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  1. Ok so I relized that a character who is grabbing their arm is slowed and that usually one must have serious damage taken for it to happen. My question is why is it inconsistent? I was jumping through a broken window at full health, got scratched, and started walking slow, unable to run. Yet while spectating, an Adam and Bugzy were blood soaked messes and were able to sprint away from Jason and make it to the car and escape. My question is what is the cause of the slowdown and why is it random?
  2. Yaknow, this is something I would like to see. Pt. 7s problem is he is great at finding councilors, yet he has no way to catch them if they run or have a vehicle(besides the boat). This would help him wound councilors and prevent them from running away.
  3. I could think that, like with rage, getting hit would reduce skill cooldowns by like 2 seconds. Therefore you can shift away quicker if you're traped in a chad baseball bat gangbang..
  4. I've ever only killed him once and that was when me and a friend were trying for the achievement in a private match. Otherwise, once I spawned as Tommy, demasked Jason, found a machete, and a Vanessa with the sweater and I made our stand in the Higgins Lodge. Little did I know you had to hit Jason and make him fall to his knees to have the prompt to kill him appear....
  5. Now, I know most likely that these haven't been mentioned(afaik) but I thought I'd ask anyways. Firstly, will players earn XP in singleplayer? Secondly, will progress towards achievements still increase in single player(ie kill "x" amount of councilors)? Finally, will there be new achievements specifically for singleplayer? I don't expect answers right away, but I thought it might be nice to place the questions out here.
  6. I just heard about it this morning on the news and I'm hoping to see if I can preorder one at gamestop. Now I can finally play games such as Earthbound, Super Metroid, and Super Mario World. I also heard it comes with the never before released Star Fox 2. $80 seems great for 21 classic games. Its like those garbage plug-n'-play consoles but licensed by an actual company. Anyone else gonna get one?
  7. Ok, but councilors sweat, which reduces their max stamina alongside fear effects. I wish councilors could find some devil's lettuce, which gives them immunity to fear for a short while.
  8. Who's gonna "chop" down a door with a pole/spear? Pt. 6 that's who.
  9. Ok, but the speargun has a 45% chance to jam and break, a 45% chance to explode and kill you, and a 10% chance to actually work, only that there is no aiming reticle and its hip fired. I wish for a snorkel, which gives stealth bonuses when swimming as you wont make noise above water.
  10. You just accept the wish without question. You would reply with something like "Ok, but Jason can trigger his own traps and traps no longer deal any damage." You get how it works now?
  11. How about instead we can find Fanny Packs scattered throughout the map. They add 1 inventory slot, but every nearby councilor laughs at you for your horrible fashion sense, making pings on Jason's sound radar appear more frequently. Furthermore, cycling between items makes a loud zipper noise that appears on Js noise radar. The upside is that Jason is stunned by your bad fashion sense the first time he grabs you, allowing you a free escape(at the loss of your dignity).
  12. Ok so, if you're unfamiliar with how this works, I state a wish that the devs add to the game. The next person quotes me and corrupts it(ie. Twist the wish to have drawbacks that are worse than the bonus they give) then posts their own wish, which will in turn be corrupted by someone else. FYI this is not a serious thread, make the most ridiculous and nonsensical wishes you can. To start it off, I wish Jason could place traps in buildings.
  13. I love shoving someone in a fireplace only for them to shoot out like they're in a toaster...
  14. So, seeing all these Roy threads got me thinking. What to do about Jason's shack? Obviously the sweater won't make sense because Roy has no attachment to it. I was thinking that the shack could be rearranged to have a bedroom instead of the altar, and although I haven't watched the movie, I have heard he was a EMT before he went off the deep end. So, my thoughts are along the line he has a stash of medical equipment tucked into his cabin, and among it is a syringe with a sedative in it. Works just like the sweater, cept it makes more sense in Roy's context. Other than that, killing him should be the same. But honestly I see no hard work for gun to simply redesign the altar room in Jason's shack to Roy's personal room, and they could cut Pamela's audio clips out completely when you play as Roy, instead alerting him with a loud noise of a board creaking in his cabin when someone enters. I also was thinking if the sedative idea was too farfetched that maybe you find a dead cop in his room, and on the cop is a tazer. I would like to hear other's ideas, and get input on what y'all think of mine.
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