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  1. Rexfellis

    Friday Reboot Timeline Question

    The writers/producers of the reboot completely changed the timeline. Jason was a kid in 1979 when he saw his mother decapitated. My guess is that Mrs. Voorhees' killing spree from the original film was meant to be construed as her revenge for the counselors letting her baby boy drown. Fast forward 30 years, and Jason has become a hermit in the woods and some stupid "kids" wander into his territory to find the big stash of weed. He considers them to be trespassing in his home. So, he does what Jason does. Then, one of his victims' brother comes searching for her a'la Rob Dier from The Final Chapter. If you've seen the 2009 movie, you know the rest. Basically, the reboot made up a new timeline where Jason was born 1968-1970. Then the filmmakers kind of mashed the stories from the first 4 movies together. Not the worst Platinum Dunes treatment of a beloved horror franchise by far. But, my opinion is that you should just forget the timeline of the original films, and take it for what it is.
  2. I'll see you and Jameson around. Things are going, slowly. I read your goodbye post. You and the family take care.
  3. @jahzaveamanaie PM sent.
  4. @jameson87 I appreciate the thought, but I want you to make sure that you and your family are set first and foremost. This is just a bump in the road for both of us, we'll be back to not worrying about this all soon. Happy 4th of July!
  5. Hope the interview goes well man. Glad to hear that things are getting better for you and your family. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you Monday. 🤞 @The Tommy Yeah man, I feel pretty good. Being in the heat still wipes me out, but I'm working on it. Thanks. 👍
  6. @JF13 Thanks buddy. Good to see you around again. Physically, I'm getting better every day. Just hoping that I can go back to work soon. @jameson87 I'm plugging along man. I'll get back to where I need to be, it's just looking like a longer haul than I had originally thought.
  7. Rexfellis

    SHUDDER app

    Hell man, go to the website. James was making, reviewing, and talking about movies long before AVGN made him famous. AVGN was supposed to be a joke. He was just going to do a one-off video making fun of Castlevania 2. But, it gained steam and ended up being very popular. Some of the stuff on there is YouTube re-hash, especially Monster Madness, the AVGN stuff, and James and Mike Mondays. But originally, it was just a place for him to share his love of movies. If you go to the site, click on movies first...to see the reviews, and then click on original films to see a lot of his earlier work. It's pretty interesting.
  8. Rexfellis

    SHUDDER app

    The Cinemassacre guys should have had more women!! 😂
  9. Rexfellis

    SHUDDER app

    @TheHansonGoons Here is James Rolfe interviewing Joe Bob about the upcoming special, and just movies in general. It is over 30 minutes long, but I had a blast watching it. Hope you dig it bro.
  10. Rexfellis

    SHUDDER app

    9 P.M. EDT on....bum bum buuuuuum! Friday the 13th!. I had the app for a while. I loved Joe Bob's commentary back in the day. Even if the movie was complete ass, I could count on plenty of laughs from the man! This looks like one of a hell good time.
  11. Rexfellis

    jason is dead

    No reason to prove you wrong. I've read your ego-filled posts, and it is pretty evident that the only opinion that matters to you is yours. So, feel free to argue with yourself.
  12. Rexfellis

    Our family needs help!!

    @Shes.A.Rebel.88 & @jameson87 How are things going for you guys? Hopefully, at least starting to look up. I wish there was some way I could help you out, but, I just can't right now.
  13. @jameson87 Thanks man. I hope things are at least starting to look up for you.
  14. Nothing specific. Right now, being able to climb ladders and stairs are the biggest problem. Most of the devices that I need to look at are anywhere from 20' to 300' off of the ground. My balance isn't the greatest right now, and I'm not sure I could do it with the heat and humidity in southern Louisiana right now. I think that once my meds are scaled back a little more, I should be able to acclimate myself to it again. Keeping my head up brother. There are some office-based jobs in my field that I could do. I'm not a fan of office work, but it will make sure that my computer skills stay sharp, as well as keep me connected with all of the people on various projects. I'm willing to do anything right now, just to get out of the house every day.
  15. Haven't thought about it really. Lyft seems to be a bigger deal around here than Uber. I may have to check on that. Thanks for the suggestion @F134Ever86