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  1. Are you referring to the team escape bonus? If so once someone dies that 250xp is out the window.
  2. I think it is inverted by design...not 100% but I’m pretty sure
  3. It’s a neat idea but I think you may be leaving to many variables for a good test. Just whether or not it’s a public lobby or private if it was a cooperative lobby or an every man for themselves type of lobby.
  4. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow Not until years later. Seriously though after watching some Nightmare documentary that went film by film I was blown away to have never even noticed all the references. And just how skeezy parts were haha.
  5. You can block throwing knifes by entering combat stance and blocking. I don’t know that your character would spin 180 degrees if Jason was behind you all though it may. But there certainly is an animation of the knife hitting the weapon you’re blocking with how much damage is mitigated is unknown to me and I know it brings the weapons durability down as well.
  6. I still think it would be nice if grip strength actually meant something and I think it may be the same that @Archgamer was getting at. Grip strength should be reflected when you’re holding a counselor so ya know if you’re part 3 and a Tiffany hits you a firepoker yeah maybe you shouldn’t drop that Vanessa in that situation. Now if a Tiffany with an epic sucker punch hits you with a firepoker then maybe you should drop that counselor. I guess what I’m trying to say is grip strength should be more than just how hard it is to mash a and break free but should be considered when holding a counselor and another counselor attempts to save them.
  7. @Deeify I don’t know about actually destroying the car but I’ll tell ya what I could definitely get down with idea of there being a gas gauge. And just on the subject of the cars driving those lil tiny vehicles up and down hills and through matterless trees should have some kind of effect. Example the car moves x% slower when not on a road. Making it so sure maybe you have to do a little off roading to swerve around Jason but you better get back on th road or you’ll be moving slow enough for even a -shift to catch you.
  8. @NthnButAGoodTime yeah and he dropped the ball big time when he leaves his tent with his machete and leaves his rifle. That ya know J Bones just wanted to sneak by and snap in half like a stale Slim Jim before shambling back up to the guest house.
  9. And he came to Crystal Lake searching for his sisters killer I believe (one of the ladies from part two. Kind of think it was the chick who took the spear while getting it on). I’d imagine his hopes and dreams would have been to avenge his sister even though his prowess as a hero was shit because he gets handled rather quickly.
  10. I know it’s never been tested fully but I know it’s not just by trap number as I once thought it is either between 4-5. I’ve heard mixed answers but I think if I had to say which I think it is at this point I would say 4. Sorry didn’t mean to double post wasn’t payin attention and read the conversation out of order.
  11. That is an awesome translation and when phrased that way I can at least agree with one point. I don’t think it would be a poor idea if you were unable to pick up duplicate inventory items. It prevents hoarding and also can create opportunities for more requires coordination.
  12. @Deeify I can’t remember well enough to have the discussion I wish I could but if 1-3 were fear based or maybe not even fear as much as belief then some of the characters from Dream Warriors Dream Child or whatever may have become targets because of there proximity to either Nancy or someone else who believed in Freddy. Again I’m sorry it been awhile for all of them so I may be more of base than I recall. About the Elm and Springwood thing it still kind of fits his vengeance was on those who killed him and those who believed in him would no doubt be from that community.
  13. @tyrant666 I agree I would never switch morph and shift but I could see the allure with a part 6 on a small map or particularly Jarvis map. Now I would love to switch stalk and sense.
  14. I was wondering if they altered something about character selection and perk choices if the community would be yay or nay. As I’m sure some feel certain perks seem rather useless maybe useless is to strong a word maybe a better way to say it would be cost benefit my example is running a perk like speeding up the boat while at the helm. Sounds great and it is a nice bit of speed increase but it is worth it to put on a counselor when if you get any of the small maps you’re definitely not getting a boat and on the full size maps it’s maybe 50/50 at best (I’m not mathematician so don’t bother explaining to me how that’s not the actual probability it’s not that important to the point) also excluding Jarvis house that seems to always have a boat. So my question is to the community would it be better or more interesting if players were given a small amount of time say 30 seconds for the benefit of newer players. Before the map actually begins to choose a counselor and the perks you want for this particular round. You would have knowledge of what’s on the map as in boats or cars but couldn’t see the map itself yet. Then you would pick your counselor and perks accordingly. This would also eliminate all pre nerfed thick skin perks because every perk would be equipped at the start of the map rather than set to a counselor. And if you are a grandfathered in perk holder try to pretend your not for the sake of this discussion. And just so Jason doesn’t feel left out have to say I still think it would be pretty awesome if Jason has a bit more control of when he unlocked his abilities. I don’t think being able to switch morph and shift or sense and stalk would be game breaking but instead would add for an ability to play a different style. By that I mean now Jason starts morph sense shift stalk and I don’t think he should be able to just switch everything around but it would be cool if Jason could be like oh well I have a +shift maybe I’d rather start shift get sense then morph or a a Jason who like to be sneaky might enjoy being able to morph and then choice stalk over sense. Each has its own draw backs and advantages which is why I feel it could be balanced.
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