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  1. 50,000 cp would require playing more than 500 matches, all for just ONE epic perk. No way. There perk system as it currently stands is mostly a waste of cp. I am level 101 and hate that I still mostly get poor or common perks. I already have either rare or epic perks of the same ones I roll poor perks for. So a total waste of hard earned cp. It wouldn't be so bad if they took 100 cp for a poor perk up too 500 cp for an epic perk. But they take 500 cp for all perks and only give you back 100 cp for selling back a poor perk, which is what I mostly roll. Epic perks are extremely rare. They also ruined the grease monkey perk. I had 42% start time increase and that was reduce to 17%. 42% grease monkey was very useful now I have deselected it for something else, which is less useful.
  2. You want us to need 50,000 CP for a epic perk? That's a really foolish idea.
  3. It took me nearly 2 minutes to end up in an empty lobby. I left after a couple minutes. Tried again, then got dash boarded. 3rd attempt got a game then that ended when the host left, or more likely, lost their connection! I think the XP needs to be five times more not two times. EDIT Just been killed driving the car due to the lag being so bad. I also did not have the Grease Monkey perk because they fucked it form 42% to 17% so I picked something else, so it took agers to start the bloody car!!!!! Several more problems with games crashing too.
  4. Well I used this perk on several occasions and would have used it many more times over the months and perhaps years ahead. It is a far more useful perk than most.
  5. After this latest update I have noticed that my rare Grease Monkey perk has been reduced form 42% to a lousy 12% !!!!!! WHY have you ruined this extremely useful and important perk! Also why is there only a 2 seat car in the new map when there is a boat?!
  6. That's why I stopped wasting traps on the fuel tank. 1 at each car battery and 1 for the phones leaves me with 2 spare traps with part 3 Jason.
  7. Mitch looks like an escaped convict lol
  8. The secret to getting tapes appears to be playing as all of the councillors. I was level 92 before I finally played as Eric (my last councillor to play) and got my first tape a couple games later that night. Then another one a few days later.
  9. She doesn't have big boobs though, sadly. Her stats do need a overhaul, or we should be allowed to allocate our own points.
  10. What do you mean; about the windows? Jason can break them causing injury to councillors.
  11. There are still good Jason's on xbox, time to switch brands
  12. Because it can be difficult enough getting away form Jason that if he could barricade doors it would make it more difficult. Remember each game has only 1 Jason and up to 7 other people as councillors. So keeping 1 person happy means 7 are not so happy at all. As much as this game is about Jason, the people playing councillors still want to escape, they get much more points for doing so. Jason can still wait inside cabins using stalk, barricading doors not necessary for that to work.
  13. A BIG no from me. Would be ok in offline play against bots, but definitely not for online play.
  14. Dead By Daylight introduced a female killer and I'd like to see the same in this game, a female killer just as big and dangerous as Jason.
  15. Fear does have a very bad impact on councillors. The screen darkens considerably and when Jason is chasing the camera zooms closer to the councillor making is more difficult to see what you're doing. The mini map disappears ad we can't see what we are carrying anymore. What more do you want?????? Do you want councillors to freeze on the spot??? Are you that bad at playing Jason that you need councillors to just freeze in fear?