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  1. Game looks terrible on both consoles. I dont see any enhanced on xbox one x. Few years ago silenced updated xbox one x and game resolution looks great like other some features like hairs, fire, etc. than also silenced they removed enhance for xbox one x. Today realsed predator from illfonic on ps4 and pc. Well they not learn anything from friday 13, game looks terrible on ps4pro, looks same like base ps4 version. so its sad expensive console owners just dont have any improvements compared to xo/ps4 consoles.
  2. they already added before in 2018 support for xbox one x. Why they removed this?
  3. Yeah thats why people start leaving/switching to others game/products, so yeah its ok
  4. lol. I see difference. More pixels more clear picture less blur...if u dont see...no comment here. Btw i remember 2018 year the time when we get single player challenge picture on xbox one x been very clear and more detailed especialy if u look for the hairs...but for some reason developers remove this update for xbox one x. Sadly after that i cant back to the game where everythings edges xmas threes. But still hope one day they finally make update for xbox one x.
  5. At least i ask and receive response from some officials...at least now i just can forget about game untill they game proper update for xbox one x support.
  6. @Fair Play4k resolution / or higher compare what we have now...tired to play games with all of this edges xmas trees no aa. So yes i wait high resolution on xbox one x this is my priority to going back to game. after this its good if they add enhanced graphics/textures and hdr on the end.
  7. Yes its looks like garbage. I really dont get it why devs decide to downgrade resolutions?
  8. I very disappointed hows game looks now. Few patches ago on x1x have finally bump rez, i not sure if its 4k, 1800p but diffently not like now...blury, and Christmas tree edges. Sad they remove high rez on x1x.
  9. Confirmed. Before game looks bad on xbox, after patch even worst. Why so hard make support for xbox one x?
  10. Good, but please update finally game for Xbox One X. Really tired to play in low resolution with all this edges and blur around. Thx
  11. Hello. When we can receive xboo one x support for the game? specifically 4K and HDR. Thx.
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