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  1. Corners. Use those corners. I also love standing by a closed door in a cabin waiting for them to open it and see me standing there.
  2. Does anyone have any favorite full length(not gifs or highlights) matches you consider some of your favorites? There's a few YouTubers whom I love their play style and can put on some exciting matches. Here's my favorite from Stoiker Kalei. He calls it "The Battle of Packanack"...and it fits:
  3. Does anybody have any funny/brutal/weird screenshots from the game? This one always cracked me up for some reason:
  4. Haha! You can see the car driving away like, "oops".
  5. Where is everybody from...

    Salty Lakes of Utah.
  6. Oh ya, both sides can be at fault.
  7. Love this one! Looks straight from the movie.
  8. Oh man, that's been an issue since day one. I'll be Vanessa, sprinting around grabbing batteries, gas cans, and fuses and dropping the right off in front of LaChappa. He just gives me a blank stare and runs off. It's like Double U, Tee, Eff!!!
  9. Right. The end screen is the total for the entire match, including everything you've already earned. The biggest XP you miss out on if the host quits is "completed match".
  10. You get XP for everything you've done up until that point, like, barricading doors or completing objectives. You were probably just a few XP away from the next level.
  11. I think they released the bots as "ready" but not "polished". The bots we have now are the basic version of what upcoming updates will add.
  12. What's your VS battle?

    Which iconic character would you like to see battle? Personally, I wish there were more VS movies like Freddy VS Jason and Alien VS Predator. What's a good matchup you've been hoping for?
  13. Bot Mitch

    Definitely. If they can get the car started in the first place. I've found I don't give them much opportunity. I've never seen one drive the boat though...
  14. I'm sure they're still fine tuning the bots. I'd like to see them do little things like turn on the radio or place traps at the door. I've never seen a bot do any of those.
  15. Mods/Addons

    IF mods became available, it would probably be for single player only.
  16. After months and months of playing, I've noticed when I select 'random' Jason in matches, I never get Savini Jason. I have to select him specifically to play as him. Not a big deal obviously but I was curious if any one else with Savini has noticed this? Not a high priority and maybe an easy fix in a future patch but noteworthy to anyone who wants ALL their Jason's available when selecting 'random'.
  17. The car. It's far more intense when Jason gives chase. I've literally been on the edge of my seat at times.
  18. Love it! I saw this a couple months back and was stoked F13th was in it.
  19. Following me around the whole damn game. Stalker much??
  20. I just went through two games in which the host was idle for the entirety of both of them. Don't idle players get booted after a certain amount of time of inactivity?
  21. We have several of his videos here. He's my favorite. I've learned a lot from his strategies.
  22. Wow! Check out the stealth water kill in Stoiker's newest. That's legit.
  23. What's your VS battle?

    Eleven vs Tina Shepard.