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  1. Toddarino

    5/24 Update: First Impressions

    First qp game since November, connection timed out before the XP screen. Not surprised I guess. Back to something else.
  2. Toddarino

    Double XP

    Of all the things I’ve seen people (myself included) complain about on here, this takes the fucking cake. Give me a fucking break. @Kayleb98uhhhhh ok. Were you so mad you couldn’t type?
  3. I’ve never quit as host for something as petty as not getting picked up in a car. Ive quit with obvious Jason helpers or team killers that just run people over. Back in the Packanack roof days, I closed lots of lobbies.
  4. Toddarino

    This Thread Is Done

    @Charlie Chainsaw Unfortunately not everyone’s are beeping.
  5. I’m trying out Roy since he’s new, but I’ll go back to part 2 before long. Doesnt hurt that looks and design wise he’s my second favorite only behind part 7.
  6. This is going to end badly. Why would you even bring this up unless you were trying to stir shit up?
  7. Toddarino

    Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    I don’t recall any talk about that. Thanks for the info. Either way my opinion stays the same. Smells fishy.
  8. Toddarino

    Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    A finished product close to a year after release? Give me a break. Ill give you that the game is at least playable right now. If they wouldn’t have done the rebalancing, it would have been over. My guess is one of two things is happening. They are either rebuilding this game because they intend to support it strongly for quite some time or they are just milking what they can get out of it until it dies. All signs point to never getting dedicated servers. The “cancellation” of paranoia, the eBay fiasco, and now this sudden rework of the engine. Something stinks.
  9. Damn I should do that too any maybe they’ll throw in Limited Run trading cards!! Gun is great!! This is the greatest game ever and couldn’t be better. Every change they made has been very thought out.
  10. I have most of the stuff mentioned here. Still own the VHS tapes but gave away my individual dvds and the dvd box set when I bought the Blu-ray tin. Got Crystal Lake Memories and I think I still have the Jason X books laying around somewhere. All four Waxwork records sound great. Wish I had the blood filled one.
  11. Toddarino

    Battle Hardened Jason Players

    @stoney what do you consider adequate protection? A dozen pocketknives? I have yet to come across a cabin without at least two weapons in it. and like @AldermachXI said as soon as people get it through their thick skull you can’t fight Jason anymore they better they will get.
  12. Toddarino

    Battle Hardened Jason Players

    I was gonna put her on ignore, but some of this rather amusing.
  13. This game isn’t going to survive until May 2nd without dedicated servers. j/k you crazy foreigners and your date format.
  14. I’ve yet to as well. I’ve never killed Jason either. Usually just escape on my mind.
  15. Because it’s friday the 13th. My second favorite horror franchise. I grew up with these movies. I used to sneak around to watch the vhs tapes cause my parents would have freaked out. With the exception of SW Battlefront, I’ve never played multiplayer only games. I think they’re a waste. There was no way I was going to pass up on this when I heard it was coming out. I played this game for countless hours a day when it came out. I recommended it to friends and family. Then the game went to hell and I had to hear about it to said friends and family. I have no support for Gun/Illfonic anymore. I won’t purchase another product they release. I solely play this game because of who and what it’s about. I’ll miss it when it dies, but I’m glad I got to play it. Even if it was only good for a short while.