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  1. You could do that mode, in a private lobby, if you have 7 friends. I don't get what you aren't understanding, unless you just want to annoy strangers.
  2. SDA

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    The newest bug I saw was a raged Jason who basically melted through a locked door, landed a weapon shot, THEN got locked in the door breaking rage animation. It was different from the rage bug a few months ago where Jason ripped through without breaking the door/basically got a red blindfold raging as Jason.
  3. Every time someone in our party of 4-8 leaves, the whole party gets dumped out mid game, its ridiculous. I've also waited 2 minutes for a load in playing by myself, then tried to cancel and back out, and the game gets locked in the "canceling" screen until I shut off the game.
  4. Part 7 is fantastic, and the only one where they gave him a legitimately formidable final girl. (Maybe Ginny in 2, but that was more psychological) Also, it had the best effects for Jason and the party horn kill- 9.5/10 (-.5 for killing Maddy too early)
  5. That is a lifeguard tower, it spawns at the attached box on the south side about 75% of the time.
  6. They added a clock feature? Man, I hope their lawyers are awake!
  7. What a game like this COULD use is a Mutant Family element; think Hills Have Eyes/Wrong Turn. Jason's biggest weakness is how he responds when confronted with a group of good counselors, and having a second or third "Jason" that could show up any time would change that play aspect entirely. Additionally, everyone gets someone on their "team", so you don't go "x v. 1" every time, and actually get to play with a friend on either side of the game.
  8. Not if you're already paid. Yeah, they put out a Friday update that crashed the game worse than ever, then on Monday, LITERALLY THE MOMENT THEY WERE ALLOWED TO SPEAK ON IT, were like "oh, lawsuit, we've gotta stop now, damnit! And we we're so close to it being 100%!" No, they don't know how to make the game work, as clearly evidenced by IT NEVER ACTUALLY WORKING RIGHT, and found an excuse to get out- until the Killer Puzzle guys took a dump on that, and pretty much ended that discussion. They succeeded at monetizing a non-functional product entirely based on nostalgia for the IP. I mean, nice work if you can get it, but...
  9. I'm not saying it's a reasonable expectation, but there's a reality where they go "palms up" just to buy time to work without pressure, then roll out a better version. Or, they made another goof. Let's find out!
  10. I'm a "take it where it needs to go" guy regarding parts- gas is near where it belongs, just put it there. As for the boat, against a bad water speed Jason, it's ideal- even if he's ahead of you, a swerving boat isn't an easy prompt to get as Jason, and some of them have very little ground to cover. Also, when bringing gas and prop to the boat, ALWAYS do gas first. There's a good chance Jason will go to the car if they hear a gas error; you don't have that luxury with the prop.
  11. The problem with expecting things on Friday the 13th is that it's a Friday; I'd imagine people had families to get home to for the weekend sometime around Wednesday afternoon.
  12. Even when there was "traffic", it was 8-10 threads a day, with mods insisting to any new person, "hey, we made a thread about this three months ago, do you know how the search function works? Go to new members and introduce yourself first!", to make them feel welcome and discourage postings on the not very active message board. That seemed dumb.
  13. I've gotten a "you are not authorized to access this network!" message a few times, assumed it was salt related, was able to get back on after 10 minutes or so, though.
  14. Oh man, sit back for the harrowing tale of Jason v. TWO WHOLE COUNSELORS.
  15. Some of the time a Jason loses his mask without taking heavy damage, and the resist bar is already half full when you pop the sweater. Or yeah, cheats; I remember one kid specifically saying that since the rigged controller could activate the button so much faster than he could, that it wasn't cheating to use it. We laughed, and laughed... in essence, if you've spent the round watching a trash Jason who suddenly is better at resisting than anyone you've seen once the sweater is in play, they're probably cheating.
  16. Lightfoot on AJ. If I need(ed) to be near an objective to repair it and make myself useful, then whether I'm easily detected or not is irrelevant, because I'll be right ass there soon enough. Also, everyone saying "I don't run medic, I find plenty of sprays", clearly isn't considering that every spray you find is one a teammate doesn't, and you can't be as helpful to other players when you can only heal yourself- I can't think of another perk you can effectively "transfer" and still use.
  17. Re: the Tommy house. Always watch your opening cutscene, there are a few maps- Pinehurst, and both Higgins variations specifically, and I think CL- that will largely tip the Tommy box if you pay attention.
  18. Jason is not always solid anymore, had one game where EVERYONE was walking/swinging through Jason's body, and a few others where I'd clip clean through Jason trying to hit him or stumbling towards him.
  19. With the patch prior to this, which required four and a half months to develop, they touted how the new version of Unreal would allow more prompt hotfixes for urgent bugs. In the six weeks since, they've put out one patch that broke the game worse than it had been in the year since release, to where it now... just...ends. If EVER there was a situation where you'd think they'd go, "man, good thing we put in the engine upgrade that allows for quick fixes, because this is a disaster!", wouldn't it be "hey, why did the game just end with half the lobby alive?" But- I guess not. Something about fooling me a dozen times. Then you got all certain about your "why would they ever give us timelines?!?" viewpoint, when I remember 100% enough dancing JCVD gifs to know, yes, they give us timelines when it serves them, so I wanted to point out, no that's wrong. It's unfortunate as a whole that it didn't work out like it should, but oh well. Maybe they're aiming to have it out before the 13th and want to underpromise. We'll see.
  20. For serious? When they think they're near the line, they'll hoot and holler, you'll see people you don't see to back pat- they definitely will bust out an ETA if they think they're close... This tells me they're not close. Of course, I remember when people suggested dedicated servers back in OCTOBER, so your block "NEVER" for timetables is pretty revisionist too.
  21. They're only doing bug fixes and stability for weeks now, after the most recent patch broke a year old game more than any previous patch... asked about progress- not even a timetable for when it's coming. Don't change, guys.