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  1. Mods forgive me if there already is a topic like this out there but I didn't see anything while using the search tool.


    My suggestion is that Jason should be able to barricade doors himself. He did put the cross bar on for the barn in part 3.

    So why not in game? Imagine being a counselor and you hear the cross bar go down inside a cabin.

    You go around the corner and there's the big ol' revenant himself. 

    I think it would make chase sequences a lot more tense

    Maybe it could only be for some Jasons like the human ones

    The decomposing corpse ones don't really seem to give too much thought into that kind of thing.


    Thoughts? Comments? Questions?

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  2. Hey folks, how's it going? Loooooooooong time Friday fan, bit of an info buff on the series, ask those who I have met and become friends with over this game and series... Haha


    So anyway, yeah, I'm so pumped to be on the forum and can't wait to play as that angry bastard from The Final Chapter haha. ^.^

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