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  1. Yes. They're in "victory lap" mode for this update, they've never passed on an opportunity to bask in that.
  2. Played the Jarvis map most of yesterday, and I don't remember the fuse house ever being outside of the two cabin clusters at the south of the map- did anyone else have it spawn on one of the island cabins, or a main residence?
  3. You just need to make sure that your morph cursor is to the house side, not the water side of that Crystal Lake car morph. I put a topic in feedback recently about what trash the exit morph points at Higgins Small were, the safety cone starts at about the bridge.
  4. SDA

    Tagging the phone?

    The one time there would be validity to this is if the box got repaired and Jason broke it before cops got called, because the installed fuse doesn't show up on the map.
  5. This is the absolute worst Jason morph across all eight maps- the frustration of hearing the buzzer as you try to put the cursor anywhere near that exit and wind up back on the bridge; any practical reason theres such a huge buffer on that exit?
  6. They're doing that without exploiting the game, just by being better than you, right? And your response is to exploit a known bug? I get why they teabagged you.
  7. That's why you don't do the "sweater/demask" combo; if you haven't laid enough damage to demask pre-sweater, that resist bar will be halfway full to start off.
  8. I'm part of one of these groups- but I Jason, too. No, I do not envy the randoms who wander into our group of 5-7 and draw Jason... but I'm not thrilled with the part of the group whose egos are too fragile to ever be the 1 against the dirty 7, either. To that end, if your lobby quick loads in a bunch of people, just expect trouble.
  9. Unless you're flat out trash, don't fake glitch; actual glitches happen often enough that there needs to be a sort of gentleman's understanding, or else Jason would spend 1/3 of his matches stuck outside houses full of counselors with doors he couldn't bust through. Use skill, not the standardly occurring issue of battle-locked Jason.
  10. Yeah, he'd probably appreciate that. Ask him if Reginald VelJohnson was as nice as he seemed on TV!
  11. That did it. Can't stand the Niners.
  12. The one that surprised me: how quickly you start the car is a luck based stat, not a repair based one.
  13. Yes, if Jason catches you mid leap- not crawling, as then Jason gets the window interaction bug- and you break free/have a knife, its Skywalker time.
  14. SDA

    Random Kill Bug

    You wanna clean up? There's some bugged interaction between the boat, counselor, and Jason that reads a kill as someone is getting back into a boat once Jason tips it over- I "drowned" the same person 5-6 times before I actually got them the other day.
  15. What about his character from Family Matters? Playable Weasel?
  16. We're still not ready to even get a ballpark guess on the timing after three months? Yeah, super job guys.
  17. It's nothing compared to the LaChappa Brigade.
  18. The environmental prompts are sensitive sometimes; believe me, I didn't want to head punch you in the bathroom, but I can't always hit that 1/2" cm landing strip to activate swirlie.
  19. When you lag and potato suicide out a second story window rather than opening the drawer right next to it.
  20. Fox is already the white tiger, and you can't catch the white tiger.
  21. I see people occasionally suggest a pocket knife perk, which would be too abused at any level, so a standalone perk would be awful. But with the advent of Legendary perks (with the added bonuses), why not tie a pocket knife to a Legendary version of a dud perk- Easy Listening or Quiet Swimmer now comes with a pocket knife? I know rolling Epics of what I want is a needle in a haystack, so I'd think they could make it rare enough with a Legendary that it doesn't imbalance things, and if someone wants to give up medic or sucker punch for a one shot, Jason could work with that.
  22. I mean, for the whole night.
  23. He didn't tell YOU to be mad with him.
  24. I have a ton of CP in reserve and the perks I want(mostly) too. I also know in 9 months, I haven't seen Epic Medic, and it took about eight months to catch an Epic Sucker Punch. So, uh, no, I'm going to have to say "not inevitable". You could make it quite the cookie- it's not for nothing that I've discarded dozens of Epic Potent Rangers without a single Epic Medic, there's obviously a bigger thumb on the odds that ensures you get mostly dud perks as epics. As such, your idea that it would be in everyone's inventory is nuts, it's not the 1 in 20 odds you get for a perk, its 1 in 20, multiplied by the extremely low percentage they'll place on Legendary, with the even greater possibility that they'd downweigh the odds for that version of the perk. But I'll put you down for no.
  25. Also, in the "I've never been killed" crowd, I've noticed an healthy increase in the past month of Jason's who hear the sweater retrieved, miss their shack morph... and quit immediately. Bet they've taken zero kills, too.