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  1. I've been saying this for awhile that Jason should get perks. It seems pretty obvious to me that this would be the next thing to do with Jason.
  2. To Stalk or Not To Stalk

    I really wouldn't mind there being some sort of perks for Jason. Like rage being activated earlier, or start with 2 abilities from the start of the match, like morph, and another ability of your choosing. Or maybe mask is harder to knock off, or accuracy of morph location is increased. Or even the cooldown in between knife throws is decreased. That'll be a good one for Jason's who like throwing knives. Or even a small thing like Jason's animations, like the speed of grabbing a knife, or the speed of breaking an electrical box or a phone box is increased.
  3. To Stalk or Not To Stalk

    By passive stalk, so you mean having stalk being default and triggering the chase music on and off when you feel it is necessary? Because I would be down for that. You can make it a quick up on the D pad with a message that says "chase music" and a message that says "stalk" and switch between the 2. Idk if this is what you mean though.
  4. What's your favourite fruit ?

    Drupe? That sounds like a college level word. Nahhh, that's too smart for me.
  5. What kind of music do you like?

    I've been listening to a lot of metal music lately. The correct way to listen to metal music, is by listening to it at full volume to the point where hearing damage takes place. Anything less than full volume is unacceptable.
  6. What's your favourite fruit ?

    I love almost all fruit. The only fruit I don't like, is coconut. I HATE coconut! I think my favorite might be apples. There are so many varieties.
  7. I swear there have been times where the car was started and I heard no sound cue at all. Is there a perk where counselor's can start the car silently?
  8. I think it's both true. Jason's been nerfed. It's been officially that way for awhile. At the same time, counselor's have just gotten better with their tatics. There's a higher ceiling with counselor's play. You have way more tools at your disposal to fight Jason, with everything from perks, to teammates to help you, to a map that tells you where objects are when they've been found. The grab nerf is okay. What I think should happen, is Jason should have perks as well as counselor's.
  9. I finally won a fight!

    Yeah it was my first win. Felt pretty special.
  10. I finally won a fight!

    There have been plenty of champion skeletons in the world of boxing. Don't count yourself out.
  11. I finally won a fight!

    I've been boxing for awhile. I've had 3 fights in the past over the course of about 5 years. I've lost all of them. It's been so hard for me to face defeat every time I stepped in the ring and I've doubted my skills and my ability and even thought that I would never win a fight, but I did! I'm soooo happy! Check it out. https://streamable.com/j8foi https://streamable.com/jcpwy https://streamable.com/txita
  12. Idk if the other systems have this fiction, but for Xbox, here are the steps: - press the home button (the one that lights up when your controller is connected and in use) - scroll down to F13 - there should be an icon that pops up that tells you to press start for more options. - Once you hit start, your options should pop up. Scroll down to 'game hub.' - You should start on the welcome tab and the progress tab should be one more to the right. Select that one. - You're almost there. On the progress tab, you'll be shown your achievements. To the left, is an option that shows 'achievements' and 'stats.' You want to select 'stats.' - You should now be able to see your stats. Hope this helps. I thought everyone knew about this.
  13. What kind of beer do you drink?

    That's funny you mentioned home brewed. My old man used to brew his own as a hobby. Him and our neighbor. Looked like hard work from what I remember and it stunk the kitchen up something fierce! I was too young to taste his thought I was around 13 or 14. Yeah he got too hammered on it he doesn't brew it anymore. My mom put a stop to that. But honestly, I just don't think he has the energy for it anymore.
  14. Idk if the other consoles have this feature, but on Xbox, if you look at your game hub, it shows a limited number of stats. The stats are time played, counselor's killed, killed by Jason, and doors broken down. I thought it'd be fun to share what your stats are. Mine are as follows: - 7d 12h 33m - 292 counselor's killed - 239 killed by Jason - 451 doors broken down Anyone else care to share?
  15. Do you like Tiffany?

    Both have their advantages. If you're playing Deborah and you have the part and the knife, but no med spray, I would go with knifing the trap. if you're playing Vanessa or Tiffany and have a med spray, and have a good repair character near by with the part in hand, then I would eat the trap. I play Vanessa a lot. I'll sometimes just eat a trap if I hear players over the radio are in trouble. The plan is that Jason burns a morphs, thinking that I'm fixing an objective, even though all I'm really doing is buying time for everyone else.