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  1. There was a new player, following me around, trying to attack everyone for no reason. We wind up in the accessible elevated cabin, right up from Packanack, and he's taking swings, but I'm not letting him leave the cabin. So he goes out to the balcony, expecting an exit... at which point I locked the door and stood in front of the window, he quit 30 seconds later.
  2. I got a worse one yesterday, where all my Jason powers deactivated midway through the match, and I could only slash and grab- no m/s/s/s, no knives/traps. It was brutal playing Jason like a counselor.
  3. Since some people are REAL passionate about using existing threads, here's the only results I got for "Kane hodder interview", of which this one is more recent, and pretty good. Sorry if it's here in another form- it addresses some of the "why wasn't he in FvJ?" stuff. https://www.avclub.com/kane-hodder-on-stunt-work-and-becoming-one-of-the-men-b-1822772677
  4. It wasn't suggesting an option, it's what I've seen work. I'm not going to try to justify the mechanics in this game.
  5. You are alone in this sentiment, at least in any stated form.
  6. Well, to paraphrase you, in life, things change. Walk away, or find people who share your ideals (which you could, in private matches; if you don't want those and their stated terms, I suspect you're mainly annoyed that you don't get to inflict yourself on unsuspecting victims.)
  7. Why aren't you taking your own advice and staying in private matches?
  8. No. Strong Jason is good Jason. And this didn't materially change much, you can still wail on him (especially since everyone is trying Roy). Nice to grab, though. Want an issue? They got rid of the PK removal animation, so that I got grabbed, used my PK... and immediately got grabbed again. Useless. And FWIW, med sprays still seem to be abundant, didn't notice a drop like I did with the PKs.
  9. Unsure, I thought in the movie that was a character/audience misdirect, i.e., he'd be VERY concerned about hanging upside down in a trap... if the head counselor wasn't out setting random snares.
  10. ...but she didn't get him down. So, the only time the prime defensive tool in the game was used in the film series... it didn't do its job. I actually chuckled.
  11. Endorse the changes completely, didn't see it addressed in the first ten pages- will items be re-centered (mostly back in drawers) or will there be pre-patch item count spread out over all the terrain? Do I still have incentive to go to the very northwest corner of the Jarvis map, for example?
  12. I had Mr. Picht as a teacher, he was a jerk.
  13. Make stalk more powerful by giving Jason enhanced stalk grab is what I think is being suggested. I'm more concerned that stalking Jason should be able to silently set traps/retrieve knives, and not cause counselors to scream because he's in their vicinity, even though he wasn't spotted.
  14. Says "grab is perfect!" Refuses to change counselor preference.
  15. I see a lot of topics about a "hard" mode, but usually, it's stuff like "No maps, less weapons"... What if they just added sub-35 point counselors to give you that option? An Ethel, with 2s across the board. The hitchhiker with the banana, with 1 speed and stamina. Then you have the option to make it harder on yourself, and nothing underlying has to get torn down and rebuilt.
  16. I've gotten a reasonable amount of "Vanessa brings a battery for me to install... then takes my weapon and runs away as Jason shows up" scenarios, too.
  17. No argument here, he's trolling, and there's a 99.9% consensus on that. I don't mind investing two minutes to put a pin in his extensive "but it's not trolling, because no one KNOWS; I'm the AJ Styles of F13, and you're all marks!" reasoning, though.
  18. I didn't say, "refer to JPops", I asked for YOUR opinion. You posted it, not J- how is it that a repairer saying "I don't wanna do the job" not on topic with repairers not doing their jobs? Really interested to hear. I think he popped in to blunt some of the "troll! Nuh-uh!" interplay. It got lost in the weeds, but its germane.
  19. You keep saying this, and I don't know, it's your topic; what could be more on the topic of "Repairers not doing their jobs" (your topic, word for word) than someone saying "I don't do repairs, because funsies!" Seems on topic to me.
  20. But it's not a pot... it's a pot- FROM THE FUTURE... IN SPACE! Imagine the space age alloys in a combat frying pan!
  21. Where it's also adding up is the "stealth" item drops; the very northwest of the Jarvis map, where there's just land north of an empty house on the island, or the boathouse shelf at Packanack small, the unmarked Jason spawns which don't have his shack in a given round- the east side of Higgins small is the biggest regular one. Seen stuff randomly show up on gazebos at Crystal and Jarvis. I'd bet there's even more than people realize- there's something on almost every picnic bench and table, even if it's just a 2x4.
  22. I'm more annoyed by people speed looting WITHOUT marking the item. OK, I'm going to get to work with less items and have Jason shift into a door Vanessa left open in a mad dash to empty every cabin- you couldn't take two seconds to register the item on the map in an otherwise emptied out house, when it's gas right next to a drawer you emptied? I'll do the job for you, just do the absolute minimum.
  23. And you're wrong. I can call an orange an apple. Really sincerely, too. Lots of times, so you know I'm committed to my bull. But it's a lie that makes me look dumb. So is what you're doing. But you're still engaging him. Pot, meet kettle.