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  1. Jarvis Map Issues: 1 - Objective spawning (Issues with 2dr and Boat being spawn together, no 4dr/2dr option) 2 - Objective items spawning very far from objectives (moreso than other maps) 3 - Only 2 fusebox locations (Other maps have a minimum of 4, suggest Jarvis/Party House as additions) 4 - No pots/pans in Jarvis/Party House kitchens 5 - Lack of Med sprays in Jarvis/Party House (common complaint) 6 - No rifle location 7 - Camp names in Spectator mode are generic (Camp A, Camp B, etc) 8 - Propeller sometimes spawns on top of a bed, which removes it from being used 9 - Some windows at the Jarvis/Party House calculate as a 2-story drop, despite being less than that.
  2. PRO Jason player? Come on guys...
  3. Yeah that bust shows abit of whats wrong with the head ingame :\
  4. As far as perks go, Sucker Punch seems to be the most widely known "completely broken" perk left to be looked at.
  5. Yeah, that definitely needs to be looked at. As well as adding pots/pans to the kitchens.
  6. Ingame is based on later-in-the-night-attacking-the-Jarvis'-Jason (hence why the cheek chevrons are missing on the mask) plus the bloodier head (which yes wasn't in the bathroom scene)
  7. Hopefully something along this sound: Final Chapter's soundtrack has a certain "sound" to it vs. the others
  8. The fact of the matter is, as Jason, the scoreboard should not be disabled. Period. Same with using it while spectating. Period.
  9. Yesssssss that second pic looks damn good! Will you be applying the wet-textured look to counselors that jump into the water in non-rainy maps?
  10. I remember these too, and I cant find evidence of them. Am I losing my mind!?!?! EDIT: Here Looks like a photoshop sadly.
  11. Only other (minor?) thing you could look at would be Savini not being in the random Jason pool(for those that have him). Right now, there's absolutely no chance to get Savini playing Random. Oh,and Part 9's music.100%. Excited for the fixes though (Male voices? Finally yesssss)
  12. Great stuff. Hoping it doesn't take too long to roll out the fixes, but I can agree, no one wants a rush job. With the communication going on and the fixes planned, all that I can think of that comes to mind are the male voices needing fixes and Savini added to the random selection pool.
  13. Much appreciated on the communication!
  14. Awesome news. I legitimately hate the new window system. Anything regarding the white knife circles everywhere as Jason?