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  1. What race are you?

    Deadite- Don't call me no fake Shemp, I'm the real deal.
  2. Part 3 Fan-Made Documentary

    Yeah, I agree. I'll admit that I liked that last little skit they did about those little shit-heads.
  3. Well, this is exactly why I started this thread, so people could vent without making new ones. Sometimes it's cathartic to get shit off of your chest sometimes.
  4. Part 3 Fan-Made Documentary

    There is a movie review channel on YouTube that I watch that clued me in about a fan-made documentary about the third installment in the Friday the 13th franchise. A lot of the doc is about Richard Brooker, the late stuntman who played Jason, and his interactions with the cast and crew. While it is obvious that it is an amateur production, I found it to be pretty informative and a fun watch. You can tell it is made by fans for fans. Here is a link, should you choose to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfWqbEOO8zI&t=92s The channel is WeWatchedAMovie. Some will like their humor/style, and some won't . I find it to be pretty entertaining. They do a lot of reviews on horror movies, some horror skits, as well as reviewing most other mainstream films.
  5. If I'm on when you are at 665, it will be me. I don't care if you make a post about how your butt itches or your feet smell funny. Edit: Well, whaddaya know? Haha
  6. My favorites still have to be the ones that A. Leave the doors open B. Only search one or two drawers in the big cabins and run away. C. Don't even open the windows. and D. Worry about carrying that stupid ass shotgun they can't even aim properly rather than picking up the gas or battery. The classics will always be my favorites I guess! Stupid people amuse me sometimes. @TheHansonGoons You're damn near to that magical number of likes bro! I left one for ya.
  7. I'm with you on keeping things in order. But honestly, this is a question I haven't seen on here before. Therefore, it does not break any rules of the forum. I personally haven't noticed anything like @Gummybish is describing, but it was an honest question. My only point was if people find the question to be dumb, either ignore it, or make a comment stating that and let it go. Hell, I was part of this thread. I thought the entire premise was stupid, but, I just responded as to why I thought the idea didn't make sense and moved on.
  8. I'll be the first to say that I normally do not agree with a lot of the things that @Gummybish posts. We just see things differently as far as what is fun in the game. But, is there really any need to jump all over him/her for asking a simple question? Just because you prefer it doesn't make it law. @WashingtonJones Come on bro, it's not that serious. There have been almost 125,000 threads started in The Game General Discussion section alone. I'm sure there are plenty of them that didn't include serious game affecting subjects. It was a simple question. I don't get the hate. We all have the choice to just ignore a topic if we find it "stupid".
  9. If you think about it, firecrackers going off would be a bit more shocking in an enclosed space as opposed to outdoors.. I personally don't think Jason should be stunned by a $.50 pack of BlackCat firecrackers to begin with, but if the intention is to startle Jason, I think it would be more effective indoors. Sorry, I don't think your argument has any merit in this case. Well, they kind of already did that. Jason is just an overgrown sissy now anyway.
  10. A Speculation

    What the fluck?!?!
  11. A Speculation

    I apologize for the double (and triple) posting. I can assure you that it was not my intention. Sorry folks!
  12. A Speculation

    It does not look like the Never Hike Alone will be added to the game, at least right now.
  13. No. The sad truth is that you cannot avoid trolls in online games. It is just a fact. The devs attempting to make trolling "impossible" is the reason the game is in the sad state that it is now. Little assholes who feel emboldened because they hide behind their keyboards, controllers, and mics is just a reality of playing online. I don't know what the trolls get out of it, but it has been around as long as I have been playing online. Well said.
  14. I'm not going to lie. I get into a bit of a more try hard mode when I see that it's Savini Jason. Actually, back in June/July of last year I declared a mission to kill Savini Jason several times. I will admit that the fact that I do not have him plays into that. But, I am not salty about not having him, it is my own fault. I knew about the backing offer, I just didn't do it. I definitely do not get mad when I see him pop up in the game, I actually get excited. He's definitely not as scary as he used to be (no Jason is), but he is damn cool looking, and fun to play against, especially against a good Jason player.