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  1. alot of people must not remember launch. people would quit when they WERENT Jason
  2. Have game on both consoles, and have noticed that on PS4 since the playerbase has a lot of the freebie players, it's become kid/glitch/Jason teamer/car troll heaven. Basically, you can't sit on the roof and hold the match hostage if I can come up and kill you, and can't help Jason if you're dead. At the current time, I'd take dying to a gunshot from someone trying to shoot a Jason that's grabbed me, or the random smacks from a troll (who I can revenge kill). Agree, disagree?
  3. I'm playing it on XB right now. Like I said, that patch hasn't killed the actual playablility and still full lobbies. Partial luck, I guess.
  4. 13 for trade-in. I never do digital unless its black Friday and the game is well over half off of digital stores. Mainly for this reason. Friday on XB1 was an outlier as there was no other way to get it at launch. But of course by the time I got it on PS4, it was out the correct way. But atleast the XB1 version is still playable.
  5. So...I have it on both consoles, got it more recently on PS4 to play with a buddy. The game is really messed up on PS4, I've seen every glitch on this version since that dumb ass patch. On XB1, the only thing I've seen is the shaking kills. Also no full rooms on PS4, still get them on XB1 Buddy's not playing anymore either due to the fuckiness. I think it's time to trade in the PS4 version. Towards RDR2 I guess. I really hate trading in stuff, unles I've had it a very very long time, as its a rip-off. The rip-off stings less the older the game is. So this isn't an easy choice to make.
  6. Well, I'm hearing the pop/crack just from people pressing start in the ready up. This is definitely different than the pop I mentioned before. That was more random, and referenced by devs previously. Also, now in match, a lot of noises are triggering it. It's like they turned the gain up too high. SMFH.
  7. Well, I've heard the popping noise on both systems before patch. And it's a thing listed by the devs. I guess I'll try a match in a few.
  8. Horrible news. Unless anyone is reporting that this doesn't have the same bugs as the other versions! What are the experiences? Thanks!
  9. Just having fun with QP people. Running this Jenny around so I could drop her on a trap, and it worked. LOL
  10. I easily get 8/8 in QP but Jason needs buffs. Not even buffs, just reverted as he was before. Every change to the game since launch has been anti-Jason. I bet you all loved the 12 pocket knife stupidity. Looks like a lot of people don't remember launch. Even as a counselor, I prefer knowing that if Jason got close, it was death if I wasn't 100% on my shit. Counselor have gotten less buffs than Jason has gotten nerfs. If Jason could grab you climbing through the window, damage you while climbing, had a good grab sweep, and didnt get stunned 90% of the time, the scariness would still be there. I'm just saying. Counselor players didn't get better like people claim, because none of this shit would be a thing for launch Jason.
  11. To the 'trope' pics. The Jasons look much better than the counselors, would be nice to see the counselors get an upgrade in-game.
  12. I prefer it to be in. At the very least you can kill Jason teamers, and revenge kill when needed. In all I prefer the game at launch compared to now.
  13. Exactly. I do QP. not waiting an hour for a private match to start. Fuck that.
  14. I prefer the game as it was initially on launch. Then counselor players had to whine and moan that they couldn't escape every single time.
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