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  1. Yeah I don't get what the big deal is?
  2. Too many pocket knives

    This is an excellent point. My feeling is they wanted to cater to the causal gamer that bitched and moaned because they died too often. The casual gamer isn't the one that's going to stick with this game. They play for a few weeks, then move onto a new game. The people here voicing their opinions on the games fucking official message board are the ones that seem to be falling on deaf ears. We get a shoulder shrug and are basically told to deal with it.
  3. Too many pocket knives

    First you use the term "counselor main". I think people that use this term forget that we are all counselor mains. Everyone who plays this game is a counselor way more then they are Jason. Secondly the knives and spray increase wouldn't be half as big of a problem is they had''t nerfed Jason in the first place.
  4. Too many pocket knives

    Yeah hit detection is way off for all Jasons. It's just beyond frustrating. It almost seems like they are tweaking the game to be played the way they feel it should be played. Totally ignoring the way long time players have played since the beginning. I inherently disagree with everything he's saying and don't even know where to begin.
  5. I would love to hear the reason Jason was "tweaked" and the balance shifted so far in the counselors favor.
  6. This game never ceases to amaze me.
  7. It's almost like they are trying to kill the game.
  8. I agree with the OP I also agree with Bears. If this game would have had dedicated servers from launch in May to October, this could have gone down as one of my personal favorite games of all time. I slogged through all of the connection issues because there was so much fun to be had in this game. Unfortunately the infamous patch hit out of nowhere and fucked this game up. Now there's just no reason to fight to find games because once you get in, you're subjected to so much garbage. I wish this game could be reverted back to when it was great if dedicated servers ever get here. Sadly that isn't going to happen. Maybe it's ignorance maybe it's pride. I guess I got what I needed out of the game. I'm glad it exists/existed.
  9. Up until a month or so ago when I pretty much quit playing, I would only play if I was host and had no problems filling a lobby during busy times. Can't comment about recent weeks though. I'm also on PS4.
  10. Last night my screen glitched coming out of a tent. The camera was stuck on the tent and I could only see my movements through my mini map.
  11. I've voted dedicated servers. It's been my main complaint from the first week I played the game. There's no point in my opinion of adding new shit to the game if you can't even play it. Eventually I got used to just constantly searching and quitting lobbies until I was host. Too many hours lost playing games that got disconnected. The shit they did to Jason and the constant bugs were the nail in the coffin however. I'm not going to spend a bunch of time searching for a game, waiting for it to fill only to be chosen as Jason and get fucked for 20 minutes. Either by spawning in the upside down instead of my shack and unable to move, be unable to swing my weapon/break down doors which inevitably leads to being trolled by dancing counselors in stupid costumes. On the off chance I can actually use Jason's full arsenal, I can't grab someone right fucking next to me, can't hit someone who just started climbing through a window or someone who is not on level ground. All of which inevitably leads to being trolled by dancing counselors in stupid costumes. Even worse is playing as a counselor and escaping every fucking time with ease.
  12. Please go read this

    People have every right to voice their opinion and complain. While in a perfect world people would be respectful in doing that, we have to remember that this is the Internet. It's extremely easy to hide behind a username and say things you wouldn't have the guts to say to people in person. If I met any of these developers I'd say the same thing I'd say right here. Thanks for the opportunity to play this game. I had a lot of fun, "met" a lot of people and I reckon I got my money's worth. However the game's current state is fucked. I'll continue to hold off until the next patch to see if the game breaking bugs are fixed. Even then it will be in a limited capacity until these dedicated severs show up (which I doubt they will). The balance issues I'm afraid will never be swung back in Jason's favor I'm afraid. That ship has sailed. Too much whining from people who want it easy to escape and beat up the person they are supposed to be afraid of. When I saw the plans comment I wasn't surprised. We've gotten tons of snark over the past few months. I've been reading this board less and less anyway. There are certain posters I just choose to ignore. I pay attention to the avatars and know I'm going to read an intelligent comment, even if I disagree.
  13. After taking some time off, a friend and I played a few games over the weekend and it was miserable. I was Jason twice and one match and couldn't use my weapon until someone hit me. The second time people got stuck in the boat and I couldn't flip it. Two of the many reasons I quit playing in the first place. I gotta clear some room on the PS4. Seriously debating on just dumping this bullshit game for good.
  14. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I do appreciate the communication I guess. Looks like I'll pick up Wolfenstein tonight. Won't be coming back to this game anytime soon it seems.