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  1. I rarely play as Chad, but when I do I try to act like the prissiest of the pricks. Jason starts hacking down the door and I respond with: "Room service, is that you? Did you bring the Dijon mustard that I requested?" Jason hits me and I say: "My Father is going to hear about this! You'll rue the day you were born!" Sometimes I'll get a Jason player to chuckle, other times I feel like it just strengthens their resolve to kill me. I know role playing isn't for everyone but it can add some depth of comedy to an already funny game. The voice acting for calling the cops and Tommy Jarvis is atrocious. It's like the bad acting from the 80s made it into the game; Having grown up watching all the films, I love it all.
  2. I'm definitely biased based off my experiences. I agree that not all kids are bad, and that there are adults that should know better, but don't. Most of the time when I encounter people cheating or exploiting it's mostly kids. Anytime I join a lobby and I hear more than two kids spouting nonsense on the mic, I always leave and find another game. Not worth the risk for me.
  3. I've been trying to get all my favorite perks to an epic level, it's been a long and patient process. Anytime I get angry about it I just remind myself that at least I'm no longer stuck with grey/blue/yellow perks. All the ones I use are orange/red.
  4. Been playing on and off, teamkillers and Jason helpers always make me want to take a break from the game. Last time I played I encountered a glitch I never experienced before. I hid inside a tent and noticed a counselor running towards me on the map. As he got closer I started to hear Jason's music and I assume the counselor was a little helper. As it turns out he was a legit player just running away from Jason, but as I leave the tent to go somewhere else, I see my character crawl out of the tent, but my camera stays behind and it just looks like I'm peering out between the flaps, even though my character was standing outside of it. I could move my character, but the camera was stuck and wouldn't follow me or anything. Only when Jason grabbed me was when it zoomed back in on me and started working normally again. Just one of things that happened.
  5. Jason vs Car is always exciting. We had a car full of counselors, Jason stops it and kills two of us. The other guy and I dart off to a nearby cabin. While Jason is focused on the other guy, I loop back around to the car, get in and start it. Just as I start to feel bad about leaving the other guy behind, he comes sprinting to me and gets in. He must have done something to stun Jason, because Jason desperately morphs close to us but is still too far away to stop the car. Thanks to that poorly placed Morph, we got away.
  6. For number 2: Jason preserves Pamela's head by showering it in kisses every night. His saliva keeps the leather moist.
  7. As Jason I had Stalk mode on and noticed players entering the cabin on the opposite side of me. I walk in through the back door and cut right, and to my left a player trots to the door that I walked through and shuts/barricades it and asks his teammate: "The door was wide open, did you open the door?" As he turns around and faces me, he lets out a high pitched yelp. The sound was indescribable, but when a grown man makes a noise like that, you know you gave him a good scare. Another time as Jason there was a kid with a Southern accent that was calling other counselors the N word. The two counselors ran up to me and said the guy repairing the car said no "N'ers" are allowed to ride with him. I go to the car as he's filling up the gas tank, I tell him that he's been naughty. Then he says, come on and give me a spanking then N lover. I grab him, he pocket knifes me and calls me a N lover again and steps on one of my bear traps set at the hood. I finished him with the jaw rip execution and then he quits. That last one isn't very funny, but it was one of the most satisfying kills I've had the pleasure of carrying out. Stupid people shouldn't use their mics.
  8. As Jason I try extremely hard to avoid killing the host, at least until the very end of the match. I've had my first kill be the host so many times, I'm classically conditioned to expect a disconnect if I kill them early on. It sucks playing back to back matches as the counselor and having your match as Jason end prematurely because the host can't stand dying in a video game. Those kinds of people are the pettiest of people that don't deserve to play video games with others.
  9. Wow that is a big difference. Obviously gaming footage from the PC, the console version isn't nearly as polished. I doubt it's actually a multiplayer gaming session. It looks scripted for promo use, probably a LAN party if they are using real players. I play on the PS4, and have watched recorded PC sessions but I don't remember it looking as fluid compared to that alpha clip. I wish my game looked like that.
  10. Part 8 Jason's Kick + Fireaxe throw for weapon execution, the jaw rip for unarmed, and the fire place for environmental.
  11. @Tattooey No I'm on the PS4, otherwise I'd be down to play with you guys.
  12. The only way I play is if I'm the host. I will continuously back out until I'm in a lobby by myself. This is the only method I've found where I'm able to play back to back matches without having the host quit due to being killed. Unfortunately there's a large influx of children playing this game. I'm not saying all kids cheat and play like garbage, but often times when Jason has a little helper, it's usually two or more snot nosed kids ruining the fun. And the only way to get them out of your group is to crash the game. That's the only time I'll intentionally do it, because there is no other way to combat that type of behavior except by depriving them of XP. Sometimes I'll get lucky and have the gun when the helper shows up, shooting that little bastard makes that 1 XP taste so sweet. But it's disappointing how often I have to deal with that type of BS (it happens every gaming session now). It annoys me that parents allow their little shitheaps to play an adult themed game.
  13. I always try to play as the host, because often times the host is a little bitch that will quit when the game isn't going their way. With that being said, the only time I will intentionally crash a game is when one or more counselors is working with Jason. I'm sure you all have experienced this: they lead him to you, they'll injure to cripple you to serve you up to him. Then once everyone else is dead, Jason lets them go. I can't stand anyone that believes it's acceptable to play the game in that manner, and I'll make sure it was all for nothing by depriving them of XP. I know I'm screwing over everyone else (including myself), but it's the only way I can think of that may discourage that kind of gameplay, plus it's a great way to get them out of your session, but I always feel remorse for the players that did nothing wrong. I hope GunMedia finds some method to combat this in the future.
  14. I hate his music. It's too quiet, and before you know it he's knocking on your door.
  15. Gah! I hate people that think it's acceptable behavior to use an exploit in a multiplayer game. There's little difference between exploiters and team killers. Their methods are different, but the end result is the same. It's a: "Hey, look at me! I crave attention and wanna feel special by playing the game abnormally, and I don't care who I shit on." It's power trip essentially, it's the only way they feel in control of something. Those people are the children that weren't spanked enough and were never taught how to respect others.
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