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  1. Good, but please update finally game for Xbox One X. Really tired to play in low resolution with all this edges and blur around. Thx
  2. Hello. When we can receive xboo one x support for the game? specifically 4K and HDR. Thx.
  3. Dont see rain after patch, still disabled for public matches???
  4. Earmack

    Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    Rain comeback to xbox one in public matches? When u bring finally support for x1x?
  5. Earmack

    Patch Notes 12.12.2017

    @ShiftySamurai one question: When you add support x1x 4k support or any x1x enhancements? Thx
  6. Hello developers. When we can expect update for xbox one x? Thank you.
  7. Earmack

    Patch Notes - 10.25.2017

    Awesome patch, thank you so much! p.s. so hard ti find pamela tapes....not TJ tapes...omg:)))
  8. Earmack

    Patch Notes - 10.11.2017

    Thx for the patch! Cant wait to play new map. I hope this map BIG, not SMALL like 40% less original....
  9. Thx for keep update us! BTW any news about xbox one X version? less than month but still no news. Buying new emote pack just to support developers. P.s. its funny to see fix for duplicated tapes....coz I still CANT FIND EVEN ONE!!!
  10. yep. last patch bring back again dashboarded on xbox one
  11. Hello developers, Any chance to see november 7, patch for xbox one x support 4k/enhancemets benefits? Hope u working on it.
  12. Earmack

    Patch Notes - 9.21.2017

    Jason cant, stop talking.
  13. Earmack

    Patch Notes - 9.21.2017

    Terrible patch, just terrible. Im not even start talking about unable to look for scoreboard...but more importanly game start again regular crash on x1. Like example for last 5 attempts to start match, 3 times I crash to dashboard. Looks like 1 more month to wait untill they fix this again...