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  1. So you’re telling me a whole mess of people who have “never played video games before” are going out, buying this game AND a console or PC to just to play it on? Ok man sure. Maybe you’re just delusional. I also stand by my statement that this game would have died way faster had they told the truth. It’s bullshit they did it, but If that’s justifying lying according to you, then I guess that’s what I’m doing. If that make me lose “credibility” in your eyes I couldn’t care less. So continue thinking happy thoughts with your head in the clouds.
  2. How about you continue to go through life wearing rose colored glasses. If they would have came out in January and said they were cutting off all new content, you honestly think the game would have continued to sell? Give me a break. That doesn’t make it right, but that’s obviously the reason they didn’t make it public. No amount of goodwill on their part is going to bring people back around to supporting Gun. Too many fuck ups. While I admire your optimism, I’ll continue to go through life with a realistic view of how things really work.
  3. Not when you are selling a product and trying to squeeze every last bit of profit out. Which is why I think we didn’t hear anything. At this point why bother making any kind of statement. The bridge has been burned. Just patch it and close up shop. There’s no real point in dedicated servers anymore. I can’t imagine the player base justifies it. Do that side save thing people are complaining about. I’d like to get a few more hours in before I delete it and move on. One final community session.
  4. Keeping in mind I’m not sticking up for Gun or Illfonic, but what’s the fucking difference? They’ve made their statements and that’s that. A majority of the people here won’t support them in the future anyway. So if they flat out said they knew in January but decided to do the worthless engine “upgrade” instead of new content, would that make you happy? They aren’t gonna dig a deeper hole for themselves here. This place has always been the bastard stepchild of their social media posts. Most of the information we have received the last year has usually debuted someplace else. The only reason I even visit this site anymore is to see if some fix was made to make the game playable, but obviously it’s just not worth my time anymore. From the ridiculous moderating to the bans for calling people out on their shit. What a joke.
  5. 4.3 “It’s an extremely enjoyable game when it’s playable. However the amount of bugs, glitches and lost connections really have an adverse effect on the gameplay. Oddly enough they just released some dlc. Unfortunately for those that enjoy being immersed in a horror survival game, it’s just a few dancing emotes for Jason and Freddy.”
  6. None of that would have happened. It would have been a hologram of a camp
  7. I never understood the boner over Uber Jason. He sucks. It’s the second worst entry in the franchise and the Grendel would have been lame. a consistent playable game is the correct answer.
  8. There is no best case. It’s over... it’s done. Play until the servers shut down then move on. They couldn’t have been more clear about that.
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    Nothing but a license to troll.
  10. Toddarino

    Victor Miller Email

    Anyone who honestly thinks or holds out hope that this game could still produce new content should have their fucking head examined.
  11. I can only imagine how fucking awesome this game could have been at launch without the connection problems and glitches. I spent so many hours playing every fucking day fighting the whole time just to finish a game. It was so worth it though until they fucked it all up with that counselor megaboost patch.
  12. This has always been the most heavily “moderated” message board I’ve ever been a part of. Some of it is warranted, but it’s absurd that any dissenting opinion is removed.
  13. When this game first came out I recommended it to some people and I haven’t heard the end of it. This game has always been a little broken. In the beginning though it was still fun to play. Then shit went downhill fast. The neutering of Jason is what got me to finally give up until this week. I’ve tried playing a couple games but the same bugs and gameplay flaws still exist. Nothing pisses me off more than completing a round only to have the connection time out or some bullshit and you basically wasted 20 mins. Save your $20. Or throw it in the trash. It’ll be the same as buying this game.
  14. I don’t disagree that they should be communicating, but apart from the long break I took, ive been around here long enough to know we aren’t going to hear shit.
  15. Even when they do make a clear direct post, people still aren’t satisfied. I don’t know how some can be confused by no more dlc content. We had/have people still thinking they are getting Uber Jason or maybe after the court case they’ll start up again. Anything they say will not be enough for people.
  16. I don’t expect to hear anything from them. Their communication on these forums have been pretty shitty for a long time. In this situation, what do you expect them to say? They’re not part of the case and even if they were, they can’t comment on something ongoing. It’s over. Done.
  17. It is embarrassing. The fucking entitlement people have. Social media is fucking awful. It’s given people the access to knowledge and to communicate with friends and family, but at the same time it’s given a voice to millions who use it for the wrong reasons. I’m just too old I guess.
  18. Do people really think a judge actually gives a shit if people can’t get new content for a fucking video game.
  19. No. Unless Victor Miller was undercover at Gun or IllFonic fucking things up from the inside, he’s not to blame for the mess this game is/was.
  20. @lHeartBreakerl hook, line and sinker.
  21. This place never ceases to amaze me.
  22. Why is this game dying? I mean they said all future content is canceled in their statement, but I think this case will be cleared up in a week or two. Then they can get back to work! I can’t wait for Uber Jason and dedicated servers. It’s coming soon guys. Be patient! oh I also hope they give us Savini Jason for this short wait.
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    Is the Game over now?

    Spot on @AldermachXI
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    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    First qp game since November, connection timed out before the XP screen. Not surprised I guess. Back to something else.