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  1. I know I love how transparent they have been. Most AAA devs would have just copied and pasted a repetitive message and shove are face with overpriced dlc. Nice to see a break from that cycle. Not a AAA developer and the game is still in beta and it's mid August.
  2. Relax. The game is still in beta. There will be many bugs at this stage. Many should be fixed for the full release of the physical copy.
  3. People who team kill shouldn't be allowed to come back as Tommy J. It's bullshit.
  4. It crashes on PS4 still, constant disconnects when trying to join a lobby and multiple in-game bugs. I have said it before...This game should still be in beta. I own the game on PC and it is clear ALL the love went into the PC version.
  5. What about the disconnects when trying to join a game? Is there a console fix for that coming?
  6. This crazy bug happened after I grabbed a counselor. I was shot in the face with a flare gun and was subsequently launched of the map. https://t.co/WG4w8MBNZJ
  7. I get this several times a day lately on PS4. When I play on PC its smooth and I have had no issues. Frankly, it's getting to be fucking bullshit. Unless I'm host I get timed out at least half the time. Hope they're implementing a fix for this soon.
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