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  1. The69Panda


    Hey, I was here a long time ago. Around October. The forums have had a re-design and I like it. When I was gone, I was playing other games and I thought the game was utter sh*t, but when I bought Friday on Steam yesterday I was like; Hey, this game is actually pretty entertaining, pretty good so far. So, here I am. I hope to make many friends and talk about many discussions. -Panda
  2. The69Panda

    favorite jason to use poll

    Part 2, he has most traps and can run.
  3. The69Panda

    Halloween Costumes!

    I think Deborah got Halloween and Easter mixed up.
  4. Pretty obvious really.. Giving the middle finger to Jason or other counselours, and they can do nothing about it. (Unless Jason kills you)
  5. The69Panda

    Next Jason/Map

    Just edited it because I typed it up wrong.
  6. What do you think the next Jason/Map will be? I'm guessing Part 5 or Uber next, as they are on the Road Map labelled as 'New Jason', and we've got the rest.
  7. The69Panda

    Patch Notes - 10.11.2017

    Not happy with the Emote Party Pack 1. I bought it on Thursday and was going to play with it today. When I go onto the counselor customize section, I click on emotes then click triangle for 'More Emotes'. Then the playstation store pops up, and a notification saying 'This Content cannot be selected at this time'. I say bullshit to this. I've seen people have the Party Pack. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  8. Part 8 Jason hits doors in 2 hits now? Unfair much.
  9. My bet for next killer is Pennywise.
  10. I think they should add 'Random Small' and 'Random Normal'. Anyone agree?
  11. I keep hearing a swoosh noise every now and then
  12. So, I was streaming in a public lobby and this one guy decided to glitch his way out of the map. I'll send the stream link when it's done, go to the 30 minute mark and just watch it. Username is given on stream as well.
  13. The69Panda

    I Need mo'PS4 Fraaands!

    I'll add you when I get on next. Looking forward to play with you.
  14. The69Panda


    So, I'm about to get a PlaystationVR and I was wondering what games should I get? I don't want to get the games as a decision for myself, and I wanted a community to help me, so I chose this community. Leave game ideas below. -Panda
  15. So the "A Ph.D. in Murder' is an achievement where you have to perform all the kills in the game at least once. I was wondering if this meant Savini too? I obviously don't have Savini and I'm wondering how this achievement works.