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  1. The developers were just too ambitious for their own goods. They couldn't keep up. The article is fairly accurate, and it doesn't even mention the update that made messed up the power balance between Jason and counselor's. You know, the one where there was about a dozen knives per game and about 6 shotguns along with the weak Jason grab, no one even wanted to play as Jason. Does anyone remember that? I think the game is much more playable now than it was then. Escaping feels more rewarding now since Jason's much needed buff. I wouldn't say the game is dead yet. I still see new players whenever I get on quick play. At least on Xbox anyways. We will see how long it lasts.
  2. Wow. That's pretty good. Especially considering GameStop sucks with trade ins.
  3. Servers are still up. Why would you give up on the game when there's still a community and servers are up and running? The game isn't dead yet. Why don't you just stick around and see what happens?
  4. I ❤️ A.J.

    Last Leg?

    In all honesty, it's like that on all online forums.
  5. I'm trying to think of stuff that wouldn't necessarily effect gameplay. I for one would love to see a bunny rabbit run across Crystal Lake as Jason walks by. Maybe a raccoon or something.
  6. Most trolls I see play as Chad. Chad is a very annoying character in general. Even when the person playing as Chad is genuenly playing, I just can't bring myself to trust him.
  7. I ❤️ A.J.

    We're Still Here

    Exactly what are people supposed to do? I don't really understand the point you are trying to make. Not playing the game at all will just make it die out quicker. The situation is really out of the players hands. We can't fix the problems. We can't make the changes. Only the developers can. And the lawsuit is out of everyone's hands. The very least we can do is play the game more to show our support.
  8. I ❤️ A.J.

    Thank you from Number Six

    I used to post here quite a bit, but after this past January or so, I kind of stopped coming here and I stopped playing the game as often as I used to. I used to play nearly every day, but now I only play maybe 2 times a week for an hour at a time. I'm only a level 73. I regret not playing as much. I think we can still save the game somehow. The lawsuit hasn't been settled yet. We need the developers to fight for this game.
  9. Excited for this stuff. After a year of pretty much the same game mode over and over, this is a welcomed change. I don't count the offline bots as a game mode because the A.I. really doesn't work too well. Idk about any of you guys, but things like new dialogue in games excites me. I get tired of hearing the same dialogue from characters over and over again in video games. Fresh, new dialogue really gets me excited. I'm weird like that.
  10. I ❤️ A.J.

    Still too many pocket knives

    I think the number of knives is in a pretty good place. I'll go games as a counselor without getting one. Although one game recently, I came into 3 knives, but that's because someone else gave me 2. I straight up told him I already have 2. Keep that one for yourself bro. I think Jason gets stunned too easily. Seems to me, nearly any weapon will knock him down or stun him on the first connected swing. Maybe I just play a weak Jason. I've been maiming Roy. I just feel like he's one of the stronger ones. I've seen a lot of running Jason's since the speed update. Makes it so much harder to outrun them.
  11. I ❤️ A.J.


    You should. I recommend buying it, whether VOD or a physical copy to support indie horror. The director said he wants to make it into a franchise.
  12. I haven't rolled any perks in idk how long. Most of them are rare or epics. I see no point until there's a change in the system of perks.
  13. I don't understand the problem. The way I see it, QP was always meant for selfish play. Nobody or mostly nobody has a mic, and as a result, everyone is unorganized with zero communication, so why not do your own thing? QP tends to have lower level or newer players who don't know or don't understand how to play the game. Those players are just going to weigh you down. Why should you help them? They'll learn on their own eventually. Nobody knows anyone in QP. It's always random. Why should anyone care if I escaped by myself? It's not like I'm fucking over a friend. I'm never going to cross paths with this person again. If you don't like this style of play, then go play private with your friends. You don't have to play QP. I played a QP game today and escaped in the boat by myself with 2 other players still alive and I was the only one to survive. Oh well. I didn't feel bad at all.
  14. Well one of the Jason's has to be the weakest one. It is a shame though. Part 7 is one of the coolest looking Jason's. Just don't play as him. You have many other Jason's to choose from.