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  1. Rexfellis

    Least Favorite Genre of Music?

    I guess it serves it purpose for the people it is catering to. But, I find no artistry in it at all. I agree with you on all the soulless autotuned bullshit these days. Hell, you could play a Bieber song followed by a Britney or Miley Virus song, and I wouldn't be able to discern which androgynous, talentless hack was which. At least Christina Aguilera, had some real fucking pipes back in the day, when she turned all of the electronic crap off. I still don't like her songs, but I can appreciate what she did. Right on brother. Give me my old beat up 9-piece Tama set any day over those updated 80's Casio's any day. At least a wooden stick hitting a real skin is genuine.
  2. Rexfellis

    Least Favorite Genre of Music?

    I picked EDM. I dislike a lot of tracks and artists in certain genres i.e. Rap, New Age, among others. But, when I look at the entirety of the genrs, I can usually find fine examples of songwriting, singing, and/or instrument playing, Being a long time musician, I can appreciate great artistry, even if I am not a huge fan of the sound itself. With EDM, I find no redeeming factors. Maybe if I'd dropped acid, X, and shrooms at raves back in the day, I might have some nostalgia for the style. I don't actually hate it, I just have no use for it personally.
  3. Rexfellis


    Dude! You thread with all of that "alpha male" bullshit already got shut down. Don't bring that fate to somebody else's subject. Go do your normal Saturday night routine...sitting in the corner of a dimly lit room pouring Olde English 800 into your hand so you can "get your girlfriend drunk". As for my dating stories, I never really just dated for dating's sake. I only asked girls out if I really liked them. The last date I had was on my birthday in 2009. She is Mrs. Rex now, and we have a mini-Rex who is 7.
  4. Rexfellis


    This is the thing that bothers me the most. The bad part about that is, some that do it regularly sometimes have a valid point. I'm just not willing to give myself a headache to try and decipher it. I'll be the first to admit that I sometimes make typos and grammar mistakes. Usually as a result of just rushing through a post. When people continuously do it, it irks me, but I usually don't say much about it. The only exception there is when people are having a disagreement, and one of them pops off with, "Yeah? Well your stupid." I usually giggle a little and then point out the irony of the statement. I accidentally voted yes, but in reality, it doesn't bother me too much.
  5. Rexfellis

    A nerf to Medic.

    I'm pretty sure this belongs in Suggestions/Feedback and not in General Discussion. I don't think you have necessarily have a bad idea here, I'm just saying that it probably belongs in another section.
  6. This. If you quit a match as a player because you conceive people to be teaming up with Jason on a regular basis, you deserve salt points. If you fuck everyone else over in the lobby because of that reason, you deserve more salt points. The world does not revolve around you and you alone.I work a lot of hours every week, and I have a family, so I understand limited time to play. I also understand that if I am a host on console and quit the match, I am screwing everyone else in that match out of the work that they have put in. I'll just have to plagarize @Truth's eloquent words here...Don't be a dick.
  7. Rexfellis

    The Oldest Person on the forum

    Yeah, I really enjoyed the novels. Chiun had the coolest dry humor of any character I can remember reading about or seeing in a movie. I don't know how well the books hold up to an adult reader, but I liked them. They actually just re-played the movie on the This channel this past weekend. Me and my kiddo watched it. I still liked it, but you are right, it could have been done better. I wouldn't be opposed to a reboot, as long as they do a good job with the casting.
  8. Rexfellis

    The Oldest Person on the forum

    Remo Williams! I read the books long before I saw the movie. I thought it was great, and really waned a sequel. Of course, I was a goofy kid at the time.
  9. Rexfellis

    Creative Kills

    One that has been mentioned on here before, that I believe could have a double purpose. If the hood is still up on a car (i.e. the battery hasn't been installed yet), Jason could push the counselor's head into the engine compartment, and repeatedly slam their heads with the hood until the head is crushed. If the battery has been installed, the kill won't work. Maybe this will entice more players to complete some objectives to take away an environmental kill. Might not work, but it could be worth a shot. Jason taking out a power box and a counselor at the same time. Instead of disabling the power with a weapon, he could do it with somebody's head. Would also be a chance to include a quick, awesome electrocution animation in the process. I have plenty more rolling around in my head, but those are two that came up immediately.
  10. The season/series finale will air April 29. I'm hoping they filmed a fitting end to it, just in case they didn't get picked up for another season. I guess we can find out Sunday.
  11. Rexfellis

    Friday the 13th films timeline question

    @Cokeyskunk I'm almost certain it was never said in the film, and I have seen it many times. I could be wrong, but I do not remember a date ever being explicitly given. Next time I watch it, I'll pay more attention to that detail. Kind of reminds me of the "what exactly did Jason do to Chris Higgins that night". I never bought into the the theory that Jason tried to, or did, rape her. I know it was early in the series, but the taboo against sex in slasher movies was already established by then, and I never thought he was motivated by any carnal desires. I would say that unless we all missed it, and it was said in the movie, you win that argument. Wikipedia, Wikia, Reddit, etc...are not not reliable sources for information. I could go on there and put in a backstory that Jason was raised by a family of wolves and had a harem full of girls that he kidnapped, and it probably wouldn't be taken down for months.
  12. Rexfellis

    See Me Get Schooled By Real NES Jason LOL

    @AshTray900 Man, that brings back some memories. I can't even estimate how many hours I sunk into that game as a kid. Thanks for the nostalgia!
  13. Well, if we are going to do hitchhikers, why not the "banana girl"?
  14. Rexfellis

    Most degrading kill

    @megaweenieman Depends on the amount of trolling, salt, and shit talking. If they are really trolling, being useless, or trying to team up with me, I'll probably just slash them to death. Nothing goes better with salt than more salt. I refuse to give the little shitheads the luxury of a cool kill. If they stick around, I can usually look forward to hearing how much of a casual and hack that I am in the lobby. If they are just talking a lot of smack or just hiding, I'll do the one-handed choke or headpunch, just to get them out of the way. I always have at least one of those ready to go. Minor trash talk and verbal jabs don't usually bother me, it is just part of gaming. I will try to give them and everyone else some cinematic kills. I really like Part 8's kick and axe throw and Part 2's pick to the temple and head spin. Of course, I always try to do environmental kills whenever possible. The poker down the throat at the campfire and the cemetery fence kill are my favorites. (Too bad you can almost never catch somebody in the cemetery). I try to be entertaining as Jason when I can. But sometimes the with the time factor and limited space, you gotta do what you gotta do.