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  1. Sorry if this isn't where this goes, I tried looking and did not find a specific place for this. I'm just looking to meet some new people (adults like myself preferably) with mics who actually like to focus on playing the game well and completing objectives, not just trolling which has unfortunately been my experience with groups so far. If there's anyone out there like me then add me on ps4 Space_Pharaoh
  2. Mods just locked yet another thread because a discussion arose about them receiving death threats. I hope they realize that they are going to kill this game themselves if they keep waving banhammers and locking threads everytime they see something that they don't like.
  3. If he's trolling, then he's obviously posting because he thinks the devs are full of shit. The real question is, why would you ask?
  4. I did? Sorry, didn't notice. My phone sort of sucks. Who accused them of being shady? Who is still under the impression that backers shouldn't get a reward which they were promised? You're coming off as really hostile and I'm not sure why.
  5. I honestly did not know that, because I had never tried. I just figured he could since counselors could....hahah. Thanks for saving me from an in game embarassment.
  6. Agreed. I dont actually care much for the skin itself. And like I said before, I have no problen with exclusive skins. Like if Retro Jason was exclusive. I wouldn't care about not having it.
  7. Thanks. I'm glad everyone here has been cool so far, even when we are disagreeing. As opposed to my experiences on Reddit, where the community seems absolutely toxic, haha
  8. I don't feel like it's apples to oranges at all. They are both benefits that enhance your playing abilities. One is just vastly more overpowered than the other. More like apples to larger apples. In any case, I don't the think the comparison is invalid because I wasn't trying to say that they are equivalent. As far as the rest of what you said goes, I agree and I appreciate the comment. Thanks. The only thing I wanted to push for, if anything, was for developers not to offer this kind of exclusive content in the future. What's done is done, I get that. I would never petition them to reverse their decision. If I were a backer, I'd be pissed if they did and feel betrayed. Apologies though, I did indeed assume that everything that you said was directed at me. This isn't an issue I've harped on a lot, so you are probably used to seeing my type wheras I just got this game last week, haha. I think a lot of my concern is towards games in general. Now that this has happened and I missed out, and I managed not to hear diddly squat about this even though I am constantly digging up info about upcoming games....how much more am I going.to miss out on in the future? And where do I even begin to try and keep track of all the exclusive things that I might want? If you knew the extent of my OCD, I think you could see that even something as unimportant as video game content can cause me to stress out and panic, and I hate that. I like feeling like I have it all planned out and I preorder all sorts of crap to avoid situations like these, and then THIS comes out, based on one of my favorite film franchises no less, and here I am with my pants down. To put it in perspective, I had to quit Team Fortress 2 even though I LOVE the game. Keeping up with the exclusive content every other day, and misisng out continually, was just turning me into a basketcase.
  9. Come on, you know what I meant. He's not pay to win, simply because he isn't exceptional versus the others, but he is close to pay to win because of the exclusivity. Two different factors of comparison here. But yeah, maybe my choice of words wasn't the best. I think you're setting up a strawman here. I never said they should change it. I never said they should go back on their word. When did I advocate this, and why do you keep assuming that I am? I agree, going back on their word would be the WORST option available. My point was that they shouldn't have promised something like that in the first place. And as common as you say it is, I can't think of one other game that I play that does this. I'm sure you can name a bunch, but apparently I just don't play those games. If your argument is essentially "quit bitching", then I'm not sure why you commented, because I very clearly said that I realize how things are and that this was just an expression of sadness on my part, for missing out on the preorder and also for what in my opinion is an unfair backer bonus. I will say the same thing about any other game that does this. I just happen to be of the firm opinion that exclusive content should NEVER be game-affecting. And Savini Jason IS game-affecting. He is generally considered top tier. With my playstyle in particular, he would probably be my best option. So on a case by case basis, depending on the player, he very well could be the best. Ask yourself this. If instead of Savini Jason, the exclusive DLC was let's say, invincibility...would you still support what you're saying? If so, then I simply won't see eye to eye with you. And if not, perhaps you could start to see my point of view. Because the only difference between the two is the extent of the advantage.
  10. I have to fight the urge to do this. Some people are good at kiting Jason around the map and making you waste time. You gotta know when to let go. It sure is satisfying to catch them and squeeze their head for the trouble of running them down, but it's even more gratifying to catch them by surprise after they think you've given up. That's my take, anyway.
  11. Thats what I am going for, but that necessitates a mastery of the game. The best Jasons will be the ones doing what you said.
  12. Ha! So my counter-intelligence ruse has succeeded? Well considering I just gave away my strategy and we usually tend to kill each other when one of us is Jason, I'd say no harm done. Yes, you seem very good with part 9 and yeah you've got shift grabbing down. I usually miss by a bit. You should give more consideration to knives though. Most people don't try to dodge and just run a straight line. 2 hit is enough to catch someone just by fastwalking. I often just kill with them if they're giving me a bit of a chase, too. Expect me to change my strategy a bit after reading others' responses. Methinks I morph unnecessarily too often.
  13. Well I personally have not experienced that myself but then again I don't get very many new games that I felt the need to preorder. In that case, I suppose I disagree with the practice in general. I have no problem with timed exclusives or non-game changing exclusives but if it's something I really love and I just happened to find out about it too late, my OCD nature can put me into a mild depression when I realize there are certain things that I will never be able to get no matter what. I feel the same way about trophies for games that are no longer possible to achieve. I'm a completionist, that's what it really boils down to. I get what you're saying but I pretty much acknowledged this in my statement. It also doesn't change anything for those on the other side of the fence. In my opinion, the reward should not have been an exclusive character with an exclusive set of stats. Physical merch, skins or what have you, that's fine. Their promise to their backers should not have been arguably the best Jason. That's a little to close to pay to win. Sort of like "back us to win". Now I realize that is a gross overstatement, but I'm not far off.
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