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  1. "Here, let me help you toke uhhhh... too much?"
  2. Proper that it's Part 7 Jason dealing with telekinesis.
  3. Reviving an old thread because this one was extra dumb and I feel like a total dumbass. Got the car going with the help of 3 others. We all get in the car and take off. Jason stops us halfway and we all get out to battle. Eventually, Jason is knocked down so I jump in the car and give time for the others. I SWEAR, I heard doors closing so I took off. Get to the exit and the camera zooms out to show...only myself in the four seater riding off into the distance. Ugh...
  4. All I can think is, if Tiffany turned around and had a hockey mask on, I would flip.
  5. There's just so many weird things going on with this photo...
  6. Even Jason is weak to good bong to the dong.
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