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  1. You, sir, deserve a fucking award for this post.
  2. I'll always agree the rampant ragequitting needs to be dealt with, but even that hasn't made me want to not play Jason ever. Because, honestly, more often than not, I'm lucky enough to get a group that plays properly so if I kill everyone, no ragequits. But still, like I said, there needs to be a new system implemented to deal with it so if you grab someone and they quit it automatically counts as a kill.
  3. I have no trouble breaking doors and people have always done that, it just means you should more expertly place your traps so there's absolutely no way for them to get around them. And considering there have been fixes, I haven't encountered a lot of people hiding in places I can't reach. Most of the times they try, they end up raging when I grab them and get that kill in. And if you are encountering problems, best thing to do is to screenshot/record it and send it to JasonKillsBugs.com. That's the point of the site, to get rid of problematic glitches and bugs so the gaming experience is smoother.
  4. Just because you're Tommy doesn't mean you're obligated to play hero. Sure, most do and he is that character, but sometimes after you've been killed you just want to escape and feel that satisfaction of surviving. There's nothing to fix here. I've had someone as Buggzy, Deborah, Kenny, A.J., Jenny, etc. have guns and not make an attempt to help me as Jason closed in. Should we impose punishments on all other characters too in that case? The answer is no. Because you can't tell someone else how to play no matter what character they have. If they're not trolling or exploiting glitches, as far as I'm concerned the person can do whatever they please.
  5. I don't think that's true. Some think Jason has been nerfed but I can't count how many lobbies I've been in and gotten everyone or at least 5 or more. I still have fun playing as Jason...if a group is smart enough to escape, I'm happy. If not, I'm taking everyone down. And I'm not someone claiming to be the best Jason player ever but I just don't get why some have been some soured since the patch. Even the night of I managed a 7/8 and I was highly shocked...then the night morning I got a 3/8. Like I've said before, no matter how good you are, if a group is coordinated and work together, it's no guarantee you're going to get everyone every single time. I've had times where I've cleared out everyone back to back and other times where I managed 3/4 kills out of two or three Jason matches. Imo, it's part of the game...sometimes you get 'em all, other times more than you'd like escape. But for me, it doesn't take away from the fun of it all. Just my $0.02, though.
  6. I try to blame the person and not the character but far too many people I see playing Vanessa genuinely do dumb shit. So I've come to the conclusion that the character attracts more bad players than good. Otherwise, how would so many succeed in fucking over other players (and aren't working with Jason, I might add)? Like, even most people I see playing with Buggzy or Tiffany will forfeit the car/phone box item once they see a smarter character around. But literally 99% of the time it's Vanessa it's someone who is intent on doing the repair themselves and possibly alerting Jason. I've just learned to abandon them as soon as I see it happening. If there's a good Vanessa player, I'll risk my neck for them but more often than not it's someone who has more of a desire to earn points than brains.
  7. I can't stand Vanessa because her just being close to any other counselors means Jason is definitely coming your way if he's any good. A guy playing Vanessa got me and some friends killed. We were hiding in the open, admittedly, but Jason had no clue where we were for a good chunk of time. The match is almost over, here comes the guy playing Vanessa (wearing Pamela's sweater no less) and I get killed literally twelve seconds before the match ends. And of course there are the many times I see someone as Vanessa trying to do repairs while I or others have repair characters who could've finished long ago. Or the ridiculous amount of people as Vanessa I've killed doing boat repairs or trying to fix the phone. I just don't get why anyone would choose a character with the worst repair and then endanger the group by trying to fix shit.
  8. I have no problem killing you at the beginning of the game. If I morph to the phone box fuse and morph is during cool down as I destroy the insides of the cabin and you climb in seeking refuge, you're dead. I've gotten so many kills that way and many times I'm getting either A.J. or Buggzy out of the way. Now I don't have to worry about the group having a protector plus I had just enough time for morph to cool down and I'm right back to trapping unfinished objectives. As stated earlier, kills in the beginning can, a lot of the times, dictate the pace of the match up. In some matches, I trap all the objectives and start getting kills after the five minute period so it's a slow build. In others, I get kill after kill and take out vital characters that could help repair escape options. Hell, before I got tired of playing as part 2 Jason I had a couple matches where everybody got cleared out in 5 minutes.
  9. I clear out lobbies full of A.J.'s. Sure, she has good repair, but her speed is utter shit (and I say this as a regular A.J. player) so it's no problem chasing her down, especially when shift kicks in. Trash talkers are the only thing that really get on my nerves, especially the ones who get mad because they died & try to say you suck/exploited a glitch. No, you just suck and got caught trying to be slick.
  10. No, my point is not moot, and if you bothered to brush up on your comprehension skills you would see that I do agree that the window breaking animation was pointless. But all of this other shit you're complaining about? Like I said, either adjust your play style or find a new game to play. It's just that simple.
  11. Me too, bro. I'm so hyped right now that no gif can properly express my excitement. But I'm definitely watching part IV tonight as a celebratory thing. It's only right.
  12. Don't feel too bad. I'm having the same experience with Scarlett Johansson being on the Goosebumps show. It was how I found out about her in 5th grade and now there's literally no trace of her ever being on the show.
  13. Same here. I love supporting the game and I want the experience to continue to get better so I'm absolutely ready for them to take more of my money.
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