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  1. On the Jarvis map, the party house porch allows you to slide behind the deck chairs, free from Jason's grab. Still think the worst glitch is 'counselor Jason', where he can only swing and grab- no abilities, unless you go in the water to use them.
  2. Or barricade the door and open a few windows; it's usually not a bad idea to secure your phone house, and a good Jason will destroy the unbarricaded house in half the time while his morph regens.
  3. A few days ago, we had Jason killed in a lobby, death animation, post murder dance... everything. Then a Fox backed over Tommy with the two seater, and that was that. No kill points, even though the "dead Jason" icon was activated on the scoreboard after.
  4. Huh, strange, I saw a VERY proficient part 4 that looked good... until he walked down a narrow hallway through fireworks without a stun, at which point my "Hey, that looks like bullshit!" antenna went up. That's the thing, though; this game is so wacked, that if something busted happens, there's about equal odds that the game glitches, not the player.
  5. There wouldn't be a "people can't leave my lobby" slider; besides, if this the issue, we're essentially protecting against... what? The people already exploiting this games litany of glitches? They're already going to find those issues, why not give something to the 99% of people who aren't exploiting?
  6. Occurs to me that so many issues people have could be resolved with more custom options (in private lobbies, of course). Want to make Jason tougher- adjust his stun/grab sliders. Increase how many gas/fuse spawn, make the cars go insanely fast, allow more players into a lobby... theres a lot of "variable" options that are treated as fixed which would change play entirely, and I'd like to be able to change them sometimes.
  7. Why not just make Tommy an opt in? I know they love that cutscene, would be devastating to have to run it two, three times in a match... but, really, just making Tommy press any button within 5-10 seconds to become "active" would solve 99% of the AFK Tommy issues I've seen.
  8. Yes to a basement in Higgins.
  9. If anything, it's getting funner; this patch is at least in the ballpark balance wise, and the groups I play in are getting more well oiled working as a team; most rounds are a challenge as Jason, and lots of fun as counselor.
  10. The final chapter

    Be the change you seek. Also, bye.
  11. The "Counselor Jason" glitch I've had about a half dozen times, where I can only use Jason's abilities from in the water, so I go down to the water, turn on stalk/sense, morph to action, try to catch people, run to water, repeat. Huh?
  12. Haha, opposite here, had a Savini plated for his kill, demasked, as I let Tommy know "Don't worry about him grabbing me, you'll just get my machete, and we'll wrap this" with the sweater girl right there... ...and the lobby closes. Damnit, super Savini Jason, take your medicine!
  13. And QP is like the Independent League- most of the good players are already squadded up by now, so maybe you find a diamond in the rough, but it's mostly new players or people who weren't personable enough to now have a consistent group to run with. I get to mop in QP, I have to earn once I party up.
  14. "This game is harder with uncoordinated counselors. Also, I choose not to use the very tool that would allow me to coordinate. BROKEN GAME!!!"