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  1. Meh, timer says I've got 2 minutes. I wanna make a sandwich? I've got two minutes. Can't wait? Then grow up, cause its 2 minutes. Wanna start clicking like a maniac hoping I'll ready up? Then I'm going to run every second off that clock.
  2. Got in most of one game that locked up at the very end, then got locked in the first ten seconds of the next two games I tried to join on PS4. So, this worked (mostly) for an evening, then got spiked again.
  3. *Almost* got two clean games in on PS4... then the Tommy stepped in a Jason trap to end the second game and locked the room up, only able to see the scoreboard, waited 3 minutes, had to close the game. Right direction, though.
  4. No, it is not "advanced Jason tech", its an exploitable bug which you shouldn't have available, and I haven't seen it "happen randomly" in years on the game. That said, its funny to watch it fail disastrously, or people trying it who don't quite have it down.
  5. As a non-Twitch non-streamer, I'll confirm that it went down mid-game this afternoon (PST) and wasn't workable both times I tried to play this evening, up till 15 minutes ago.
  6. I would say boards exist specifically for discussing those things already, and having one here isn't necessary.
  7. Tried to play four times, got roughly 45 seconds of combined play, will just assume its busted for the holiday weekend unless told otherwise.
  8. I don't have a dog in the fight, I'll just point out that I want to get on and play, and the guy who created an account to defend the hackers in broken English is definitely one of their buddies... lol, "sometimes the reporters make it tough, too...", easy fix, don't cheat, then they have nothing to report. But you're not suggesting that, can't imagine why.
  9. You can throw knives once they're floating like that. But yeah, I've played about 3 hours with the new patch and they're still well broken. Slide glitch is even more rampant, 75% of lobbies have someone helping Jason. Its a lot less fun to play (or spectate) when you can escape in 3 minutes or run from Jason for 10, and hit spectator to immediately realize, "oh, they know to cheat, we're gonna run the full 20 so we can see it."
  10. It's easy enough to get a 5-6 shot check with Vanessa, too. The repair deficit in this game isn't nearly as punitive as the stamina one, and luck is big because having a "stand and fight" character who leaves every second shot for a new weapon is not ideal.
  11. Two things I've noticed, both started rarely happening after last patch, but more so since this one- 1) My C/J selections will reset to random between the timer and load screen, has happened several times the last week. 2) When barricading a door, you often get the lock wheel, then your character opens the door; I don't notice it happening to interior doors with the small locks, just the barred doors. Otherwise, the functional environment kills help, and the sliders on the private match offer a lot more options, solid.
  12. Frankly, I'm most interested in the likely timing of the lawsuit settlement, seeming to make the idea of a new version of this game going on to next gen consoles the best option, as opposed to rolling out a bunch of stuff that's been on ice for 18 months. Get Gun away from the IP if the lawsuit settles without them having claim to it, and allow a AAA publisher to make "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" for the PS5.
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