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  1. Well, that answers that. Very interested to see it in action, glad there's a date attached.
  2. Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    Did he ever set a trap other than the rope snare in part 2, though?
  3. I had assumed I was going to walk into a "I never grab kill, too many pocket knives" thread. Huh.
  4. The one caveat: since "new map!" almost definitely just means Jarvis Small, that shouldn't be too much.
  5. Traps under open second story windows. When it plays, it wins big.
  6. No, in the group(s) I play with, they're way better served not having me in, than having me occupy space that I'm not making actual use of. I can get back in when I'm done, no harm.
  7. I had a neighbor show up the other night, he and his wife were having issues. But wait! I'd just started playing a video game, and those people were expecting me to do that. So I said, "tough luck on your marriage, bro, I've got Jason's to kill- I made a time commitment! Gotta book my time if you want to talk."
  8. I once finished two straight games without getting kicked.
  9. Meh, half the time I start QP, I'll have invites before I can search a cabin; sorry, I'm not taking a penalty for wanting to play with friends.
  10. New Maps?

    Jarvis House Small, totally new!
  11. I remember the patch where AJ had Chad luck. That was fun.
  12. Not really. Maybe Tamara, for the custom outfits.
  13. I would also say boob physics is a non-issue, but point out that having a lead classified as "Chief Bootyologist" makes it a question that one should expect; once you set a bar, people will find it.