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  1. There are a lot more serious issues with gamers in this game than people rage quitting. The cheats are a major problem but much harder to deal with. The types that help Jason by keeping the phone fuse, holding on to batteries, petrol. In the past they could dump these things in the woods or the water, but now we can see where these things are. Maybe they can still dump things in the water? Will petrol etc show on the map if they are dropped in the water? Or are they now automatically put onto land? The problem with the salt mines is that it is emboldening the gamers that like to make fun of Jason players. You know these assholes, you've escaped with the Police and there is a group of players that hang around the exit hitting Jason and running around wasting LOADS of everyone's time!!!!!!! In the past as Jason you could put a stop to it by just leaving the game, now you'd get penalised for it. So the game still has a big problem and it is called ASSHOLES! There is a ASSHOLE problem in this game. People who just can't behave like an adult. They think it is fun to harass other gamers. So we now need a Mine for Assholes, and Asshole mine, called the Anus Mines.
  2. I've never known of anyone who is in the car stopping to fix the phone. You'd get caught too easy by Jason. I'm level 107 (as far as I recall, on xbox) and I'm now needing to play on PC and I'm at level 29. I'm not likely to risk loosing 200 xp to stop and fix the phone. You'd also most likely just get left behind by the driver in a public match which is what I mostly play.
  3. I very much doubt anyone would be in a car and think, Lets not bother escaping lets "waste time phoning the cops." I don't think your argument stands up. People in the car are trying to escape not fix the phone. I was looking for the fuse, other people were dealing with the cars. I had already found where the fuse box was and it wasn't even trapped. The fuse is in a cabin near the fuse box. So I went looking for it but some dumb ass was in a car with the fuse and got his ass killed. There was by then to much distance between me and the fuse and also the fuse box. So it was fucked. Basic rule is, don't take the fuse if you aren't going to fix it. But best to at least pick it up and drop it so others can see where it is.
  4. Other people were dealing with the cars. Yes, the person sitting in the car with the fuse was an idiot. Can you explain why it is not stupid to have the fuse while sitting in the car?? Staying alive in game is something to do as well as calling the cops. The fuse box had not even been trapped.
  5. Have you not heard of using Paragraphs? When you type so much text paragraphs make it much easier to read. Not going to waste my time.
  6. Something eye popping, may even distract Jason long enough for someone to call the cops...
  7. Exactly, Tiff and Boobie girl can be bosom buddies.
  8. It's funny but would be good to have a councillor like that. She'd be more prone to tripping due to the movement of her bust causing her to be out of balance occasionally. She'd have high speed and stamina due to running away for dirty old men for years. She'd need a high repair skill so she is not too stereo typed etc.... Her large bust would give her a sense of security so she'd have low fear. High luck stat due to the having the luck of being big busted.....
  9. Still waiting for a busty blonde councillor so I can watch her boobs jiggle while I'm running around fixing stuff and being a hero etc.....
  10. The was a weird thing in this game too and that was someone escaped in the boat, the car was fixed yet there was a can of fuel still left on the map.....
  11. I know this is not news but it is high time this problem was acted on.
  12. It's already been suggested that dead players get to come back as cops if they are called. Or perhaps they could come back as cops for the last 2 minutes of the game. I think this would be fun and Jason could get 200 points for killing a cop. THe cops could have 3 shots and get points for each successful hit on Jason. So more fun for everyone.
  13. Just spent a game as Deborah running around trying to get the phone fuse when it turn out some fucking asshole was in the car with the fuse. This person was in the car for quite a long while trying to avoid Jason. So here am I trying to phone the cops and I have no fucking chance cause some prick is in the car with the fuse. I found out when the phone fuse appeared at an exit as this idiot got killed. I am at the opposite end of the map and the fuse house was at the other far end of the map. So there needs to be a change made so that no one can enter the car or the boat with the phone fuse. This is so obvious why has it not been the case since launch?
  14. 50,000 cp would require playing more than 500 matches, all for just ONE epic perk. No way. There perk system as it currently stands is mostly a waste of cp. I am level 101 and hate that I still mostly get poor or common perks. I already have either rare or epic perks of the same ones I roll poor perks for. So a total waste of hard earned cp. It wouldn't be so bad if they took 100 cp for a poor perk up too 500 cp for an epic perk. But they take 500 cp for all perks and only give you back 100 cp for selling back a poor perk, which is what I mostly roll. Epic perks are extremely rare. They also ruined the grease monkey perk. I had 42% start time increase and that was reduce to 17%. 42% grease monkey was very useful now I have deselected it for something else, which is less useful.
  15. You want us to need 50,000 CP for a epic perk? That's a really foolish idea.
  16. It took me nearly 2 minutes to end up in an empty lobby. I left after a couple minutes. Tried again, then got dash boarded. 3rd attempt got a game then that ended when the host left, or more likely, lost their connection! I think the XP needs to be five times more not two times. EDIT Just been killed driving the car due to the lag being so bad. I also did not have the Grease Monkey perk because they fucked it form 42% to 17% so I picked something else, so it took agers to start the bloody car!!!!! Several more problems with games crashing too.
  17. Well I used this perk on several occasions and would have used it many more times over the months and perhaps years ahead. It is a far more useful perk than most.
  18. After this latest update I have noticed that my rare Grease Monkey perk has been reduced form 42% to a lousy 12% !!!!!! WHY have you ruined this extremely useful and important perk! Also why is there only a 2 seat car in the new map when there is a boat?!
  19. That's why I stopped wasting traps on the fuel tank. 1 at each car battery and 1 for the phones leaves me with 2 spare traps with part 3 Jason.
  20. The secret to getting tapes appears to be playing as all of the councillors. I was level 92 before I finally played as Eric (my last councillor to play) and got my first tape a couple games later that night. Then another one a few days later.
  21. She doesn't have big boobs though, sadly. Her stats do need a overhaul, or we should be allowed to allocate our own points.
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