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  1. Its gotten noticeably worse in the US the last few days, also. Last night, got one game in a server before 10 minutes of waiting got a P2P lobby, while people said that Switch had A LOT of regional servers. If they just moved PS4 servers over to Switch, that would be frustrating, and totally on brand. By now, it's almost EOD Monday. No response to the issue, not surprised in the least. Hopefully it gets fixed... Soon.
  2. Yes, I was able to get a US server on PS4 in 10 seconds, seems fine.
  3. Yeah, I had something like this happen at Higgins last patch- Jason caught the car coming over the bridge from Blair's, flung me and a passenger onto a roof at Stillwater.
  4. It is interesting that they're able to get this handled in a week for a (significant) balance issue, but don't show anywhere near that urgency for the environmental bug that actually breaks the game when a glitched player escapes, almost four months out. Oh well. Of course, nothing is fixed yet. Soon.
  5. To be fair, this was also the dev assumption made about how long a roof patch would take when they began working on it.
  6. Alright, since we're looking for answers while attempting to maintain a fair tone with the issues, I'd like to know what the QA testing for this patch entailed, as the shift issue, at the very least, would seemingly become noticeable after a minute of testing. I'm also curious why, back in May, after they'd been working on the game for several months, they assumed and stated a solution patch for the roof issue would be up within 2 weeks, and it took months. These seem like fair questions that deserve answers, especially with regards to the testing, considering that any patches require testing to produce.
  7. Or, if you're not actually testing it, don't lay out a "what we said would take 10 days took two and a half months, but that's cause we tested it rigorously and its double bulletproof" line of reasoning for the timeliness issues.
  8. Things I saw: -the Jason gets his shift with sense, as you get to hear the shift and sense sounders ovetlaid -the window cancel is my favorite thing in the last half dozen patches -I saw Jason just whiff a sequential slash while someone who hadn't moved was healing, so (in keeping with the "Jason comes through locked doors" idea) there's clearly a way counselors healing gets priority over a Jason slash like it hadn't before. -They untied whatever link the last patch made between stamina and fear effects, so Vanessa is full stallion mode again. -the reload animation for getting a new repair wheel is different and cleaner than recently, although not all the way to earlier levels. 11/10, will recommend to friends.
  9. I am shocked that backer exclusive things are becoming available to the public, per my contribution in the mod-aided "THEY'LL NEVER RELEASE SAVINI JASON AGAIN EVER" thread. Look at my shocked face.😴
  10. Yeah, all that's missing from a glitch free experience is fixes for the existing glitches they hadn't solved because they didn't know how, and fixes to the glitches they created unawares while they were fixing other bugs. Easy Peasy.
  11. I'll just point out that you specifically addressed the bike one- which, accurate... then dismissed as nonsense the one that would use an existing animation and just change the use of an item in the same existing inventory for "balance purposes", while validating the reasoning behind taking an item that existed only in the pre-match menu of a small percentage of matches and re-jiggering into an in-game element, for "balance purposes". Lol, K.
  12. This feels like they could say, "we didn't like the balance of the game, so we (made it so you can ride the "decorative" bike on top of Packanack/let me use car keys as an emergency pocket knife/gave Jason infinite traps) because those things already exist, and they helped tune balance/help quality; which, per your helpful assertions= gray area. The tractor is a necessary adjustment to exploitive game play. Reasonable. But the rage indicator? Ehh, i remember no one saying, "this is so much tougher because we don't know when Jason is in Rage, that needs adjusted". So... that sounds like, if they really wanted to, they could do an abundance of things, and say it served to balance. Instead, there's a (new! but moved!) glitched canoe on Higgins.
  13. Does anyone say that about being a smug dickbag? Well, they just did. Them borrowing something from a private match lobby to reconfigure into a game play element makes something like, say borrowing Jason from the VC seem feasible. Not gonna give their web series clicks to be sure, though.
  14. So how about when the rage mask starts flashing? Like it always had bef-. Wait, no- that was NEW CONTENT. (And no, if we're going to chalk up an available brand new visual as "balance changes", you could do thousands of things under that guise to better the game, but only added a flasher, so, no, it's new content.) I think at the very least, some hinky stuff is (not) happening. If not, dupe the cars and phone boxes, and move them around some, so the game can have variety within the parameters they've defined... and gone beyond at their leisure.
  15. Huh, it looks like the folks at Fox looked at F13, saw what they wanted to do, and assigned blame accordingly. Illfonic is now working with Fox, on a property that could behave similarly to F13; I've heard of them, they show NFL football games, and probably wouldn't dive headfirst into a pile of crap! Gun Media has linked up with something called Bloober Team. They are not a network on my television, and have a game coming at the end of the month to almost no fanfare, a sequel to a different, underwhelming game. And... no other projects I see. This just verifies what a lot of people figured all along. Am excited for a Predator game, though, should play like this with a tougher opponent.
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