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  1. Does anybody have any funny/brutal/weird screenshots from the game? This one always cracked me up for some reason:
  2. Deeify


    Does anyone here read/listen to Creepypasta? If so, what's your favorite story? Favorite writer? Favorite narrator? I prefer CreepsMcpasta and the story "The Other Internet" might be my favorite. I've listened to it many times.
  3. Does anyone have any favorite full length(not gifs or highlights) matches you consider some of your favorites? There's a few YouTubers whom I love their play style and can put on some exciting matches. Here's my favorite from Stoiker Kalei. He calls it "The Battle of Packanack"...and it fits:
  4. "Here, let me help you toke uhhhh... too much?"
  5. Proper that it's Part 7 Jason dealing with telekinesis.
  6. Oh, Jason's just being dramatic.
  7. What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game that made you, literally or metaphorically, slap your forehead? For me, I set a trap at the door for Jason, he proceeded to break the windows and hit me with a knife causing me to limp. He broke through the other door in the cabin so, to not hurt myself further in a broken window, headed towards the other door to open it and run, and stepped in my own trap. I fell dead right there. That was a literal forehead slap and left a handprint there for several hours...
  8. Reviving an old thread because this one was extra dumb and I feel like a total dumbass. Got the car going with the help of 3 others. We all get in the car and take off. Jason stops us halfway and we all get out to battle. Eventually, Jason is knocked down so I jump in the car and give time for the others. I SWEAR, I heard doors closing so I took off. Get to the exit and the camera zooms out to show...only myself in the four seater riding off into the distance. Ugh...
  9. I've noticed that those few doors that don't have barricades but just a simple lock on the door knob tend to be not worth locking. Such as the ones at Packanack lodge. He can break those doors down in one swing. Basically the same amount of time it takes for him to simply open it. What do you think? Just close it and run or take the time to lock it?
  10. Deeify

    In game songs

    Here you go.
  11. Haha, that last one kills me.
  12. All I can think is, if Tiffany turned around and had a hockey mask on, I would flip.
  13. There's just so many weird things going on with this photo...
  14. Even Jason is weak to good bong to the dong.
  15. Corners. Use those corners. I also love standing by a closed door in a cabin waiting for them to open it and see me standing there.
  16. Haha! You can see the car driving away like, "oops".
  17. Deeify

    Where is everybody from...

    Salty Lakes of Utah.
  18. Oh ya, both sides can be at fault.
  19. Love this one! Looks straight from the movie.