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  1. Fantastic map and the new jason is awesome! THANK YOU AGAIN... only one question...when you play match against the bots, you can earn psn trophy? thx
  2. Hi guys...yesterday night (this morning) me and my team-friends (8 players) tried to play..and in 4 hours we did only 1 match and half then everything stop working....we are in Italy...the message on the screen said that was impossible to create an host room due to internet connection sometimes we found an empty room , but nobody else could reach it...no public or private room ....this is a really sad situation...because now the game too many times don't works..i don't know what are the problems...but the problems with the ps4 connections are really bad now.. somebody have the same problem in other countries? thank u :-(
  3. Hi again Gertz "the great" (you remind me William Wallace in Braveheart ;-))) ...two more things happened to me after the patch and may be useful for your work: 1 yesterday in Packanack Lodge mini map we found the fuse for the telephone...and with my friends start searching for the cabin with the telephone to call the police...we found it after hard searching, it was in a cabin in the north east of the map, but THIS HOUSE/CABIN WASN'T SHOW IN THE MAPS 2 people report that counselor can stun jason continiusly til the end of the match...ME AND MY FRIENDS IN FEW MATCHES HAD THE OPPOSITE ISSUE..,WE HIT JASON WITH MELEE ATTACKS AND WE HEAR ONLY THE SOUND EFFECT OF THE HIT...BUT NOTHING HAPPENED TO JASON..NO STOP...NO HURT..and so he killed the counselor immediatly. thx again for your work and....may the force be with you (you need it i think ;-))
  4. Hi i m from Italy and i've the same problem with the badges...they say to turn the system language in english (far better than the awfful italian translate :-))) and the lost badges will reappear...:-)
  5. Thank u you are really kind :-) i tried to hard reset ps4 but it don't works...gu says that is a problem with the translate of the game...and if we turn the system language in english the badges will reappear.... i will try :-)
  6. Hi Gertz...i want to thank u sincerely for your comunication work with us...i think u are really serious because it's not easy to control the situation ..solve the problems and write everything here ...it's a double work..i really appreciate this. yesterday i re-enter as tommy jarvis...and while we escaping in the car...on the main street , we saw ANOTHER TOMMY JARVIS immobilized in the middle of the street :-) to solve the problem with the badges we have to change the system language ? Because in the game we didn't see the changing language option...but the problem is also with the trophy calculating system or only with the badges? i' m from Italy, and i have to say that the translate in italian is really really bad :-( every italian gamer including all my friends , think that is far better the previous english texts...so i suggest , if this can solve easily the problem with the badges , to go back to the english language so you can save precious time to solve more diffifult issues... thank again for solving the team killing problem...i started to hate Buzzy :-) p.s. Yesterday was impossible to find a public room with other players...we can play only in private :-( and sorry for my bad english :-/ bye YOU ARE GREAT!
  7. Hi guys, after the new patch every badge earned in hours and hours are disappeared exept 2...are lost forever or there is a method to solve this issue? thx
  8. Hi....I play on ps4...what do you mean saying HARD RESET? I've turned off the system but the badges were disappeared...:-(
  9. Me and all my friends lost EVERY BADGES earned til now...except 2... i hope that the trophy counter don t have the same problem...the badges are lost forever? Someboby knows it?
  10. Thak u for this update :-)))) the next step i think is to find a way to avoid counselors helping jason to spot the other players in the map :-) then will be almost perfect ;-))
  11. ...it's sound good :-))) an until down style map :-))
  12. I think those are 2 good solutions: 1 - sudden death for a counselor when he try to kill another player 2- no party chat public or private for Jason , so nobody can help him during a match
  13. ...in gun media have to find a solution about this problem, because it s really annoying and frustrating play seriously 15 mins after 10mins for entering in the match to start a game with people doing this....
  14. Arcane...i post it more times because i'm really upset about this behavior, and i hope that they can do something to discourage this way of cheating, two times in two match in 30 mins it's really too mutch ...what do you think about it?
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