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  1. @TADAARAIS I can honestly say that I've never had that happen, or seen it. I don't play Jason very often (counselor preferred), but I do like playing Ol' Sackhead (Pt. 2) when I do, and I have had traps work pretty well at the shack. Maybe the placement is a little off? Or maybe the counselors are seeing and sidestepping the traps? I haven't personally seen the glitch, if it is one, so I really can't help here. Sorry.
  2. You obviously have no idea how I play. I do not troll anyone. I mostly play fixers and I can count on one hand how many times I've taken a swing a Jason in the last 3 weeks. Go exploit some shit with your buddy Pappus.
  3. For every vid you post of Jason being stun-locked, killed, trolled...etc I can provide links of Jason wiping the lobby. I'm not even going to bring up the fact that your first example is Pappus, a known exploiter. That alone says a lot about your stance. Streamers and YouTubers post what they want you to see. Yes, experienced players can make a novice Jason's game a living hell, just like a good Jason player can obliterate a novice group.
  4. Good experiences in QP?

    Dude. You have plenty of threads to keep posting your same complaint about QP. This is a thread that seems to have been started to spread some positivity for a change. Every member who has spent any time here since the last update knows the problems you have with it because you state in in every fucking thread you respond to. I can't understand why you're even playing the game if you there is "little to no good experience" to be had. Are you a masochist or something? Now, back to the subject at hand...I had a few matches the other night with a mostly good lobby. There were (of course) a couple of shit-talkers in some of the matches. There was also a Vanessa that was trying to lead me, as Jason, to the other counselors. I tunneled Vanessa and killed her, and 4 people escaped in the process. I still considered it a win. But all in all, it was a fun night of playing with a decent core group of players. I didn't survive as often as I would have liked to, but I had a blast.
  5. I finally put up a Friday the 13th Quiz. I know it's been a long time, but the last several months have been pretty busy for me and the family. If anyone is interested, the link is here.
  6. Because, to some people, clowns are fucking scary!! There is even a listed phobia for it. I mean, look at John Wayne Gacy, or IT, or the Killer Klowns From Outer Space, or this freaking guy...
  7. Like I said, I have no problem admitting when I make mistakes. And according to my wife, I make them quite often. Considering the subject of this thread, it has been a fairly civil conversation, which is very nice to see. Of course people are going to disagree with each other, but that is just life. There are quite a few members on here that I have disagreed with on various subjects, yet we still get along and keep things amicable.
  8. You are right. I hadn't read all of the replies when I posted that. I went back and re-read them, and understand what you were saying now. My apologies. I can admit when I am wrong.
  9. Jason Coming to DbD?

    Did you ever see Michael or Freddy do it? Freddy might be more inclined to do so as a creative kill, but more than likely not. The only "licensed" killer in DbD that ever used meathooks was Leatherface, than the original trapper in DbD was an outright copy of him before they even had the rights to use Junior Sawyer. Any iconic cinematic killer is going to be underutilized in DbD. Michael, Freddy, Leatherface, Pinhead...etc should all have their own games. I don't care too much for Dead by Daylight anymore, the gameplay got kind of stale for me.
  10. Actually, I think his argument is...Why should Jason's choice of trap placing take precedent over a counselor's? If Jason gets there first, he sets the trap, and the counselors can not stack theirs. First come, first served. I really don't see how people believe this to be an exploit other than the fact that it makes things aggravating for them when they play as Jason. Hell, Jason can tank a trap much better than any counselor, and he doesn't need a medspray afterwards.
  11. April 13th

    Ahhh...I get it now. I'm a big fan of Part 7's look, he was one of the "scariest" Jason's in the series. I didn't care for the story as much as most people, but Hodder made Jason one bad-ass menacing monster in that one. I have to say that I did agree with the rest of your post, although I'm not looking forward to "shitting my pants multiple times per week". These entitled kids with the "I have a right to (be) upset" shit gets on my nerves. When Gun/Ill forego posting anything for a while, people get pissed. When they do post something, people get pissed and jump all over the threads with demands and stupid questions that anyone with common sense would know will not be answered. When updates are delayed, people get pissed. When updates come out, people are pissed about certain aspects of it. You get the idea. I've had my problems with certain changes that have been made in the last 10 months, but I honestly feel that I have more than gotten my money's worth for the game. And I bought it for two platforms. Any improvements from here on are just gravy for me. If I had @ShiftySamurai's job, I would have been fired within the first month, because I would have straight up told quite a few people to shut the fuck up, and stop being fucking stupid. I'm actually glad that it is in my job description to tell people they are doing things wrong, hence pissing them off. It is cathartic, and makes my family life so much more pleasant. Am I an asshole for that? Probably. But, I am comfortable with that title.
  12. April 13th

    I think I just got slammed. It's cool though, I have thick skin. Just kind of curious why when all I did was present facts. 🤔
  13. Games that make you RAGE but are fun as hell

    Pre-200s- Ninja Gaiden, Ghosts and Goblins, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Mike Tyson's Punch Out (Basically, just Tyson, until I finally beat him), Battletoads, Silent Hill SInce-2000- Halo 2 on Legendary, Alien Isolation (I loved this game!), Dark Souls, Flappy Bird (fuck the guy that invented that game! ), God Hand (this game got harder as you got better, I wish it would have been more popular), Ninja Gaiden II (it's a tough one). Those are just a few off of the top of my head. I don't get angry playing video games anymore, I play for fun. I'm sure there a quite a few more games I could list, but I can't think of any more right now.
  14. April 13th

    No, they have missed several deadlines, which is why they stopped predicting any sort of concrete time frames for patches and updates. I do find it interesting that you said "fallowing" instead of "following", as fallow means a piece of land that has been left untended for a period of time. Freudian slip? If you are expecting something in April, which by the way has in no way been officially confirmed, then you are bound to be upset. Get ready for a lifetime of disappointments.
  15. I don't understand this. Why is a counselor "in your opinion" not allowed to put a trap in front of an objective because Jason might want to put his there? That's exactly why I am doing it. It's like telling me not to say something because it might offend someone. Hell, maybe I am saying it to offend someone. I really don't see how your logic makes any kind of sense. Of course, that's just my opinion.