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  1. I´m not playing this game anymore and i don´t care about the patch. I am waiting for the single player in 2018/19 and hope it is worth my 40 Euros i paid for a non working title .....
  2. I am a 42 year old gamer who gives a f***k about twitter/facebook activity (i dont even got accounts for that social media kiddy shit) All i want is info/news in the "official forum"!!! Why set up an forum if i do not reply to the community? Also they could have done it better and release the game as early access! In my opinion this game is not even in beta status on Xbox One! I hope they work 24/7 to fix the problems and that´s because there is silence. If not? Blame on you!!!
  3. I think Gun is on vacation with all the money they earned with us! My vacation is over now and i wasn´t able to play a single game .... so sad! It´s like i bought a car without engine! Shame on you ........
  4. last time i played was 1 week ago. now my vacation is over still not playable on Xbox 1 ....
  5. Is there a chance to exchange my Xbox one version with the PC version? I just wanna play the game but thats not possible with the bug invested Xbox One version of this game. No one from friday the 13 the game react on the forums nor on facebook on our questions whats up with the patch. JUST GIVE US SOME INFORMATION!!!!!!! 1.800 people asking for information and no answers!
  6. 3 days gone and no info about Xbox One patch .... PS4 and PC get Hotfix after Hotfix. All we want is some info!!!!!
  7. Hi there, is the patch for Xbox sent to microsoft for certification? You only say XB1 patch is incoming. I mean it´s a long time since we have seen a patch for Xbox One ... 80% of the games i/we play disconnect/crash! I am patient ...but please give us some infos!!! Imo the game is not playable for Xbox one users.
  8. are you playing on Xbox One? I dont think so ... At this moment Xbox One gameplay is like this : You find a game and everything works fine until you loose connection or the game crashes to desk. I played up to 20 games yesterday and completed only 3 or 4 loosing at around 11.900XP for level up. And this happens since the day i bought the game. I played Jason for 10 times and finished only 2 games! Really frustrating ... I hope someday the Xbox one will run as fine as the P4/PC versions of the game! I´ll be patient because i love the game but would be nice to hear some more infos from GUN!!
  9. Hi guys, greetings from germany!
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