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  1. @GunMedia_Ben was pretty clear earlier that a competitive mode would be not in the cards. As long as the game is glitchy and there are clear winners and losers among the Jason's, I can't see a competitive mode being viable.
  2. Is it6 just me, or does it sometimes feel like these are accounts made by the person making the videos posting just to promote the videos? Edit: Ok so I posted before I realised @Truth got there first.
  3. What the heck did you just bring me in to? I go away for a few days, and this is what I missed? OP... everything is a dating service. You can only date that which you meet. You can only meet people byt being somewhere. Even if that somewhere is a virtual cabin in a mythical Crystal Lake.
  4. What dropped? It is incredibly rare to be dropped off of a dedicated server.
  5. So, what'd I miss while playing Fallout 4? Oh I see, no single player. We knew that a month ago, but thanks for confirming. I mean, you knew this in July when you took it off the site and the store pages. Look, I get it, I actually really do, but it is hard to be impressed. You said blah blah fix bugs first. What I see is.... 7 piece4s of new content for multi-player before a piece of content that you used to have in the game you are labeling as new single player content. Then new single player content likely around American Thanksgiving. And a whole new game mode for multi-player before challenges launch proper? New art assets, new animations, new kills, new clothes. ok, sure most of that is not what people working on single player would be doing, and sure, that which they would be doing will likely port over anyway, so in a sense they are working on single player. I'm bummed man. I am glad multi-player is getting a face lift. It sure can help things. I will be better and more positive tomorrow after I cry in my beer a little.
  6. Almost worth the forum ban. Team killers took away the freedom of the players. I have yet to loose my cool. Your personal attacks are unwarranted, out of place and not even on point. Your words betray your lack of empathy and your attitude towards others.
  7. Because team killers are acting like asses and annoying people, actively. They are trying to disrupt others. They are harrassing people. I need to ride the bus to get to work. I have no choice there. I do not need to play a game, but you can be damn sure if I am being harassed in game the debs have a choice. Give me my money back or end the harassment. Children scream. But if they are screaming on purpose to annoy they are kicked off the bus. I get anarchy seems like a fun idea, but in the end, it is anarchy. Punishing the victim, or shaming the victim of harassment is just uncivilized. You should go to a private match for the same reason people go to jail, they have proven not capable of playing nice in the general public. Good day. @Truth he is the op. If he wanted to walk this road, oh well. I am done though.
  8. No, it is a false equivalence. Men wearing dresses is a matter of taste and culture. Team killing was a matter of intentionally harming another through an overt act designed to vex and ruin another person's good time. All of your analogies fall flat because you are talking about states of being. I am talking about behaviour. It is like walking on a bus with screaming children and saying I don't like screaming. Wanting the screaming to stop is not the same as wanting children to be gone. When in this discussion are you going to acknowledge team killing is still an option for you? You can still team kill. It is still in the game. It is an option on the main menu screen. All laws in this world came about because people disliked something and wanted it banned. Murder is illegal because we dislike it. The difference between you and I is that I separate the person from the behaviour. You said you strongly dislike people who. I said I strongly dislike it when. You try and make a connection to my dislike of behaviour and it being the same as disliking people. That is not the case. If you like team killing join a private match of like minded people. The option is there for you. You just can't force it on others now. See the difference? In public it is forced, in private, it is an option.
  9. For starters, I have shown how 30% of xbox users, 25% of playstation users and 50% of pc users never even played the game after launch. No trophy for having been killed by Jason. Thus your 1.8 million number is inflated. We can only speculate, you and I, as to why people left. We can hash the data out, but in the end, only Gun really knows, as they have much much better data. Your friends are foolish then, because... dun dun dun.... you can still team kill all you want. All team killing all the time... with your friends. If all of those people who stopped playing started a group they could play all day everyday and team kill each other. There were people who made accounts just to complain about being team killed. Nobody liked being team killed. Some people liked team killing. Some people liked the danger of accidental killing. I personally like the danger of accidental killing, but hate intentional team killing. That is why the change to private killing is good for me. You have nothing but your opinion on that vote.
  10. Actually that is kind of a good idea. Not sure what damage that might do to a system though. But I see no reason this would harm people who crash, have to qwuit for personal reasons, or have sucky internet. Those are the three reasons why I have opposed a penalty system for quitters. Sometimes, shit happens ande you can't penalize people for that. Also, to a suggestion earlier, it is difficult for me to agree to a system that rewards longer play, as that might penalize people for not having an hour or two to get their full points. I suppose it would be ok, if points started at 500 and went up from there. In the end though, not sure it is healthy to promote extended game play. Edit @Truth Haqve you noticed how they play both of them for all of their promos and teasers too? I cannot escape!
  11. No, I was replying directly to you saying who cares if they just stay by the exit. I am saying, if they do, it makes the chamge pointless. I was joking about the clothing and emotes. I don't give a fig newton about them. I also outlined several scenarios earlier that involved players doing other things. I was counter pointing your one point. Yes, there are lots of reasons why people have left the game, and I am not foolish enough to think that trolling is the only one. What I can say, is that the game has lost 90% (and yes that is close to a real figure and not an exaggeration) of the Steam players (the only platform we have numbers for) since launch. 90%. The bulk of the losses were in July. The height of team killing, yet during the most stable build of the game on PC. Remember, they got the patch in June, and didn't get anouther until August. I did not say that. I said, think of cool new things, but also think about how they might be used. A crossbow is a totally awesome thing to me, but I will not use it properly so I shouldn't have one. That doesn't mean I shouldn't continually look for cool new things.... like the axe throwing club here in town! Yay Vikings! Fuck me gently with a chainsaw if you think team killing for fun and to annoy people was a sign I should stop playing? Wow. Ok, I guess you are right, if a bunch of people start robbing banks we should totally make that legal. I mean, it is what they want to do right? Also, for the last time, you can still team kill with your friends, you just can't team kill random people on the internet any more. Seems like a good compromise to me. But hey, if you want to push more moderate players like me out of the game, so it is just you and 500 of your closest team killers, who am I to argue. I am sure the devs can make good money running a one employee operation supplying you with new tk dlc.
  12. Oh, this reminds me of something that I wanted to talk about. I had seen a few people talking about Derek Mears not being very imposing. He very well might be. You know what the problem is? Jared Padelecki is a beast. He is 6'4" himself, and fairly stocky. There was little to no difference between the Jason and the main protagonist size wise, and that is more why new Jason is seen as so unimposing.
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