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  1. May god or whatever deity one worships smile upon you if you happen to play Jason 7. With his god awful stats and the state the game is in now, he may as well be taken off the list of playable Jasons. "Just get good as Jason lol" is not at all acceptable reasoning for Jason being so bad. By this logic we should all have been bitching at counselors for being stupid or not working together or giving a bit of sacrifice to ensure others escape and just told them "get good". Instead of giving them constant buffs and Jason constant nerfs. That'd sour the super elite fun for the big bad ultra counselors though, and apparently people who like playing Jason and thinking them getting 12/8 counselors even in the garbage state the game is in matters. All because Hungrybox is amazing as Jigglypuff in Smash doesn't mean she isn't bottom of the barrel tier and need serious buffs. Your logic is flawed.
  2. So your play style as Jason is fine, bravo. Before Jason had a lot of options and now they're very slim with Counselors getting tweaks and buffs in their favor all the time. I don't see how anyone can play the game often and not see the big lean in counselors favor as of the last few patches.
  3. Well before the nerfs he was overpowered, but in a good way. Some teamwork and even sacrifice could get you some escapes which is how it should work. The one buff to counselors and nerf to Jason that was sadly needed was the team kill. This gave counselors free reign to all smack Jason around with no fear of killing a friend. Something should be implemented or changed so that it feels risky to go save someone from Jason. Perhaps make it so for a second after someone is saved Jason can still move and swing his weapon instead of being in a long stun animation? Getting near Jason should be something most want to avoid, outside of maybe strength counselors who want to go up against him to get his mask off or even sacrifice themselves to help others. Beyond that Jason should make you shit your pants if he comes by. Make it so there's some repercussion for trying to save someone from Jason. Yet even after the team kill thing was changed, and again I know it had to be done, they kept tweaking the game in favor of counselors. If counselors complained about Jasons traps all they had to say was "use a pocket knife, watch where you're going, or don't try to tank them". Yet they raised the placement radius because how dare Jason try to make his traps an actual threat. If the radius change was to avoid being pushed into the second trap, again, don't try to tank them or be more mindful. If people complained that objective items get lost out in the woods somewhere all they had to say was "get better teammates or use voice chat". Yet they gave large spotlights to the objective items, destroying the asymmetrical nature of the game, giving counselors a nigh free pass for getting objectives done, and removing yet another style of play for Jason. What's the point in singling out the person with the gas out in the woods when everyone is going to know where it is? Same with the windows being free passes now. If someone just started the window animation you're better off just getting started on the door because there's no point trying to do anything at the window. So instead of Jason being horribly overpowered (as he SHOULD be) he's just a guy that goes around not being feared and lucky if the cops aren't called right away. Would they change Jason into a puppy if people complained Jason was too scary looking? Anyone with a decent idea of how horror games work, and how the F13 movie franchise works, would know that the counselors should be at a severe disadvantage. They should be prepared to die. It's Friday the 13th. You should start that game up knowing you are already dead. You play counselor for the tension of dealing with an insanely over powered Jason and the satisfaction of escaping on the off chance you happen to. Then when you're Jason you get to feel empowered chasing these intruders in your camp. As of now it feels the exact opposite. Gun, you dun fucked it up.
  4. Even with an experienced Jason it's still easy as a counselor and the tension is gone. His traps are now a nonissue, his grab went from too long to broken where grabs that obviously should go off do not, counselors no longer take damage while going through windows, Jason can't freely break windows quick and easy, doors are still wonky, all of the Jason weapon hitboxes are all over the place, small fences don't break like they should. Sadly people want an easy time as counselor. To be able to dance and teabag and in general be a toxic player to the people who are Jason because somehow that makes them amazing. A game that used to make you happy to be placed as Jason now makes you groan because you know the game favors the counselors. This really disappoints me because early on they were all about Jason being top dog. Wonder where all that went now that they have everyones money who gave a shit? If people can't have fun as counselor when the odds are severely stacked against them then they're playing the wrong fucking game. Well, they should be playing the wrong game, but after the last few updates it's catered entirely for them. That'll surely get all them twitch views and extra sales, right? "Epic lol for the win!" etc?
  5. I'd say all the buffs to counselors and thus nerfs to Jason are the major issue. People don't see Jason as a threat, because he's much less so, thus destroying the tension and need to work together to escape.
  6. So I wasn't crazy thinking the same people kept being Jason over and over while others who'd been in the room for hours hadn't been him at all. Though with all the buffs and tweaks in the counselors favor I'm not sure if many care to be Jason anymore anyway. (Let alone play the game.)
  7. Doesn't mean he isn't severly nerfed and need fixing. I dont' see how anyone could defend the game in the state it's in right now, at all. Jason isn't as much of a threat and the counselors have their hand held throughout the whole match with the objective items. Traps are now a nonissue. Might as well call it Counselors the 13th. But you can get 9/8 counselors because Jason is just so OP and there's nothing wrong and everything is sunshine and rainbows. Right.
  8. I like the idea of strength being what the trap skill check is based on. I thought tests were done that showed strength characters only use was removing Jasons mask and it had no benefit in how easy it is to stun him or stun time etc? Another reason I really dislike the objectives showing up on the map is because it speeds the match up too much. Instead of counselors being required to work together they can just keep an eye on the map now and then until a totally asymmetrical video game tells them where exactly they need to go.
  9. I love your trap idea because it makes them a threat again which they currently are not. People want to be able to tank them with no repercussions for doing so. They want to easily make them a nonissue. You should be afraid to get near one of his fucking traps, not walking into them like they're nothing. Using your pocket knife to disarm it should be an actual meaningful sacrifice instead of now where it's just "oh i'll use this second knife I found and make this objective clear for escape with little to no effort."
  10. I believe he's saying if Jason is clearly within grab range the grab should not whiff, yet it most certainly does and quite often.
  11. It's any sane person who wants Jason to be top dog and be a menacing threat. Outside of bugs and team killing, the game was pretty great at first. You could escape with teamwork and a bit of sacrifice. For SOME reason this is a terrible thing in an asymmetrical survival horror game based on the 80s most dangerous undead killer. Thus the safe space that is Crystal Lake was created, so that Jason even in his undead zombie form, can be teased and mocked and murdered again by counselors. That's what anyone who gave a shit about F13 wanted out the game, right? Is it any surprise that the state of the game royally pisses me off? Especially after defending them during the horrible glitch filled server exploding start of it all.
  12. No, I do not agree in the slightest. They know damn well a lot of the tweaks have been in favor of counselors. Needed tweaks like team killing have weakened a play style of Jason. The items showing up on the map like a big blinking light which ruins the asymmetrical part of the game is a buff to counselors. Putting Jason on a leash where he can set his trap because counselors want to tank them instead of be afraid of them is a buff to counselors. Making it so Jason can't freely deal with windows as he sees fit and not harm counselors as they go through them is a buff to counselors. Forcing Jason to be unable to block or attack for a specific period of time after doing something is a buff to counselors. He's completely up his own ass if he believes the counselors have not gotten huge beneficial changes since release. If they truly believe Jason has not been nerfed or that the counselors haven't gotten huge fucking beneficial changes in their favor, there's no hope for Jason ever feeling like he should ever again. Thanks, GunMedia. Bravo.
  13. There's a cooldown on blocking and attacking now? I've been waiting to play again since a pal of mine picked the game up on Black Friday and now I'm just sad I suggested it to him a while ago at all. He wanted to play as big bad Jason, and now playing him is just a chore. Thanks for doing the exact opposite of what you guys said you wanted to do, Gun. Real fucking shitty you keep putting Jason on various different leashes and constricting what he can and can't do in a game about a serial killer zombie. News flash, it wasn't impossible to escape when Jason was actually a threat. You just had to not be an idiot and work together. The asymmetrical aspect meant most were going to die if not all. You keep taking the asymmetrical out of your asymmetrical game and fucking Jason over. How about instead of taking all the fun away from Jason you just tell the counselors to expect to die in a goddamn 80s slasher movie game about Jason Voorhees. Stop trying to tank traps. Stop whining about being slashed. Stop being pissy where Jason uses his traps. Bottom line, the only people with the right to be pissed as of now are people who give a shit about Jason being Jason. Hell the draw of playing as the counselors is surviving against the odds. It's no fun with all the nerfs and beneficial tweaks towards the counselors now because compared to when you had to actually try it's a cake walk. Should we even bother though? We might as well be talking to a wall at this point.
  14. Don't forget that not only have things like windows been changed in favor of counselors, but fixes they implemented to curb stomp trolls and toxic behavior have made the game that much easier for counselors. They don't have to worry about hitting each other when Jason has them grabbed, they see objective items on the map like it's nothing which destroys the whole asymmetrical aspect in of itself, counselors being very very sad and unhappy that when they tried to tank two traps or weren't looking where they were going they got hit by two traps at once by that big bad meanie Jason. If it keeps up and they keep worrying only about how easy it is for counselors there will be no reason to play the game for the main draw, Jason. It's sad, it's shitty, and Gun doesn't give a fuck because they already got your money. If Lootboxes weren't the big controversial thing they are lately I wouldn't have been surprised if they had popped up eventually.
  15. Careful letting people know you can still sort of double trap. Devs might take notice and require a ten meter radius to place an additional trap if the safe space that is Crystal Lake is in jeopardy in any way.