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  1. Couple of thoughts on this, but first an example of words being taken seriously. I used to work for a big college University that everyone would know. I worked in the Academic department and one day a student reported that another student posted in an online classroom forum that he understood why the Virginia Tech shooter (if you remember there was a student at VT that killed over 30 people and injured a lot more on a shooting spree) did what he did because some of his classmates were so stupid. This post was immediately reported and the student was kicked out later that day. Was that too harsh? Was the student just being a troll or frustrated and said some things but didn't mean it? As much as we want to say, "obviously the student was a troll, he never would've followed through", we have to face the facts that we don't truly know what some people can be capable of. A "zero tolerance" policy is just exactly that, and if you agree to the terms and conditions of the game then getting banned for what you say is simply part of what you agreed to. It makes no difference if you say something but would never follow through in your own head. Let's not forget that 'doxing' is real, and it doesn't happen as much as it used to but it can still happen. Whether you think Gun Media should be held responsible or not, if someone does follow through with some type of threat in the game then the company would certainly be susceptible to legal action, it's just how the law and lawsuits work. As for muting players... I agree and do it all the time, but we any intelligent company will do everything to protect themselves and their players and I have no problem with it.
  2. As Gun Media has laid out the new rules for banning players I'm still shocked at how many people are still completely ignorant of what is and what isn't a 'bannable' offense, especially the young kids. I'm all for banning and yet at the same time I've tried recently to help explain to some what they are doing in the game can get them banned, and the truth is I don't want people to get banned. Less players makes for a smaller player pool, which isn't an issue today obviously but could be down the road. So I'd encourage you guys to try to explain to some who just seem ignorant of what isn't allowed in game rather than just turn them in to get banned. I'm linking a video where I played yesterday, knowing nobody in the game, and after killing one kid he came back as Tommy and was attacked by another counselor. He said he was attacked and having no stomach for Team Killers I went straight after her, knowing I'd kill Tommy quickly after. As I went after the girl the kid said, "We should team up", and that's when I explained never to say that or do it. I even left Tommy alone a second time to stop a car from escaping but then killed him afterwards. I think it's fine to leave a counselor alone for a minute or two to go after a Team Killer, after all a Team Killer is taking away your kills and XP! There's a huge difference though in choosing the best target and "teaming up" with counselors. Anyone else have thoughts on how to help others in game?
  3. We had everyone get out in under 5 minutes in one game. Everyone! I had high repair, spawned in the fuse house, found the fuse in the house, had the perk to call Cops in 3 mins 30 secs, and everyone just banded together real quick and made our way north hitting Jason along the way. Everyone got out, we didn't even call Tommy.
  4. So how exactly do you report a player for cheating? I have him recorded trying to team kill (which I know is not a bannable offense) several players and then as we were trying to leave in the car he came back as Tommy Jarvis and said "Jason, I'm on your side" (which IS a bannable offense) and then shot the other counselor I was with. So how exactly does this get reported? Do I need to send in the clip? It's guys like this who RUIN the gaming experience for the rest of us and now that Gun Media is doing something about it I want guys like this gone who are playing to ruin the game for others by helping Jason and admitting as such in the game.
  5. Thanks pRaX, I'm actually playing right now and recording and you can't believe the stupid mistake I just made. I'll have to post it to show the world how dumb I can be! Take care!
  6. Hey guys, for anyone who truly wants to watch some games to get better then there are truly some great commentators out there. Bryce Games is great, and the group he plays with if you haven't watched him yet. When I first started to play I would slowly get better, and I learned a lot by watching other players on Youtube and Twitch. What I found out about myself though was that I was getting really upset when someone in the game wasn't doing what they needed to do. That's when I realized if I wanted to make a difference I needed to calm down and start my own channel, even though I was still getting upset on some videos that I didn't post, so I wanted to become a 'help' to others instead of raging about it. If you find yourself like that then start a channel as well. It's really helped me play the game better because I find myself helping players rather than yelling at the screen or the wall. I have no real intention of becoming a huge name online as an Online Commentator/Player, I just really enjoy this game and find that my channel helps me and others to get better, so think about doing the same, it's not that hard to set up. I use OBS software for the video recording and it's really easy to use, so check it out. Here's one of my videos as well, and if you have your own channel please reply and post it to this thread, I'd love to see how you guys play! Take care all!
  7. Guys, for those of you complaining about swearing the developers have made it so easy to mute these idiots. In fact, this may be the first time that I've seen a game with such ease in muting others since you can do it at the initial log in stage, and even into the next waiting room. Even after the game starts you hit ESC and click Mute players and there you go. On my channel in a lot of my videos I just mute players who are rude, offensive, or racially derogatory and they never get more than a few words out because I'm muting them so quickly. As for children swearing... we were all kids once and yeah, it's stupid for them to try to act like adults since they think all adults do is sit around and say offensive things, but just mute them and move on.
  8. I'd like to help but I'm not sure what the problem is. You're not gaining anymore xp... is that it? You may have just hit a level that takes longer to get to the next one since the early levels you go up real fast. I'd keep playing and if you don't move up anymore levels after a couple of days then I'd ask the developers or ask in the Glitches forum thread.
  9. Steam - No Echo I like playing in the random rooms with anybody so if I see you there please holla!
  10. Thanks for the gamer tag thread, I'll post there because I'm always looking for fun players!
  11. Lol... it's good to win at something! I guess you're right too in that he never killed anyone as a kid, except in the dream sequence so it wouldn't work that way in relation to the movies. Thanks for the replies guys!
  12. I'm sure this has been asked but I didn't see the forum thread for it previously, but I was wondering if Jason as a kid might ever be playable. I think that would be a great character to add to the game, and give him super stealth basically. No noise, and maybe he's even invisible at times like "stalk". He's a lot weaker, and maybe make it so you can't kill him. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  13. Hey guys, I've been playing Friday for awhile now and wanted to get on the forums. I started to post some videos online as well, at Youtube for right now. I play with a lot of players that could use some help in what to do in the game to get better, so if this is you then feel free to check out my channel. Even if you don't it's good to be on the forums because there's still some things I can learn as well. Thanks guys! (My channel is simply No Echo Games on youtube) I'm going to link a hilarious game where several of us escaped but one poor soul apparently was left to die in a bear trap! Too funny!
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