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  1. Weapon range is the main reason Part 6 is tiered so high. Inability of counselors to hit him through intact doors along with better offensive defense against counselors trying to turn and burn him would alone make Part 6 the stamina drain king (besides Savini) against strong counselors, and he has that Shift strength to boot. It also gives him better offensive defense against multiple counselors surrounding him either for a demask or at an objective for a stun and a bit more range for his swing to bypass a bodyblock a counselor may put up to allow a repair or phone call to go uninterrupted. Regarding indoors, grabbing is usually better than slashing even if the counselors are grouped up since obstructions make grab rescuing harder. The main issue with the weapon range is the Shift-swinging arc, really. Knives are actually kind of busted now that Thick Skinned is nerfed into the ground and off-meta. Quite an underrated strength I think. Beyond the animation cancelling potential... 1 knife = 30% damage. 1 swing or 1 broken window vault = 20% damage. 50% or less health = limping. And unlike with traps, with knives you can just pull the damage out of your pocket mid-chase and instantly apply it. 4 extra knives is quite significant. Shift makes the chase music go silent last I checked, so Stalk does nothing towards surprise Shift grabs. I recall it wasn't like that at launch, so maybe Shift cutting the music was a bug that got fixed without me noticing? (I use the camera zoom for detecting out-of-minimap Shifts and timing dodges anyway, not the music.) J9's Stun Resistance (aka Bright Powder) is pretty neato. I don't know that it's really useful outside of situations where you make a mistake with blocking or where you're intentionally gambling in a solo kiting or low weapon durability duo kiting scenario, though. Decent, but not reliable enough to be great from what I've seen. (Btw, based off of what IllFonicWill said in Discord and what I've seen in-game, I think this strength was already fixed in the Spring Break patch.) Then we come to 5 Traps w/Morph weakness vs. 3 Traps w/standard Morph... 2 extra Traps get rid of 2 extra Med Spray charges and give peace of mind where you can narrow your focus to 2 objectives without constantly Morphing to the phone box since it might be under assault with no notification after that Vanessa/Chad tanked 3 Traps; Part 9 can Morph more, but Part 6 needs to Morph less. Trap tanking in Jason's face is also really dangerous now without a stun even if you're in a group, upping their value. And well, more Morph doesn't help you when counselors are contesting an objective right in front of you, while traps do. Traps help a tad bit more than Morph with combatting split-pushing as well since conflicts at objectives tend to last quite a bit longer than 40 seconds anyway unless they wreck you or you're facing straight-up feeders. The extra Morph really shouldn't help all that much outside of searching for counselors (which should be a fairly small portion of the game) and stopping an already repaired vehicle that's on the move, which J6 does adequately anyway. Of course, if you're pubstomping, most of this is probably irrelevant; go forth and wreck random lobbies with J7.
  2. I also don't think there is a difference in LaChappa and Deb's Repair speed. The sentence I said about 2 Repair was more of a subtle hint about how Deb and LaChappa should both be played in a group that I used to set up the comparison of their value in a group in the following sentence. Chad has such long stuns compared with AJ that Luck having no effect on stun duration seems unlikely. Tommy seems to have longer stuns than Buggzy, too. (I'd like more clinical testing on this with Chad vs. LaChappa and Jenny vs. Deborah, though.) LaChappa has more Strength than Deborah regardless, and that definitely seems to affect stun duration. The stun duration difference can be significant in particular if LaChappa/Deb gets a stun at the phone box or car since you want more phone call progress or more car start-up/movement progress before the stun ends. (Note that I'm referring to standing stuns rather than "flattening" stuns with all this.) Luck is more or less tied with Speed for being the most important "everybody staying alive" stat in group play. Adam and Deb do have more Speed than LaChappa, though they don't have sufficient Speed to dodge a properly executed Part 3 Shift-swing that takes away 1/4 of a counselor's health bar even with 20% Thick Skinned, meaning if you face a really strong Jason player, you'll have to rely mostly on blocking w/ counterattacking in order to not get your health chunked on every Shift with all 3 of these counselors. The Luck difference for more Wrench and Machete durability matters a lot here and for grab rescuing, especially when you have to stay at an objective for an extended period of time. Luck actually matters more the slower you are.
  3. The main reason to run a counselor with Repair above 2 is to repair in Jason's face, typically in a group setting, esp. at the phone box. Higher weapon durability and longer stun duration gives LaChappa the edge over Deb in a group setting unless the team has an insufficient number of trustworthy female counselors for sweater use. Your assertion that it's an actual fact that Deb is better than LaChappa is... incorrect.
  4. There is no combination of perks that make it nearly impossible to be Sensed. There isn't even a combination that makes it particularly difficult to be Sensed. Hiding spots work to an extent, though Jason should be breaking generators and frequently destroying doors which can make Jenny make noise if by coincidence she's nearby, and hiding does nothing against Sense once Rage is gained. Trying to get a timeout by hiding for 20 minutes isn't something that should work unless Jason is fairly new to the game. If you keep loot and hide until being found without making objective progress the whole game, you are a parasite to the portion of the team attempting to make objective progress and are actually reducing their chance to survive by reducing their available supplies without contributing, so it's kind of in their best interest to betray you. If you hide the whole game until being found without keeping loot, you're commensalistic or possibly a bit helpful to that portion of the team, though you're relying almost entirely on the rest of the team for your own success.
  5. Well... You could still be struck with a heavy hit through the window after diving through if Jason angled himself properly. (I think that was still fine, though.)
  6. The current evidence on Luck and Strength's affect on stun chance is inconclusive. I lean towards the stats having no effect on stun chance, though it's possible they have an effect. (Supposing they do, Rydog did 50 Wrench hits per counselor on Jason and Vanessa stunned 35/50 times while Buggzy stunned 36/50, so there's no apparent difference. More data could certainly be used, though.) Their stun durations seem to be around the same. Speed is of course the most important stat for solo kiting because more than anything you need to dodge grabs and swings. 6 Luck vs. 2 means more long range Bat and Axe hits and also more stamina actually gained per hit made. Vanessa > Buggzy (and the rest of the cast) for solo kiting, no contest.
  7. "The bottom line is that Composure and Stealth have nothing to do with Jason's ability to Sense you, beyond Composure influencing the rate at which you gain and lose Fear. Higher Fear allows Jason to detect you from further away, and on top of this, his Sense radius naturally expands as the match goes on. Here are screens that show the exact maximum distance at which Jason Part 2 can Sense a counselor, who is at the shotgun spawn inside Packanack Lodge, with all exit doors locked, lights and flashlight on, at zero Fear. I've also included screens for Jenny vs. +Sense and -Sense Jason traits, Chad and Jenny crouched indoors, outdoor comparison screens for A.J./Chad/Jenny (flashlight off and zero Fear), and Jenny outside of line-of-sight (which does not make any difference at all). Sense is unaffected by the flashlight. Note: These screens were captured at equivalent points during the match, in-between the time that Jason unlocks Shift and Stalk. Based on this data, there is no significant difference for Jason's Sense detection range vs. any counselor, and Composure does not impact this [directly] one bit. Everything stated in this section is equally true for all Jasons, including those with -Sense and +Sense traits. [T]his data was all collected in private 1v1 matches, under controlled circumstances." - Quotes from Rydog's guide. 2 relevant corresponding screenshots he gives for A.J.: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/833579835671770788/8917827323ECEE90E5C2678A4F40109BA5AF71B0/ https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/833579835671770455/FB515472D724FA6BA3B999FB718968AF50DDFA24/ This radius is quite large, and it's before fear is gained and before the Sense radius naturally increases. Break the generators and the radius gets larger. You may hear a scream from A.J. when you break the generators, too. She's just not hard to find if she's close to an objective, and you should of course be checking the objectives quite frequently. Composure directly affects fear. Fear directly adds to the pre-existing Sense radius. Composure has indirectly affected the radius. I said this... If you think this is incorrect use of English, I'll have to disagree strongly.
  8. Dubious point? Rydog did extensive testing on Sense. His methodology leaves little doubt. Hundreds of Sense flickers on every counselor at every fear level and inside and outside a cabin. The tests suggest Stealth and Composure don't affect Sense at all (beyond Composure indirectly affecting it through fear, which adds to the base radius of Sense when counselors are at zero fear.) The glitch also happens to make Sense not pick up Chad and Vanessa, too, if that's sufficient for you. The out-of-minimap grabs are nice but counterable due to camera zoom-in, and well, Vanessas tend to be sprinting already when you start an attempt. If a Vanessa reveals a Stealth counselor's location, it was likely either pure coincidence, or they're a dedicated protector, or they're doing a temporary group-up to push an objective. There should be no statistical significance if it's a coincidence. If they're protecting/grouping for objective push, well that comes mostly down to player skill of both counselors. (Jason's skill isn't irrelevant, though it's less determinant.) Sense has no RNG aside from what's given by perks. If they fall under the radar, they weren't in the (pretty big) radius, had Sense avoidance perk(s), were in a hiding spot, or were glitched. Most likely they had Sense avoid perks. At worst, you have (1-.6^(Number of times Sense is used)) chance to bypass those perks. Well, that or better depending on if multiple Sense avoid chances were programmed to be additive or multiplicative. The odds are definitely in Jason's favor. I just timed a refill for Part 3 with Sense weakness and it's 8-9 seconds for refill with him with a quick camera rotation. Sectors are large enough that getting all the parts within one can take quite awhile. (Stamina is less valuable when you're pre-made, though, since you can rely on other people to actually do stuff without having to basically do all of it by yourself. It's only the 4th best stat in pre-made/private. In solo queue, you tend to have to do almost everything without help, on Steam anyway.)
  9. I am certain you do kill plenty of Vanessas easily. I am also sure that over 95% of the quick play population is bad at playing counselor (on Steam anyway), so... you know... you can kill almost everyone easily. The testing by Rydog with Sense vs. zero fear counselors suggests no counselor is hard to find. Gameplay results with Sense spam (where you end Sense early then use it again quickly since ending it early made the cooldown lower) by objectives seem to agree with this testing. The only issue I've noticed with finding an A.J. is if the rare glitch occurs where Sense stops working. Stamina is the 2nd best stat in solo queue. Suppose someone else is being chased. You want to get all parts and loot asap so that the time they buy isn't wasted. Maybe you can even pop an objective notification to bring Jason to you and draw aggro off them before they die (or maybe you even want to sprint to another map sector to give them support asap.) How do you get the parts to the objective asap? Sprint constantly early game with high Speed and Stamina. With slow counselors (and even with low Stamina Chad to some extent), you're giving Jason more time to kill everyone before you begin strong objective pressure. You want to objective rush and remove any chance he has to breathe; give him the minimum amount of time possible for killing people and draining resources. Literally every second longer you take to get the parts to the objectives is an extra second Jason has to kill someone without having to defend. Suppose you're being chased. The thing about close cabins doesn't really cut it after the Thick Skinned nerf. Window spam was fine to regen stamina for a good amount of time back when Thick Skinned maxed out at 50%, but it's bad now. Part 3, 6, and Savini can chunk you for 1/3 of your health bar with 20% Thick Skinned when you use a window (or more with knives.) So basically windows don't give all that easy stamina regen they used to give, and doors alone aren't really enough, so you have to hit Jason for your stamina when you're solo or else you'll run out of stamina. Savini and 6 have such long range weapons that you shouldn't be hitting them often unless they misplay. Try to hit Part 3 and you can get chunked for 1/4 of your health bar with 20% Thick Skinned. And of course you have to be in grab range to hit Jason (aside from if you hit him through a door/window/wall.) You really don't want to be in a position where you're forced into hitting Jason often, but you will be forced into that often with low Stamina.
  10. They both have 4 Speed. The difference between 3 and 4 Stamina is a 1% difference in stamina pool as measured by Rydog. I don't know where you're getting this idea that A.J.'s faster. And you absolutely do need high Speed to lone wolf vs. a knowledgeable Jason that kills as efficiently as possible. Random quick play Jasons tend not to be nearly so efficient, so I can see why you might disagree on the lone wolf capability.
  11. Neither of these counselors is designed to lone wolf. Lone wolves need Speed to not be snuffed out quickly by a good Jason. Sense spam trumps Stealth counselors with Sense avoidance perks. Deborah is of course the better option in a group due to Luck. They have identical Speed. They have only a 1% difference in stamina pools. Their stun durations are pathetic with their low Luck and Strength stats, meaning you want Deborah's 1.5 second faster repair if you need to get a stun yourself and repair in Jason's face. 3 Luck vs. 1 Luck giving 5 Wrench hits vs. 4 is also a clear win for Deborah. The Composure difference isn't really noticeable when in a hiding spot or in a group or even while in a solo chase really. You're basically already dead anyway in a solo foot chase with either of them if the Jason chasing you plays well and has no objective notification within 2-3 minutes that makes him stop tunneling you. (If the Jason doesn't play well, the extra Luck matters more than the Composure.)
  12. Morph trapping is 100% not an exploit... I don't even know how you'd argue it is. There is no glitch used here. Needing more knowledge for a technique than the average player has makes something an exploit? Absurd. I guess if Jason memorizes the Morph spots in order to grab people that run right next to them, that's an exploit, too. Memorizing the spots and utilizing the knowledge is simply what you're SUPPOSED to do to get better at the game. Next you're going to tell me that memorizing the invisible portion of the hitbox on Jason's swings and his grab to use them at max range is an exploit since it's non-obvious and takes some memorization. Memorizing percent of max health lost from each damage source and using the knowledge? Non-obvious and requires memory, exploit. Memorizing amount of hits per weapon due to Luck and using the knowledge? Exploit.
  13. In real life, if you saw a pile of traps in front of the fuse box, you would never walk into them. You would lean over the traps to perform a repair or disarm the traps with a random weapon or object inside a cabin. The fact that Jason knows you're going to teleport to a specific spot during the repair animation and traps there accordingly is abusing an exploit, plain and simple. Also, counselors should only run in a straight line when Jason Shifts; all this crazy movement to avoid Shift grabs is exploiting knowledge about how the Shift mechanic works that counselors shouldn't have, so exploit. Or, you know... this is a video game where you're supposed to look at implemented mechanics and optimize your strategy taking them all into account, so these aren't exploits.
  14. Well this is interesting. I play PvP games for the fun of the mechanics, and Morph trapping is a fun thing to do with the mechanics given to players because it's clever. That IS playing the game, and Morph trapping when it is +EV IS playing well. You guys seriously confuse me. If you want immersion, you should be waiting for the single player game mode. All we have now is a PvP game mode with voice communication and frequent bugs... it's inherently incompatible with immersion. Expecting immersion from it is like expecting a house of cards to maintain its structural integrity long term. I think it improves the game since it gives a method to tank traps and do some repairs without an expected instant death grab punish when your team refuses to cover you like what happens so often with the abysmal player base in quick play. I can't say I'd be mad if I was Jason and I was Morph trapped. If anything, I'd be slightly impressed, then I'd simply use other nearby Morph spots as counterplay on followup visits to the location. Counselors would never have a map with constantly updating coordinates for fellow counselors, cars, and the boat. Counselors wouldn't be able to use a 3rd person camera to keep an eye on Jason while not actually looking at him. They wouldn't have a minimap showing Jason's trajectory when he's literally invisible during Shift. They wouldn't have the VHS effect that tells you Jason has used Shift or Morph or a camera that zooms in when Jason is close. And for some reason, that Jason guy is a living stereo blasting tense or chiptune music unless he uses Stalk. This game has a myriad of foundational mechanics giving counselors outside knowledge they would never have.
  15. You can usually punish 2nd story window dives with Morph then a grab since the falling and standing up animations are so long. They also take (probably) 50% base damage of health. They're pretty bad, tbh. The window break system is kinda weak, though this is compensated by windows being really bad anyway. Savini and Part 6 can get 2 melee strikes in when you vault/crawl through. Part 3 can get 1. I think all others can get 1 except maybe Part 7. So you take 40%/20% base melee strike damage depending on the Jason you face along with possibly 10% base damage if you crawl and guaranteed 20% base damage if you vault, as well as potential knife damage. I don't think windows need a nerf by a long shot. They're more of a last resort option unless you have legacy Thick Skinned. Tanking traps will be meta whether you reduce Med Spray spawns or not. Chad/Tommy with 20% Thick Skinned can tank traps with under 1/3 of their health taken as damage. With perfect Medic, you heal 60% of health per spray use, so that's 120% potential health healed per Medic Spray item and close to 30% damage per trap, meaning potentially 4 traps tanked for 1 Medic Spray item with minor damage. The idea that you would ever trade 4 Pocket Knives for 1 Med Spray is actually laughable. Vanessa can tank traps pretty decently as well. Also, the whole items sinking into the ground thing means you see a lot of Med Sprays destroyed without use. You can't TK after the next patch to get Spray when someone is a selfish hoarder and you're desperate, either. This game really doesn't need more sandbagging potential. And people who don't have the Medic perk will have it really brutal if the supply is reduced, so you'd have more new players quitting early.
  16. Hiding spots have 100% Sense avoidance pre-Rage (without perks) and do zero towards Sense avoidance (aside from tents with Heavy Sleeper) post-Rage. There is an occasional glitch that occurs which meets this description. I don't think a method for reliably replicating it has been discovered. I think Pappus and Rydog think Stealth's bad because Sense has a large radius vs. even zero fear counselors, and you can spam Sense every few seconds to bypass Sense avoidance perks unless your RNG is really bad, and counselors are typically near objectives anyway, so unless they never leave hiding spots, you will usually find them rather soon if you search for them (and even then, breaking generators and breaking down doors in cabins (which are productive activities anyway) tends to have even high Composure counselors which are hiding say "Oh, God. I hope he doesn't find me." rather soon.) Also, traps give away your position unless you have others tank them for you or use a valuable knife. Also, Jason has agency over whether or not he chases high Speed, low Stealth counselors giving off noise pings or if he hunts low Speed, high Stealth, Sense avoidance perk counselors with Sense spam first. Personally, I think hunting slow counselors first is clearly meta; it's not as hard to find you as you might think. With Part 3, counselors get crippled after 2 swings even with 20% Thick Skinned since it has 40% base damage, and Part 3's Shift-swings are easier to land than Shift-grabs and are pretty much guaranteed to land against low Speed counselors if Jason is sufficiently skilled, and you can also hit a counselor that has vaulted through a window with a heavy hit. Blocking to reduce the damage from Shift-swings by ~80% isn't really viable unless you are in a pack since grab insta-kills, so if you're not a high Speed counselor, you're going to be limping quickly once found if Jason knows these tactics. With Part 6, there is the same issue with window use as Part 3 (with even more 30% base damage knives to deal with), and you can't door hit a properly spaced Part 6 to regain stamina (even with a Bat/Axe), and you are forced to sprint for 5 seconds due to threat of Shift-grab if Jason Shifts while you're in the open and lets his Shift last the full 5 seconds, so you will run out of stamina/health quickly as a low Speed/Stamina counselor once found if you're not in a pack and Jason knows these tactics. Guerilla tactics with high Stealth can be used to extend kiting time if you coincidentally find a large cabin, though this relies somewhat on luck and on the knowledge Jason has of guerilla tactics. Ambushes around corners can be stopped by blocking around corners then punishing with grab, window use makes a sound, Shift can be used to search a cabin faster than a counselor can adjust their position to remain out of line of sight, constant camera shifting can catch counselors crouching in random corners, Jason may hit a door you're hiding behind just to get rid of the door and coincidentally find you, hiding spots are insta-kill if Jason guesses right.
  17. This isn't exactly true. Good Jasons can get big damage when you use a window. https://clips.twitch.tv/UgliestMoralPuddingHassanChop https://clips.twitch.tv/FairHandsomePineappleDendiFace
  18. You can still stun a Jason through the door if they're using the intended animation. It makes it easier to do consistently actually since there's no variation.
  19. The Tommy character's primary role is to demask Jason if necessary and then to kill him. His secondary role is to be a substitute Repair character. He can also loot and transport quickly, as well as distract Jason to an extent. Unfortunately, his 10 Strength means he's really bad at grab rescuing, so he can't serve as an effective protector. At least he can TK troll counselors better than anyone else. The Tommy player's role is usually to miss with the shotgun and feed into Jason as fast as possible, though you can sometimes instruct them every step of the way to get a Jason kill if they speak English, and occasionally they're legitimately good at the game.
  20. If the car is backing up while Jason is behind it (including while in Shift), the car breaks down. If the car is moving forward while Jason is in front of it (including while in Shift), the car breaks down. You generally only need to press E to break the car down if it's not moving. Circle around the car as many times as needed while Shifting. You'll always stop it with neutral Shift or Shift strength unless the car has a pretty skilled driver, in which case you still have a good chance of stopping it. (If you're playing Part 2 or Part 7, tough luck.)
  21. Knives can be blocked like melee strikes. Quick drawing knives to bypass blocking is a good tactic as Jason, though it's harder to hit a specific target like this, especially if they're in a crowd. 30% base damage per knife is definitely nice, though it's not long term, and a counselor in real trouble can be bodyblocked by another counselor for healing time. I would agree that Shift swinging is probably Jason's best long term strat vs. a coordinated pack on the move. However, as a counselor, if you're not confident that you can dodge a Shift swing or hit Jason coming out of his Shift, you can always block the hit. Even a Jason with Weapon Strength only does ~8% damage on a blocked hit (and Jasons without that strength do ~4% damage on a blocking counselor), and blocking a hit with a Wrench or Bat takes away only ~40% of the weapon durability that a normal hit would; you should be able to block ~15 hits per Wrench as LaChappa if you don't use it for hitting, and Wrenches are abundantly placed on the map. Add in the Medic, Thick Skinned, and Hypochondriac perks and the abundant Medical Spray spawns, and you've got one tough cookie to crack even if you only target LaChappa and no other pack members. Also, don't forget that Tommy is another more capable repairman for the phonebox if LaChappa is somehow killed (likely due to the other pack members dropping the ball.)
  22. You can split push objectives, sure, though with 2 Repair you can make a repair in ~16 seconds if we go by Rydog's testing. Even Part 2 with the 20 second pre-Rage Morph cooldown can't really Morph fast enough to disrupt split pushing repair with 2 different Vanessas/Chads repairing at 2 different locations, much less get anything approaching a kill in that time; you just don't need high Repair for split pushing. (Split pushing's not really much of a thing if the phonebox spawns by the 4-door car either.) Swarming done properly gets you in and out before weapon breaks occur, as well, especially with some Chads. (Bats should have enough durability, while Wrenches get a massive 15 hits if you use Chad.) It's not about Bat hits. LaChappa gets 6 Wrench hits compared to AJ's 4(, as well as 5 Machete hits to AJ's 4.) This translates to 1-2 more grab rescues per Wrench OR more potentially blocked swings from Jason, each reducing damage from Jason's swings by ~80%. This is more relevant than keeping the screen looking nice. Stumble chance isn't super relevant unless you're the only one going in for a grab rescue, and the percent difference here seems negligible, becoming irrelevant after Jason's on you for 2 minutes. Stamina management should really be fine while group fighting/kiting; worst case scenario, you hit a fellow counselor or Jason for some stamina and lose a bit of weapon durability. You don't use Level Headed for the minimap btw; you use Nerves Of Steel.
  23. The ideal team composition is 5-6 Vanessas/Chads and 1-2 LaChappas. Vanessa and Chad can repair just fine unless Jason is present, though you indeed tend to need a Repair character for the phonebox since you usually have to repair it in Jason's face, especially if he stacks traps there. (LaChappa's Luck makes him the best counselor for repairing in Jason's face due to his weapon durability for the group fighting/kiting that comes with the territory.) That said, counselors should frankly be making Jason kill attempts often, which only requires a Repair counselor if Jason is constantly breaking the Jarvis radio house's generator or if you want to do DPS car for the demask, and Tommy can function as a Repair character for the phonebox anyway if your other Repair character(s) die somehow.
  24. "I think we can all agree that potato sack jason is....The best jason." Nope. Stamina pressure and health pressure determine Jason's power vs. meta counselors. Part 2 is the 2nd worst Jason in this regard. Shift weakness is too much of a hindrance even if you're Morphing at every good opportunity in a chase and constantly "running" after someone. Part 2's easy to hit through the door, too, similar to Parts 9 and 7; no weapon range advantage to shut down door hitting attempts, no Weapon Strength to punish failed attempts, and no Destruction to reduce the number of available attempts. Packs of counselors just laugh at him. He's fairly easy to kill, too, even compared with other Jasons. Savini>6>Retro>3>8>9>2>7 looks like the current tier list. (Retro>3 due to quieter music.) (In case you're wondering, I rate Weapon Strength Jason so high partially because counselors limp after 2 hits from him even with a bugged 20% Thick Skinned applying twice vs. Jason's melee strikes; counselors get semi-nuked by a strike if they're not blocking. The punishment potential from this any time a counselor crawls/vaults through a window near you or fails a door hit attempt is unreal, which directly ramps up health pressure and indirectly ramps up stamina pressure a lot.) Edit: Upon further consideration, Retro and 3 may be higher (and might be above even Savini since his Weapon Strength is bugged and his Shift swings are hard to hit.)
  25. Neither Strength nor Luck had a discernible effect on stun chance in Rydog's testing of 50 Wrench hits per counselor. Sucker Punch also had no discernible effect in a test with 50 Wrench hits from Chad. More testing on stuns would be nice, though.
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