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  1. Mysterio

    Enough is enough

    I would love to see the developers here in the forum much more often than previous, but I also understand the hesitance due to said/announced things that aren't here yet or haven't gone well with the community. I also have a suspicion (with no hard evidence ) that they don't have anything to say at the moment other than "soon".
  2. Ehh, I'm not one to be all gloomy about this subject regarding the state of f13. I'm generally more of an optimist about anything I come across and with this game it's no different. As far as dbd goes, I know nothing about the game and will neither act like I do for the sake of me not talking out the side of my neck, but I will say this. Many games have had a low point and somehow managed to make it through, while it is and generally seems like when they hit rock bottom they stay there, that's not always the case. I do genuinely believe both Gun Media and Illfonic want to make a really good f13 game just as much as we want to congratulate them for doing so, if that wasn't the case nobody would still be here. I do have hope that this game can be great and in some cases it is. I've never come across a game that even though I have multiple issues with some of the mechanics, map, animations, etc. I still play and have a good time. For me at least, there something there, it just needs to be brought out and fully realized.
  3. No, I think it's stupid too, but just because it's dumb doesn't mean it's bad. I get chased around by normal Jason's 90% of the time anyway so when I get that match that has retro jason, it's enjoyable and a breath of fresh air.
  4. Mysterio

    Vent out your frustrations

    I'm not one to usually vent my frustrations due to being a pretty forgiving and positive person, but there are some things I do have to get out of my chest. One of them is when I join a lobby to find that one guy who swears he's the best, only to seemingly do everything in his power to not help in a game about cooperation. Then proceeding to cus the Jason out for being a slasher villain and killing him. I understand that some things can spark your ire, or you may just want to lone wolf it the entire way, heck that's what the game is about when it comes to choice right? All I'm asking to not be a prick about it and accept that actions have consequences that can lead to an easier kill for big J.
  5. Mysterio

    For real? (new wallpapers)

    Well this was certainly quite the debate for a couple of measly wallpapers,lol.
  6. Oh why not, I've been quick matching for to long now anyway. Add me in coach! PSN: sonicfanboy6 Ps4
  7. I'm asking moreso out of curiosity since I just thought of this right now. So if you were given the reigns in making a new Friday movie what would be? An original story? A continuation? Share it here!
  8. It basically means it's okay to be excited about a game, content,some item, etc. But always be excited within reason. For example, I used to be a lurker in the battlefront 2015 forums and an avid player of the game. Battlefront 2 is now announced and on its way and while it may seem that every problem I had with the previous game is remedied, I'm still cautious and skeptical on how much is actually in the game content wise. I want to play the game ASAP, but I'll wait until it's out and see how much is in the actual base game. Hope that makes sense, I'm not really the best at explaining my thoughts yet.
  9. It's not. But that's why I said sometimes, because some people just take it way too far. Sorry if I didn't clarify on that, don't mean to promote that type of behavior.
  10. Yeah, it sucks that stuff like that keeps happening but I don't fault people for reacting at such things. If anything those people usually are the most passionate about the game and want it to be the best it could be. It can be too much, but I find it generally comes from the right place at least... Sometimes.
  11. The right answer in my opinion is to be moderately excited with a good dose of skepticism. I've seen people get way too hyped only to be massively disappointed over something because their expectations for the game was way too high or the game falling short. It's happened in tons of forums I've visited, so to save people from such trappings, just expected the logical or worse. Short way of saying it: if your already down, you can only go up.?
  12. Yeah, id rather they don't announce release date unless they are absolutely sure that they can get it out then. The soon response sucks but to me it's better than them not achieving a date they set themselves.
  13. Mysterio

    Servers Down PS4???

    It honestly just boils down to how forgiving/accepting/patient, or however you want to call it, you are when these kinds of things happen. I'm not too bothered by it as long as i know something is being worked on to remedy the issue that plagues this game. Other people, however, want and expect at least a working game to play that they paid money for. Nobody on each side is necessarily wrong to feel and speak ( in this case type) the way they feel, but in the end, I'm pretty sure we all just want to play the game. Just as I'm sure Gun Media and Illfonic want to fix the game and please as many people as possible. Or at least that's my two cents. Tl;Dr Different strokes for different folks
  14. Everything's so muddled in my brain right now reading all these things with varying opinions on certain things I would just like a thread were people say how they feel about the game currently, do they enjoy playing the game, a critic they have of it, and a thing they genuinely still enjoy about the game. I'll even start. What I feel about the game right now is that it's fun and close to being something special for me. A critic I would like the focus, if it already isn't, of the game to be ironing out bugs and glitches. Finally one thing I still enjoy is the thrill of the hunt when being jason, even when it's not a good run. And I'm done, how about you? I'm still generally new here so don't crucify me if I'm not following some unwritten rule here.? Forgive any misspellings or grammar issues I overlooked, I'm tired.
  15. Mysterio


    I've been lurking and tried to do a thing before but I have to properly introduce myself first. I'm a guy and that's about it. I like video games and this is the game I currently like sooo, can't wait to talk about it.