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  1. Vanessa, because its still easy to do objectives, if you keep resetting until you get a 5x check. Part 2 running and traps power regens
  2. You could grab people from the other side of the couch/table at just the right time, pre patch of course. And you'd both have to be on the long sides.
  3. Knew a tryhard was going to come in sooner or later. You can be trapped at the end of a hallway, walls on 3 sides, with only inches to spare, and still juke Jason. There's a reason that I've switched my counselor to Vanessa. And nobody said it was giving me problems. When I played Jason since the patch, I've still gotten an average 6/8-8/8. Part 2 Jason hovering over objectives is going to get almost everybody every time, in quick match regardless because there's no teamwork and everyone wants a car. It just now takes until the final minutes anymore, because you are easier to knockdown, which gives them more time to recover stam, or get into a house. Same thing when you miss a grab by an inch, they get some distance, and it takes just that much longer. I'm still good at it since the patch, I just simply don't feel like it. Like buddy said above #sorrynotsorry
  4. It was my preference to play Jason before this patch. But between the grab and how easy it now seems to knock him on his ass, No thanks.
  5. I only saw one XP screen the two times it happened to me. others report showing one as well.
  6. If this is causing the matches where you're getting 100 or less XP, then don't do it. This is not a duplicate thread, as this title needs to be read, to prevent people from doing this. I didn't play all weekend and was going to completely quit (but theres nothing out, and I cant jump back into by backlog games without restarting- believe I tried). So I just tried my first match, which ended up as an escape, then I came back as Tommy, having read that causes the low XP bug, I just turned the damn game off...no point, instead of 3000XP, I was going to get 33XP. So we need a PSA: DONT CALL JARVIS
  7. They DO need to fix it now. I'm a consumer, so I can demand that a broken product be fixed. This isnt a petty complaint, like Jasons grab, window breaking, ect. This is a culmination of countless time wasted. If they can check to see who should and shouldn't have Savini, and ban people, ect. They should be able to check stats and give people the XP they should have. If i was 101 like I should be, this wouldn't have pushed me over the edge. I also would be past the point of waiting on matches that I have already died or escaped from. If I wasn't hosting, I would seek another match immediately. Quitter hosts wouldn't even irritate me, because they can't cost me anything. Even if I got someone hyped to buy this game, negative word of mouth overpowers positive, if I tell him they just patched it, and it's broken, he's not buying it.
  8. I'm about ready to quit this game. I've played since launch, at lv 73, EASILY should be 101. I made a topic about this and said "fix it" and was told that's unreasonable. Sorry, but I dont even complain about many things in this game a lot of which are legit, but this, really pisses me off. If you're not 101 then playing for 100xp is LITERALLY a waste of time. If I die, I have ZERO reason NOT to quit right then and there. This is where it crosses the line, not even counting host quits, but just game crashes have been enough since launch to easily have pushed me to 101, especially crashes after death where you're just watching, or even worse, after the match but before the XP screen. This HAS happened enough in my time with the game, to have pushed me to 101, and people playing back in the summer KNOW that you had more random crashes than games that would finish. AND I'M NOT COUNTING QUITTER HOSTS. I just recommended someone buy this, and I'm taking that back before they do. I've bought 2 pieces of DLC, and if i quit, I'm moving on to other games, and obviously not buying anymore DLC. If I have to quit playing waiting on this to get fixed, something else will have taken over by then. Bottom line, I should already be at 101 and yet even more barriers are placed in way of reaching it.
  9. What the fuck? We already have to deal with quitter hosts taking our XP or the game just randomly kicking to dash board, but now games are worth 101XP Complete is showing worth 25 or 50 XP ANd fixer is like 2XP Fix this now. I as well as many others should be way above the level the're at if the game worked like it should
  10. Just happened to me, because the items prevented me from using the window as intended. But hilarity ensued.
  11. doesnt seem to be helping all that much. LOL
  12. I know *some* are proximity, such as you've always gone to the beach if you morph by that car, and some that will drop you exactly at the same spot. But I've been on this game since 2 weeks after launch (waited for shitstorm to be over) and I've literally not had the issues with morph that I've had recently. If i morphed to a fork in the road, and put my reticle at the split, I KNOW I definitely used to morph right in the center at the split. Now, same scenario, I morph off to the side of the road, and have to run to the middle of the fork. I think if anything, they've changed the points at which the morph pins, and they all seem to be placed further away from a useful area. Case in point, if the car spawns next to the house at Packanak, you USED to morph about 5 feet away the car. Now, you morph a bit up the hill from the front of the car. Like all the new pins are designed to give the counselors more time.
  13. Something that I've noticed that's making me not want to play this game is Jason's morphing. Since the patch, he doesn't morph anywhere near where you actually intend to go. Want to morph to a car? - way down the road. By a telephone box? - Other side of the house. In a roadway? Way off to the side. Hell a dude climbs through a window in the back of a house, I morph behind the house, and yet I appear in the front of the house. That's a bigger nerf than anything. If I'm trying to get a tight hit on the car, and I want to get in the road without giving them time to try to maneuver to a side, I CANT! Because Jason is going to morph at the side of the road, and i have to run from that location...to usually get passed by the god damn car. I know you used to be able to morph with accuracy...behind a house, in the front of the same house, didn't matter. Now, you will proximity morph to the same spot regardless your cursor. Same thing with cars, you used to be able to morph within yards of the cars. Now? Fuckin stupid.
  14. So, I've been on this game since maybe a week or 2 after launch. Yes, I know we got the bonus CP, and extra outfits, but I'd appreciate some levels as well. I'm LV38, and like MANY, have made it through what? 1/4th of my games without crashing to dash, or connectivity drop. I should be near 100. And I know it's wide spread, there's alot of people that should be higher. Unless you're a dropper when you die (I dont because 500xp). And it seems to me after todays XB1 patch, game is exactly the same with connections...so it'll be next year until I'm 100, not counting when I move on to other games... Thoughts?