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  1. PS4 & PC: * After killing a counselor in the water as Jason, Jason gets a weird camera bug. * Some kills have music on while still being in Stalk or with music turned off in settings (Rugby Player kill, part 2 kill pack and the Shears' kills)
  2. PS4 & PC: * Drawers closing automatically after picking up an item. As a result of that you get a closed drawer without anything in it.
  3. We all have to go through the same shit unfortunately.
  4. PS4 & PC: * Intro cutscene sound is not properly synchronized while playing offline bots * Game still crashes sometimes after a kill animation in offline bots * Counselors shaking wildly while in kill animation online * Counselor selection is still bugged, getting a random one instead of the one I choose
  5. HowAreYa

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    I don't think they'll release Jason X in this patch. It's probably bug fixes only. Jason X might even be an upcoming DLC that isn't free, but that's just speculation.
  6. HowAreYa

    Upcoming Patch - 6/1/18

    I'm wondering why @ShiftySamurai removed his post in which he told us that PS4 and PC can expect the patch today or tomorrow and Xbox next week. 🤔
  7. PC -Opening drawers and picking an item result sometimes in automatically closing the drawer again -Counselor selection doesn't work well. I chose Laurie and got to play Chad. -SPC5 after killing Adam and AJ you still can hear them making noice -Game crashes sometimes after using a kill animation in bots and gives a "Fatal error" message box (happened twice at Jarvis Residence outside campfire environment kill and Higgings Haven Small multiple knife stabs environment kill) -Audio is not working properly. Barricadding, opening and closing doors and opening and closing drawers have no sound sometimes. -Part 5's Shears kills have music while in Stalk (other kills don't?)
  8. As predicted, first match multiplayer after patch and 2 people were teaming together, one of them was Jason. The other guy told Jason about my location and he escaped. Typically. Nothing changed, except the fact we can't do anything about it because we aren't allowed to leave those matches.
  9. HowAreYa

    The killing me is the wait.

    The Netherlands (Europe)
  10. HowAreYa

    The killing me is the wait.

    It's already 09:30 pm here, hope it'll release fast.
  11. He's just talking about not releasing things in weekends. They have a life just like we do. That doesn't mean we won't see anything this week.
  12. HowAreYa

    PC has to wait for console

    You forgot one thing PS4 does better and that's the community. PC players mainly have toxic people and cheaters, so many cheaters. Not even talking about the low popularity at the moment. I play on both platforms, but PS4 is more fun playing online. Just my opinion based on facts. Host leaving is annoying, but will be fixed as soon as the dedicated servers arrive. This is actually the wrong topic, but I feel I must mention this.
  13. Why would I waste my time? It just makes no sense.