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  1. HowAreYa

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Not finding any game on PS4 (West-Europe)
  2. HowAreYa

    hacker report

    Probably using a macro which is basically cheating.
  3. Yeah, there are bugs that have higher priorities, but this has been since launch and they never took time fixing it.
  4. The flying ragdolls and kill animations where counselors go through the ground. I mean, it's pretty funny, don't get me wrong, but why did they never fix that or even talk about it?
  5. Yeah, I agree. It's pointless to buy the discs if the build written on it doesn't have offline saves.
  6. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    Again, the boat starting sound across the map was my experience. If you guys experienced differently, good for you, but you guys just can't accept the fact that I experienced differently than the others and some guys, especially @malloymk, try to say that I'm crazy but I'm not. I know what I heard. I'm quitting this discussion now and forever because convincing me is pointless and just a waste of my and your time. The answer remains simple: if the dev's don't give a confirmation, it's not clear whether the sound was working in previous builds or not.
  7. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    I'm still pretty sure it was the boat sound. Mandela Effect sounds interesting, but I don't think that's the case. IF that's the case, well shit, my mind bamboozled me. But a confirmation of the dev team would be nice. Then we can stop this discussion, but they seem to not care about it at all.
  8. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    No it's not mis-remembering. I'm certain there was, but still my experience. It's actually pointless discussing this when I'm not going to change my mind. So I'll end it here: I have experienced a sound of starting the boat as Jason anywhere I was located in a very previous build. You haven't. Maybe I'm wrong, or you are. We'll never know unless the dev's give us confirmation about it. If they lie about the change being new content, then they are in real problems because of the lawsuit. If they could add new content, we would already have Jason X instead of a sound. It just doesn't make sense. I really want to see the sound as new content. That would mean they can add more like Jason X and the Grendel map. But the lawsuit is just ruining the game.
  9. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    It didn't have to be at launch, possibly later. It's weird that there aren't video's with the sound actually working. I can remember the sound worked for a short time but was gone for a while. That's just my experience. But still, if they added the sound as new content, we're still not getting any new content like Jason X. I can guarantee you that. They say it was a bug that they now have fixed, we can't change that.
  10. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    Or some people like me played the game long enough to remember there was a sound. Believe it or not. But unfortunately, you guys haven't experienced this. The only thing I can say is claim them for creating new content, but that would be definitely pointless. So good luck with that.
  11. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    But it's not new content. The sound ever worked and has been probably in the game files for a while, but something broke it, which isn''t suprising because alot of things break when they update.
  12. The latest patch hasn't been released for consoles yet. It doesn't contain local saves, otherwise we would be told and PC would have it too. The latest patch for consoles isn't even written on the discs, because it hasn't gone through cert yet. So local saves also won't be written on the disc. Just a matter of thinking logically. No rumors, just facts.
  13. I'm afraid that saving our progression on our HDD won't be on the disc. ?
  14. HowAreYa

    Can't hear the boat?

    Because changing my mind would be lying to myself.