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  1. After watching this (the last survivor) I'm pretty sure knives are Jason's most deadly tool (if you don't miss of course which happens often in online play because of the latency). It's so annoying when they're walking faster than you as Jason and Shift doesn't always give you everything you need to catch them.
  2. The whole point of getting skill checks when repairing is to make it suspenseful, because if you fail once, you're pretty much dead. If Jason grabs you, it should be game over. A pocket knive gives you an extra chance, which is why they're very limited and balanced very well. It's easy to escape the grasp, because you must be lucky to get those knives. You clearly don't see the point of why they added those knives and instead you're attacking me on my comment, because in fact, it's a horrible idea.
  3. Sorry, but that's an awful idea. I don't like a pocket knive being Decisive Strike. There are already a max amount of pocket knives and you can easily counter that by slashing.
  4. Every offline match, at least 3 counselors don't move. Their stamina must be stuck below zero. 😂 Btw, anyone else noticed that since the latest patch the last remaining bot is hiding in a closet and can't be sensed unless you're in Rage, which means you're searching every clauset you walk by for more than 5 minutes.
  5. Playing with friends is fine, but it becomes problematic when one of them gets to be Jason. Sure, some groups will play the way it's supposed to be played, but they are unfortunately very rare. So I'm not saying the devs should remove the whole party system which would result in a player base drop, but they could tweak some things up to make online play more fun. My experience is 1/10 groups play the game normally, 9/10 are teaming when one of them is Jason (most people in these groups are kids). Finding people to play with to decrease the chance of finding idiot trolls is surely an option. Unfortunately, I live in a region where the most people play other (let's say very overrated) games. It won't fix the issue what's going on, but it seems like the only solution to play a decent online game.
  6. The hackers is literally the only reason why I bought a console to play this game on. I love playing this game on PC, but it's in a unplayable state when it comes to online.
  7. Yeah, I've encountered some teamers last night as well. Some guy was walking together with Jason and unlocking all the doors I locked to let Jason in. It happens most of the times when I play online matches which is THE reason why I hate playing online and prefer killing bots. They may be very predictable, but at least I have fun playing the game, which I don't have when I'm playing online. I've always said that players who party up together should NOT be Jason in online matches. Private? Fine. However, online they'll most likely team up. Or Jason kills everyone except them and you have to wait 20 minutes to gain exp. So I'm forced to leave the match which I do most of the times I see players teaming up with Jason before Jason is able to kill me. Another example of Jason teamers: players who repair the car and drive the car to Jason to present the players to him. This only happened twice so far, but this one really pissed me off. What I am trying to say is that online play has some serious issues which make the game not fun at all. And the worst part is that the developers haven't tried to do anything against it so far.
  8. I canceled every minute after not finding one or when it took longer than 10 seconds to check the session for room, which took me eventually 20 minutes.
  9. Having the same issue here on EU PS4. Sometimes not finding a server at all, and sometimes I get one after 20 minutes of searching.
  10. So you can actually play the things offline that you've achieved online? For example: if I become level 10 online and I would sit in the car without any internet connection, you'll stay level 10 and can play all the kills you unlocked?
  11. You know, I don't really understand the way they promoted the game: "Kill counselors on the go" when you are still dependent on Wi-Fi.
  12. Wow... really? Well, I just decided to not buy a Switch Lite especially for this game like I was going to do. I thought the Switch version would have offline saves.
  13. When that's happening to me, I always use stalk OUTSIDE of the cabine. It doesn't take long then to make them come out of their hiding spot.
  14. Totally agree with everything you said here. It's unfortunate that older builds of the game can't be used because of their up-to-date servers. I'd like to play the game as it first came out.
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