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  1. Make sure the the writer waits 30 years before starting his dispute.
  2. Could just make it so once the stun diminishes so much damage starts falling off for a set amount of time. I mean what options does a Jason have when people are all grouped up with weapons? Sure you can swing away but Jason is going to be falling over far more than the counselors are going to take damage.
  3. Wasn't this removed after team kill was patched out? I agree that needed to go but in turn it gave a pretty big buff to counselors.
  4. They really need to give Jason some stun invincibility. Tired of seeing groups gang up on Jason and he quite literally can do nothing about it but swing away and hope he connects enough before being stunned to get them to bug off.
  5. How about the physical copy not having access to bloody skins as of the last patch?
  6. Me and my cousin both set our Gamma to 2.4. We didn't even suggest it to each other, that just happened to be what we both tinkered with and decided looked best. It's still really nice and dark. You can see better than the default. The environments don't get washed out. I like it honestly. The lighting is better overall, it makes the lights in the cabins that much more important, makes Jason harder to see, and forces counselors to use their flashlights more. The only gripe I have with lighting on PS4 is that it has real odd pop in. Say you start at Higgins main cabin and start walking to the barn. The barn light won't look like it's on until you get close enough to it. A bit jarring. Hopefully it can be ironed out in a fix some time down the road.
  7. My friend has the same issue and is really bummed about it because he favored those skins. Hopefully they announce a fix soon.
  8. Regarding weapons, you guys still haven't answered if Jasons weapon hitboxes will be fixed in this upcoming update, which have been wonky and a mess for quite some time. As well as the windows/doors having weird forcefields or hit detection ever since the window prompt "fix". Any idea if the offline challenges will give you exp like the bots do? That'd be a nice incentive to keep doing them even after unlocking all the emotes. As for the level for unlocking weapon swap, this is rather high. I get that they want it to be a reward for the die hard fans and ones who've stuck around, but it also hurts those who have been waiting for the new update or other specific tweaks to finally come out. Like PS4 dedicated servers, Jason 7's buff, etc. If you wanted it tied to a level that goes with 13 you could have went with 31, or 65, but 113? Does seem rather high honestly and I'm level 130'ish.
  9. How many challenges are we getting? I never noticed anything mention how many so if we're getting more than most expected that's friggen awesome. Edit: Nevermind just checked the skull ovjective post. I only glanced over the skull icon explanation so didn't notice it showing off the how many challenges there were below it. 10 seems pretty good! Hopefully the first one is just a tutorial sorta thing cause I want some bigger meaty ones to handle too. Excited for that either way!
  10. How would you balance perks like Medic which come off as a bit too strong? Perhaps a -15% movement speed or something?
  11. I didn't expect April but I'm glad you guys are still chugging away. Any chance you could let your pals know some feel Jason 7s buffs won't exactly be enough? The buffs you guys have planned look great and will help but as is they'll simply make him a "somewhat worse Jason 3" instead of a good Jason in of himself. I suggest swapping +Sense for +Morph since there's no zombie Jason with +Morph and the lack of traps means he needs to be able to jump around the map to keep an eye on objectives better. Also hopefully Jason weapon hitboxes and the window barriers will be gone. Thanks for the heads up either way!
  12. That's pretty damn awesome! Yet I'm still over here like "What about Jasons weapon hit boxes, as well as the force field windows?"
  13. I don't care if they constantly update us as long as the upcoming patch fixes Jasons hitbox and hopefully the downgraded graphics and lighting that took place some time ago.
  14. The machete already has fast door animation too though. I guess their idea is that with the fast animations for swinging Jason 7 maybe won't need +morph. I'm just concerned that he'll just come off as a weaker Jason 3 than being a great Jason in his own right. If it was just +Morph instead of weapon strength he'd be able to move around better but since morph has a fast cooldown as is it maybe wouldn't be as big a buff to him as grip to weapon strength is.
  15. Isn't the machete one of the faster swinging weapons? So weapon strength will still be really good. I would have liked sense to be +morph also because it'd be a contrast to Part 2 who has a ton of traps and is alive, so you'd have an undead Jason with very few traps but can still zip around really quick.
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