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  1. All you need to do is click the enhanced prep version of the counselor I believe fits the job.
  2. welch2008

    so sad

    i thought i heard heavy rain and beyond 2 souls was going to be bundled together in a phyical copy fpr the ps4 sometime after heavy rain releases.
  3. this is what a badass counselor looks like when jason finally finds him.
  4. So here is the Video that started it all. and also he talked a little about the "choking" during a live stream on twitch. even though it was a joke he made a funny comment about it. look at his eyes in the video above when it happened. LMFAO
  5. oh man @Brando.....dont tempt me. dam thats a great fuggin idea. might have to go to bank and take out a loan though, lol
  6. the "So called Obsessed" probably came from me more than once during live streams. Adam Sessler getting choked by Kane Hodder in kickstarter update started it all. He has that quirky personality that would be classic under pressure. The body gestures he has used in the past since tech tv days and into the G4 days have always been a classic. plus when he spazzes out it is even funnier. I personally think Adam Sessler would just be a great model for a Camp Counselor.
  7. please make adam sessler a roll in the game, either a story character or even a camp counselor.
  8. Hi, im pretty excited for this game, as well as Paramounts Follow up to the most recent Friday the 13th movie. I would really like to see adam sessler make a appearance in this as well. im a fan of sessler. thanks
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