel is that I have to get atleast 1 kill. All over 1 is a bonus! After the 1st kill, no pressure for me...(sometimes thats all I get) The few times I've killed them all, I've felt like "now I've really accomplished something". Felt real good for a couple of seconds. But these guys make playing fun; no matter how you fair as Jason. Nothing but respect and recommendations. Great crew
  12. I've seen alot of Jason hunters lately. It truely is getting harder on Jason now that new players are not coming in (PS4) and the rest of the bunch is getting rather good. Ofcourse there are exceptions, but in general. Yesterday I played three rounds in qp, each in different lobbies. First as Jason, ran into the first possee and I almost got killed. Eventualy got a 6/7. Had to endure a shit load of teabagging and emotes while I did come pretty close to dying. Second match as counselor, Jason hunters again. Though the "wrong" person got to be Jarvis.. so Jarvis escaped and the others tormented Jason until he ragequit... Third match, again as counselor. Again a possee and Jason was indeed killed. I have to admit that my contribution was pretty significant... Both Jasons seemed to be pretty good in their overall play though. The tips are good and I do fair pretty well against groups, but still the combat is very wonky and unreliable (does being host matter? how much of the wonkieness is lag-related?). After every block that I countered with a slash, I got stuned from one direction or another. Only afew times did I get "quick block" up in time before a devestating hit. Well, these guys did know what they were doing but anyway, extremely frustrating. Jasons beware...
  13. Holy shit have I done stupid things during the course of this game... where do I begin...? Well, placed traps in places where they cause no harm to counselors. Juked Jason for 20 minutes only to jump through a window for no reason and limp to a certain death just mere seconds before match ended, crash the car on a straight road, got "lost" with the boat, tunneled a troll while everyone else escaped, jumped numerous times from windows to land at Jasons feet, shitload of bad moves as Jason resulting in numerous escapes, also accidentally dropping the pk resulting in death. Oh, and accidental teamkillings (just last week in pm, didn't remember that shotguns can be lethal)... fixing shit as Vanessa with an A,J. standing a few feet away (ofcourse fucking up and alerting Jason). List goes on...
  14. Really dude? Guy was just offering a hand if you´re unsure about your post. Not bad advise considering. Though ofcourse you can always call "sarcasm". The way alot of the conversation is going (not just this thread), soon we will be talking about about hate speach, safespaces, professional victimism and microaggressions... Just out of curiosity, can I shout "holy shit!" without insulting someones religious beliefs?
  15. That was the whole point. It WAS locked. He unlocked it from the ouside, opened it and got traped. Inconvenient, but nothing to get anyones panties in a bunch about. Edit. Sorry, took me awhile but I just realised that you propably meant the "wtf" -comment in general, and not regarding the op video. Anywho, nice chating with you