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  1. Voorhees' Overhaul 4.0, With Stat Screens

    I really don't care what they do as long as Jason 7 has some kind of tweaks in the upcoming update.
  2. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Funny because before the update anyone with half a brain could play as counselor. If Jason isn't a threat there's no point in the game existing. Jason should stay top dog and Counselors should have to work as hard as possible to escape. If you don't like that then perhaps a game based on Friday the 13th isn't for you.
  3. Jason is supposed to be top dog. If you want more perk slots ditch medic and sucker punch.
  4. Ideally they'd just make J7 worth using but... I dunno if it's going to work like that. Didn't they mention it'd be a bit of a game changer in some ways? So it's quite possible you could be Jason 8 with Jason 7s machete speed.
  5. Honestly I like him having water speed because it makes perfect sense considering where he came from and went back to in the movie. That being said, it should be J7s only filler skill. Because as of now all of his strengths are filler skills.
  6. He has no play style that every other Jason can't utilize and better, as stated and explained many many times before. Sense and grip are useless boosts while -traps and -shift along with his no run are the most damning negatives a Jason can have rolled into one with no great positive stats to counter balance it.
  7. Since they're clearly listening it gives me some hope that Jason 7 is going to get some love at some point to be more of a threat.
  8. I like the idea of boosted rage but it'd have to activate a lot sooner to make it worth while. Like after five minutes or so. Otherwise most of the counselors will have things done while J7 waits for his cooldowns and slowly plods at everyone.
  9. That rotary saw, if I'm not mistaken, was going to be J7s weapon at first but they ran into some problems. Not sure what kind though. Animations perhaps? I laughed out loud when Jason showed up with that thing and asked my cousin if he keeps stopping at Home Depot between every scene.
  10. No problem. If this topic does in fact not belong here then my apologies and if a mod could put it where it belongs I'd be grateful.
  11. The board is called suggestions/feedback. Am I misunderstanding the meaning of feedback? Also I could have worded what I meant better. Not saying this will fix Jason 7, but that perhaps their mentality is that by letting any Jason use the machete that J7 could be left alone, which I'd hope isn't the case.
  12. By letting every Jason have access to the machete it more or less makes Jason 7 that much more useless. Yes I know, some people get 9/8 counselors as Jason 7 every match because they're just totally that badass. Doesn't change the fact that J7's tool kit is useless and gives him no play style that every other Jason can't utilize and better due to having actual functioning abilities. Only good thing about J7 is his water speed and that's situational. At least it fits with the Jason though and very helpful when it becomes needed. I do like the weapon swap feature coming to Jason, but it makes me sad that J7 will be even more pointless now than ever before. Has gun EVER commented on peoples displeasure over Jason 7 or do they not care? Because when people say J7 is hard mode I personally don't care for that. Every Jason should be as deadly or have access to at least one bitching main ability. J7 lacks that plus has two highly damaging negatives on top of no run.
  13. I think all Jasons should be good and the only one I know for sure that is garbage is Jason 7. If they have no intention of ever giving him a proper set of stats and skills I wish they'd just say "stop hoping this will happen because fuck you" so I'd stop giving a damn. I'd still give a damn.
  14. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Holy shit please Gun hire this fella. If this is why there's been issues with the window, and this would fix it, I'd be so happy. People who can't hit the windows that open upward can hit the interact button, and everyone else will use combat stance. If this would put us back into launch window break territory I'd be so damned happy. What you said makes sense too, Jolly. If this odd barrier is there because of the prompt it'd explain why you have to be very specific with where you position Jason to freely break the window without moving into the canned animation. Are you by chance a programmer or was this just something that came to mind as to why the issue is there at all?