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  1. Hacker is one of the mildest things I've ever been called online. I don't mean just this game, I mean in general.
  2. The Predator

    Very true. Check this place out.
  3. Once again, he said it more tactfully than me. But, I am a natural smartass. It is my nature.
  4. @havek This soon after the physical release, you just have to expect Jasons running around that don't know what they are doing. We have all been there. Remember, we were rookies at one time too. That is commendable. I honestly believe that is what should be happening. While you're at it, give rookie counselors some tips too. If they are willing to learn, I have no problem helping them getting the basics down. I understand what you mean about it being frustrating, but if we are going to help give this game a chance for a long life, we will need new players to do it. A lot of the veteran players have either abandoned the game, or are thinking about moving on. Without new players, this game won't last long. Keep teaching the new folks how to play Jason.
  5. I laughed at this one. You are right, it's almost to the point that they should include "Tommy's a dick." as an achievement.
  6. Big fan here

    @MCF Hey! Welcome to the forums. @DamonD7 has a GamerTag thread pinned at the top of this section. You should be able to find plenty of great people to game with. Glad you are having a great time playing the game. Looking forward to hearing from you on the forums.
  7. Actually, my reading skills are OK.I do not believe I was unable to comprehend what your wrote at all. But, there is always the chance that I could be wrong. So let's look at your "supporting evidence". Remember, this game is trying to be faithful to the films. Cabins are too far apart- You can't speed loot and get stuff fixed in the first 3 minutes? What a shame. Heaven forbid you have to do some work to complete objectives. The islands make it a chore- Really? Escaping from Jason is a chore? That's crazy talk! Sometimes you are given the 2-seater instead of the 4-seater- So, 4 out of 7/8 counselors have a chance to escape if they work together to complete objectives. I don't remember 4 people living through any of the movies. Besides, there is always the chance to call the cops so everyone can escape. The fuse is always at the bottom- "RNG putting the fuse box always at the bottom." Contradictory statements there. If it is "always" at the bottom, then it is not RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator. So, if it always does something that is not very random. Could it be that the fuse is near the south end of the map more than you would like it to be? The boat has to traverse narrow waters and the exit is pretty far- Yeah, it was always a great idea to get in the water when Jason was around. Forget what Freddy vs. Jason might have led you to believe, Jason isn't scared of water at all. It should be harder to escape in the water. Also, if Jason isn't constantly checking the boat and you don't screw up your skill checks, you stand a fairly good chance of getting out. The map heavily favors Jason- Good! Thank you for the suggestion that I should seek help. I will take it into advisement. "There is another map that favors counselors that I could complain about." Right now, the entire game favors counselors, not just one map. @cwlunatic I apologize for participating in a tangent on your thread. I think you did a great job with that map. It looks very interesting to play!
  8. Oh damn! A Friday the 13th map that favors Jason?!? That is horrible! 😱 Why is there any need to make it difficult for poor little counselors to escape? I mean, it's only based on a maniacal killer that very rarely let more than one person live throughout the canon of 12 movies. I think I'm gonna go do a little dance somewhere.
  9. Humble Pie

    @dmack621 Don't sweat it man. You were hammered, you had a shitty experience in-game that pissed you off, and you came on here and vented about it. I know I have done that more than once. Good to see you back.
  10. Friend just got F13

    Cool, I'm glad you took it that way. Like I said, I wasn't calling you out. You stated upfront that it was you and a buddy playing around. My only point was that I have seen far too many people doing this to new players, and it is hurting the game overall. I would have definitely tried to at least sink a couple of throwing knives in your dancing ass! 😂🤣😂
  11. Friend just got F13

    Ok, maybe I am reading this the wrong way, but judging by the name of this post and the video it looks like the OP is trolling a brand new player who was Jason. Most of us can agree that Jason is horribly underpowered after the last patch. That has been documented (and the devs have said they are aware of it) multiple times on this forum. I think the real issue in this example is an experienced player displaying this type of behavior towards new players. I have seen it too many times. It ranks right up there with the dance parties at the cops, t-bagging, and constantly talking shit and humiliating new players. Some of us have been playing since last year (Beta), and a lot have been playing since the May release. There has always been a pretty steep learning curve to playing Jason well. I just don't see how it is productive to antagonize new players to the point that they just give up on the game, or rage quit when they get Jason. Before people start arguments about how. "Jason needs to be fixed. It's the game that is broken not the players. blah...blah...blah. There are dozens of threads on this site stating those viewpoints, I have been a part of quite a few of them. I just see no reason to bash the people working on the game for the douchey behavior of high level players versus new ones. I am in no way calling out @Aaron with this. The post title states that this is his friend, so they may have just been goofing around. But, I have seen assholes doing this type of stuff to new people far too many times. Does Jason need to be made frightening again? Of course he does. It is hard to have fun playing as the big guy right now. But, taken out of context, this post just looks like an experienced player taunting and trolling a person that just got the game and doesn't understand the mechanics. TL;DR We all know that Jason is underpowered, it has been documented many, many times, and acknowledged by Gun. This is an example of the toxic behavior that is prevalent in the game (and the internet as a whole). No reason to call out the Devs for this.
  12. And you ignored the fact that @ShiftySamurai said that it is all speculation at this point because it is the weekend and the office is closed. I'll say it loud so everyone can hear... NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING FOR SURE YET! Thank you, you will all now be returned to your regularly scheduled programming, already in progress.
  13. I remember a thread I made a while back in which I used the word "entitled" several times. It's like déjà vu all over again.
  14. Obviously Crazy Ralph!! I mean, look at him. You say, "Well he's not a counselor!" "Hell, he's not even in the game!" Pshaw I say! The man gets a pass because he is a damn legend!