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  1. People should stop comparing this game with Dead by Daylight.
  2. I play on both PS4 and PC, but in my opinion is PC gameplay better (performance and quality), but the experience is worse. On PC are too many Russians and Chinese people who most likely want to ruin the game which happens not as frequently as on PS4. Besides, the player base on PC is much lower as on PS4. That's why I would rather play on PS4, even more when we get the dedicated servers.
  3. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    PC still have a bug when you play multiple times against bots, the game will crash. The message "Fatal error" appears. It mostly happens when I'm going to play the fifth round against bots in a row. Rain is still causing a huge FPS drop on my (mid/high-end) PC. It's unfortunate that there's no option to turn rain off in Offline Play.
  4. Dedicated Servers concern!!

    I'm playing on both PC and PS4, but I'm playing particularly on PS4. In my opinion, dealing with host players quitting is less worse than dealing with some Russian and Chinese players that literally ruin every game. So, it's definitly not that much better.
  5. Got it as well since today. (The Netherlands/EU)
  6. I recently saw a kid playing Jason and letting female players alive. Pretty sad, he tries to be nice to them, but it's actually pretty hopeless.
  7. We're talking about PS4 EU ofc. Hard to understand for lil boys with little intellect.
  8. That's because he doesn't have it.
  9. Still waiting till its release.
  10. Another issue on PC. I'm trying to play against bots with the Retro Jason, but after the intro I only get black screen and I'm not spawning in.
  11. 1. I just tried to play offline bots without internet connection, but the game crashes when I'm loading the map. 2. Tommy Jarvis bot keeps opening the same drawer (on every difficulty?) 3. Bad optimized on PC. especially after the update; sometimes I'm getting 40 FPS on 1080p, High settings, GTX 1080. Playing on PC.
  12. The gameplay on PS4 feels now much more smoother than before the update. Anyone else experiencing the same?