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  1. I didnt pick up anything else i just let jason grab me and he threw me out. WTF!!
  2. Whoa i had a pocket knife today in f13 the game and jason quickly killed me and threw me out a window wait what! I got so mad but anyway love the update, but please fix that stuff i hate that.
  3. I was playing the game today and in the middle of me finding keys someone on Xbox One () tried to attack me with an axe. I tried reporting on Xbox and im doing it here. Gun Media please fix this team killing situation i really hate it. And jason () was teaming up with him, please ban these both.
  4. Hmm when will single player come out. It says Summer 2017, and its still not here can anyone please tell me when its coming out. Please?!?!?!?!?
  5. Don`t you hate when a counselor is on the the packanack lodge roof, or in the secret rooms in higgins haven when your Jason. It`s happened to me lots of times on Xbox One. Gun Media and other staff please stop this glitch from happening. like if you agree.
  6. Hi I am on of the people that have been waiting for this game for a long time, so when i checked my email, realized it was out i checked my credit card to see if i had enough. And i realized I do have enough so i searched it on Xbox One and just went crazy. I also have it on PC, but the only problem is that it has too much lag. Thank You!
  7. Hmm will the Jason from the 2009 remake be playable, i mean i might seen Jason skin crazy, but still will this game is about Jason. Like if you agree
  8. I have also been wondering will Jason from Jason X ever be playable, life if you wonder that to. Plus I don`t mean Uber Jason.
  9. I thank you guys for making this game I have been waiting a long while for it but its sad i cant get savini Jason. I`m not saying this because I want it, But again i really thank you guys alot, Thank You! :)

  10. I wonder will Pamela Voorhees (Besty Palmer) ever be playable in this game, tbh (To Be Honest) she was the first killer in the series.
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