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  1. "Here, let me help you toke uhhhh... too much?"
  2. Proper that it's Part 7 Jason dealing with telekinesis.
  3. Oh, Jason's just being dramatic.
  4. Reviving an old thread because this one was extra dumb and I feel like a total dumbass. Got the car going with the help of 3 others. We all get in the car and take off. Jason stops us halfway and we all get out to battle. Eventually, Jason is knocked down so I jump in the car and give time for the others. I SWEAR, I heard doors closing so I took off. Get to the exit and the camera zooms out to show...only myself in the four seater riding off into the distance. Ugh...
  5. Deeify

    In game songs

    Here you go.
  6. Haha, that last one kills me.
  7. All I can think is, if Tiffany turned around and had a hockey mask on, I would flip.
  8. There's just so many weird things going on with this photo...
  9. Even Jason is weak to good bong to the dong.