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    Phantasm 2

    Did anybody else enjoy phantasm 2??
  2. Kingbeau23

    Demons 1985

    I love suspira!!! And that is a great way to describe it!! You ever watched demons yet? Haha
  3. Kingbeau23

    Demons 1985

    Is suspira good?
  4. Kingbeau23

    Demons 1985

    Yes I love both of them some days I like one over the other more
  5. Kingbeau23

    Demons 1985

    Anyone ever seen demons the Italian horror movie from 1985
  6. Party chats work but my game chat will not pick up my voice! I can hear everybody in the game but my mic doesn't pick up anything inside game chat , only if someone invites me to a party please help anyone else have this issue ??