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  1. Slasher game.

    I voted for Michael, because he is probably my favorite slasher character. Also, I believe he would be the easiest to implement into an asymmetrical horror game. I was kind of excited when he was added to Dead By Daylight, until I played as him. He just felt, unfinished and bland.. Definitely one of the icons who deserves his own game. I would 100% be ecstatic to see this happen. Freddy would be a lot more difficult to craft a game around. Don't get me wrong, if somebody did it well, I think it would be a great game. The very idea of Freddy and what he can do is terrifying. I just think it would be hard to find a good balance, and the mechanics of Freddy's dream world would be difficult to portray at best. I hope that one day somebody more creative than myself can make a great Freddy game. I'd be one of the first in line to buy it. I am aware that Freddy is now also available in DBD, but from what I have seen, he is kind of a joke. I'll be honest, I don't think that a serious Child's Play game could be done well. Don't get me wrong, I like the character of Chucky, but even as a kid I was thinking, "Why don't the adults just kick that little bastard across the room?" Killer dolls can be a fairly frightening concept, but I don't know how well the idea would hold up in an online multiplayer game. Great question though. All three are definitely fun to think about as video game characters.
  2. This is just me going off. 99.9% of this forum won't give even less than a grain of shit about it. For those of you who don't have a clue who I am, or just don't care, I apologize. I'm just venting about real life crap, hence the post here in off-topic. I bit the bullet back in September and left my position, and my family, to go down to the Houston, TX area and assist with the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. It was 12-16 hour days, 7 days a week until we had power restored. When the project was finished, I came home and settled back into my previous job. Pretty laid back, 45-50 hours a week and a great environment to work in. Today, I got an email to inform me that I am being transferred to a job in Chalmette, LA Monday. That means that I have to travel through New Orleans twice every day. On top of that, it is a tight schedule, which means that it will probably be 70+ hours a week. To make things worse, the reason I'm being transferred is because the job I will be doing has been mishandled by the dumbass that has been doing it for over 6 months. So, I am being sent as damage control so that my company is not kicked off the project. That's fine, I like a challenge. I'm not happy about the time I'll be missing with my family, but I know how corporations work. I'm pretty good at what I do, so they want me to go put out the fires. Fair enough. One small problem may come about because the Project Manager for my company is a guy that worked for me back in 2009. I was forced to fire him due to absenteeism. (He missed 48 days in less than a year). He is not technically going to be my boss, but he is the Project Manager, and he can make my life miserable if he so chooses. I'm happy that he has worked his way up to where he is today, but I have no clue whether or not he still holds a grudge against me. I guess time will tell. Sorry about the waaaaaaay off topic post. I'm just a little pissed about the whole situation. Feel free to talk shit, slam me, or even play "My Heart Bleeds For You" on the world's smallest violin. /rant over
  3. Actually, my first response in this thread was in no way rude or a personal attack. I've stated several times on this board that my preference is set to counselor, and I enjoy the fact that Jason is very imposing again. I initially stated that I have personally experienced being chain-stunned (or stun-locked, or whatever you want to call it) from both sides. If a group of counselors has the right weapons and the timing down, you can make it almost impossible for Jason to escape. My whole problem with @Imayslaylizdaw was that he came out with an ultimatum after I responded in the post. "Show me, or it didn't happen." Fuck that. Like I've said numerous times, I do not feel the need to give him any kind of proof. I don't give a damn if he, or you, believe me or not. So don't come at me with this "losing battle" bullshit. Longtime members and players that I know have seen it, as have I. Go do your tests, and have fun with them. I am not going to call out the people on here that do game mechanics tests because I don't feel like dragging them into this train wreck of a thread. I will continue to use sarcasm, and you will continue to disbelieve what I say. That is fine. I'm sure you two will even post a couple of videos that prove that chain-stunning is not possible. I don't record my matches, and I am not inclined to do so just to cherry-pick a few instances to satisfy you or him. But hey man, you won the argument. Stun-locking doesn't exist. It is all a conspiracy theory devised by us "Jason ass kissers". Congrats.
  4. Yeah, I'm on pins and needles to hear the results of your "controlled tests". I know what I've seen, and I trust the people who actually do tests about the game mechanics on a regular basis. But, please, conduct your tests and tell everyone what you, with your infinite wisdom discovers. I'm quite sure you are the final answer on every aspect of the game, and we all await your scientific results with baited breath. (Blowhard douchebag with a god complex) Yeah, I said it.
  5. OK, I was in a private session with a few friends and a couple of people who were invited. Played the first match as Deborah (on random), and succeeded in calling Tommy, helping to fix the car, and escaping. Second match was as Jenny. I survived for almost the full round, but Jason got me in a cabin after the 2 minute warning. I was out of stam, the lights were off, and he cornered me. Then, I came in as Jason on Higgins Haven. (Part 3, again on random) I collected knives, went to the phone house and trapped. Then went to the 4 seater and trapped the gas and battery. I thought I was set. I went about breaking windows, smashing doors, and killing generators. I succeeded in taking out Mitch with the tried and true "Axe to the crotch", and, unfortunately, killed Fox with a headpunch. (I had no room to do anything else). Then, it happened. I stopped the car with four people in it, and decided to make my move. I screwed up, and got surrounded by 2 Vanessas, a Chad (with that fucking speedo on), and Tiffany. All four of them had weapons. My mask was gone fairly quickly, and I couldn't seem to find a way out of there. I got stunlocked for a while, and finally got away. Do not doubt that there was plenty of shit talking during this time. We are pretty ruthless to each other. After this, I see Tommy in a campground. I immediately morphed to the shack to drop a trap by the door and then shifted back to the four seater. TIffany (I guess she had the mask since I didn't get an audio clue) screwed up and stunned me with the sweater before they had everything in line. I ended up killing TIffany with the axe to the face and decapitation, which might be one of my favorite Pt. 3 kills, and wasting Tommy with the 2 hand choke. Everyone else escaped. 4/8. Other than the stupid decision to stay around that car when everyone bailed out with weapons, I thought I played a fairly solid match. My friends had different opinions though..."We should have killed your dumb ass." "What the fuck were you thinking?" and, my favorite, "TIffany knocked you on your ass!" My friends are dicks! Does anyone else have some fun match stories to share?
  6. You are right. I freely admit that I made mistakes during that match. I should have slashed, I should have used my throwing knives more, and I should have taken the chance to back away and re-think my strategy. But, the fact that I was stunlocked for a while is just that, a fact. These were experienced players that I game with often, and they had the timing down to keep me stunned for well over 2 minutes. I know there is a "controversy" on here about whether or not chainstunning exists. I can assure you that it does. I have been on both sides of it. I do not deny the fact that I screwed up, and that is why I got my ass kicked. It's all good though, it was still a fun match, just a bit frustrating.
  7. Not sure where you are going with this @stoney
  8. @Truth Whatever the reason, much respect man. You obviously had some skill to stretch that out to 20 minutes in a one-on-one situation. Even if he was a new player, Jason is OP as shit against a single counselor. Props to ya bro!
  9. You hear that @Ghostboy20?? lol But, seriously, that is crazy man, even against a noob who is learning the basics. The law of averages would seem to be in his favor of catching you without a pocket knife and knocking your damn head off at some point. The fact that he was level 130 is kind of mind-blowing. Maybe it was a little brother that snuck on his big bro's account? I mean hell, Chad is lucky, but he's not that damn lucky!
  10. It was all you and your obvious Chad skills man. We don't want to jump to the conclusion that he was a shit player, now do we? I can only imagine the level of saltiness that guy was feeling!
  11. I have said this several times. Also, every time I have discussed the instances in which I was stunned multiple times, it was due to bad decisions on my part.I never stated that a Jason player who is having a flawless (or near flawless) match will encounter this. But, as we are all human, we sometimes make mistakes, over-estimate our own battle prowess, or under-estimate the counselors'. I have said many times since the patch, that I love the game balance as it stands now, and I've also said that I am not a great Jason player (which is why my preference is set to counselor). In most QP matches as Jason I will mop up the lobby, or at least get close. Occasionally, I run into a few decent counselor players who make it very interesting. My whole point in the previous statements was to say that stun-locking still happens in the current system. It have only encountered it a couple of times, but the fact that I didn't record the video does not disprove the fact that it is still possible. I trust my own eyes, and members who I know have been playing since the beginning and have tested out many different aspects of the game mechanics, than I do some jerk off who says, "Show me proof, or it didn't happen." As I stated in an earlier post, I do not feel compelled to prove a goddamned thing to him. I like you CPLhicks, (you kicked ass in Aliens), and I am not trying to engage in an argument with you. I just really didn't care for the way @Imayslaylizdaw summarily dismissed people's claims of a glitch that I myself have seen happen just because they didn't offer video proof of it. I never said it was a widespread problem in the game, I just noted that it does happen. I also do not believe that Jason "turning tail and running" should be a strategy at all. I have retreated to re-group, it just doesn't feel right for Jason to be scared of the counselors.
  12. I am a chill guy, but I am also a blunt guy. I do not have video proof, because I do not record my matches very often. But, I have encountered 4-5 stuns in a row on more than one occasion since the patch, which I have referenced on this forum in several threads. The whole "show me, prove it to me" mentality doesn't fly with me. Go experience the game with a group of good counselors, and you will encounter it. I have been playing the game since the open Beta of 2016. I've seen the meta change plenty of times. I can say, without a doubt, that the stun-locking problem that began with the October patch is still prevalent in lobbies with coordinated counselors. You and @Imayslaylizdaw can choose to believe me or not. Or, you can just chalk it up to the fact that I'm "just complaining about it because others are".
  13. What part of "I do not feel compelled to prove a goddamned thing to you." did you miss. Great for you, you haven't seen it. Plenty of people have. But, we are all wrong, and you are right.
  14. OK, fair enough. I will tell you how I look at your entire "argument". I have to prove myself to my wife (all the goddamn time!), I have to prove myself to my son (of course, I am his hero now, that should change in 7 or 8 years), and I try to prove myself to my co-workers and the people I play the game with. Proving myself to you? That is pretty fucking low on my agenda. You don't believe stun-locking happens? Good for you. I look forward to a future post from you whining about it. TL;DR: I do not feel compelled to try to prove a goddamned thing to you.
  15. I hope it has. And, thanks man. I'm sure it'll all work out. I might just piss off a few people during the process.
  16. @TheHansonGoons Yeah bro, that was a tough time to be Jason. I took several beatings for a few months. That match sounds brutal. At least they didn't tea-bag or pull out some shitty dance party on you. I'm quite sure you are kicking ass as Jason now.
  17. Stun-locking is a thing, whether or not you see video proof of it. I've had it happen to me twice since the latest patch, and many times in the months before it. If I happen to be recording a match when I see it again, I will be happy to upload the footage, but I don't think that the fact that you haven't personally seen it means that it does not exist. I have experienced it and know for a fact that it occurs in the game.
  18. It's kind of the point of the game. Jason should be able to clear almost a whole lobby. And, actually, a well played Jason should (and normally does) do just that. You should go into a match as a counselor, fully expecting to die, and the game balance as it stands now is pretty close to that. Stunning should be a thing, stun-locking should not. Period. Combat stance is an integral part of combat in the game . When I said the combat mechanic needs to be tweaked on both sides, I merely meant that the hit detection should be addressed. It is off for Jason and the counselors right now. Combat stance is a part of skilfully using the combat mechanic. This game is not a fighting simulator.
  19. Those Jason(s)....

    @Ghostboy20 You shall die, sir!!
  20. Those Jason(s)....

    I will disregard every counselor to take Chad out. Especially if he is wearing that fucken Speedo!
  21. Fix the combat mechanic to be fair. It needs to be tweaked for both Jason and the counselors. It is not too easy being Jason. Jason can get destroyed by a good group of counselors that work towards objectives. Unfortunately, a disorganized group of players running around, trying to dance, not doing shit to work toward the goals, and trying to take the big guy on with a pipe are going to get their asses handed to them, as they should. My preference is set to counselor, but I think that the game balance is pretty good right now. Jason is meant to be OP. The travesty that was the October and December patches made it too easy for counselor players. Having Jason in your vicinity is supposed to cause anxiety, fear, and maybe a little pee. A lot of players got spoiled after the physical release and the Christmas rush. Jason is supposed to kill the majority of people in the game. It is a shame that most QP lobbies are crap, but that is because most have no clue how to play the game, do not use mics, and think that fighting Jason one on one is a viable option.
  22. Nah man, you didn't say it. I'm drinking too, so I ad-libbed for ya.
  23. Yeah, I have a couple of alternate routes, depending on traffic. It'll be ok, I'm just not happy about having to leave a job that I like to go to a job that I probably won't. Thanks for the encouragement man. It'll all work out.
  24. No. Retro Jason needs his own build, not just skins of other Jasons. I sure as fuck hope not. How do either of those "dances" fit into the 80s theme of the movies or the game? There are enough stupid dances and emotes already included. Feel free to troll with those. Why in the hell would you bring this stupid shit up again? You have almost 200 posts here, you should know the answer. I don't have Savini Jason either, but you know what? I've gotten over it. Fuck off with bringing up the same damn question that has been asked hundreds of times on this forum. Could a moderator please lock this stupid ass conversation? Ok, I was mostly being a smartass with my responses. But, damn dude, there was no point to this post. It's just...dumb.