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  1. I am shocked that backer exclusive things are becoming available to the public, per my contribution in the mod-aided "THEY'LL NEVER RELEASE SAVINI JASON AGAIN EVER" thread. Look at my shocked face.😴
  2. Yeah, all that's missing from a glitch free experience is fixes for the existing glitches they hadn't solved because they didn't know how, and fixes to the glitches they created unawares while they were fixing other bugs. Easy Peasy.
  3. I'll just point out that you specifically addressed the bike one- which, accurate... then dismissed as nonsense the one that would use an existing animation and just change the use of an item in the same existing inventory for "balance purposes", while validating the reasoning behind taking an item that existed only in the pre-match menu of a small percentage of matches and re-jiggering into an in-game element, for "balance purposes". Lol, K.
  4. This feels like they could say, "we didn't like the balance of the game, so we (made it so you can ride the "decorative" bike on top of Packanack/let me use car keys as an emergency pocket knife/gave Jason infinite traps) because those things already exist, and they helped tune balance/help quality; which, per your helpful assertions= gray area. The tractor is a necessary adjustment to exploitive game play. Reasonable. But the rage indicator? Ehh, i remember no one saying, "this is so much tougher because we don't know when Jason is in Rage, that needs adjusted". So... that sounds like, if they really wanted to, they could do an abundance of things, and say it served to balance. Instead, there's a (new! but moved!) glitched canoe on Higgins.
  5. Does anyone say that about being a smug dickbag? Well, they just did. Them borrowing something from a private match lobby to reconfigure into a game play element makes something like, say borrowing Jason from the VC seem feasible. Not gonna give their web series clicks to be sure, though.
  6. So how about when the rage mask starts flashing? Like it always had bef-. Wait, no- that was NEW CONTENT. (And no, if we're going to chalk up an available brand new visual as "balance changes", you could do thousands of things under that guise to better the game, but only added a flasher, so, no, it's new content.) I think at the very least, some hinky stuff is (not) happening. If not, dupe the cars and phone boxes, and move them around some, so the game can have variety within the parameters they've defined... and gone beyond at their leisure.
  7. Huh, it looks like the folks at Fox looked at F13, saw what they wanted to do, and assigned blame accordingly. Illfonic is now working with Fox, on a property that could behave similarly to F13; I've heard of them, they show NFL football games, and probably wouldn't dive headfirst into a pile of crap! Gun Media has linked up with something called Bloober Team. They are not a network on my television, and have a game coming at the end of the month to almost no fanfare, a sequel to a different, underwhelming game. And... no other projects I see. This just verifies what a lot of people figured all along. Am excited for a Predator game, though, should play like this with a tougher opponent.
  8. Because they just got here, and didn't realize that was a load bearing poster.
  9. So, this has been brutal (but funny!). So many bugs. The envirokills are glitching a ton, I had a shifting Jason fling my car into the main room at Packanack Lodge, I got to engage in door combat again(!) at an interior door with Jason, and I came down off some rocks to the beach on the barn side of Higgins... and spent my entire round stuck in a canoe; couldn't leave, Jason had to grab me, and even the PK animation didn't break it, Jason had to carry me to the road. It also feels like they indirectly nerfed stamina, I'd assume by linking it to fear/composure (since that's the difference I've noticed in round) and gave Jason either more general HP or really reinforced the "if you stun Jason on an incline, it probably won't work" concept; the mask has still come off like butter, but the post sweater shot isn't landing with nearly the same consistency as before the patch.
  10. Just to be clear, based on the bolded, when a counselor is able to effectively "stick and move", its Jason's fault. But if a counselor doesn't know defensive tactics... that's also Jason's fault, because he's so strong he kept the counselor from learning how to properly defend themselves? It feels like "there's a learning curve, wish there wasn't", is basically your complaint, which, no.
  11. It's still not that bad, just more Scooby Doo-ish. Hits still replenish your stamina, a bat is still longer than most grabs, you're still faster than Jason, other counselors can still free you, and the door game (and delay, built in to the rage animation) has way more value now. Its different, a little tougher, but IT SHOULD BE, because seven of you are facing one Jason.
  12. I don't care one way or the other. But the fact that there's probably 10x as many "Savini Jason's" around in WWE 2K19 as there are in F13 proper says that there's a teat they haven't milked dry yet. I'm just saying, don't be shocked if a "mistake" makes it available when a Switch version drops, and they use "well, Nintendo people NEVER had a chance to get him, oops."
  13. The interaction lock exiting the car has been an issue for A YEAR... and I haven't encountered the rest of them combined nearly as much as that specific lock. Also, about two updates ago, was the choice to make the firecracker stun variable? Because that's junk.
  14. Call me when that "Jason in real life" situation presents itself, let me know how it went.
  15. Give Jason a "damage meter", like counselor stamina, with demask and stun tracks that regenerate similar to stamina and are visible to Jason, so a Jason can morph out when he's close to being demasked and regain HP.
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