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  1. I don't understand the problem. The way I see it, QP was always meant for selfish play. Nobody or mostly nobody has a mic, and as a result, everyone is unorganized with zero communication, so why not do your own thing? QP tends to have lower level or newer players who don't know or don't understand how to play the game. Those players are just going to weigh you down. Why should you help them? They'll learn on their own eventually. Nobody knows anyone in QP. It's always random. Why should anyone care if I escaped by myself? It's not like I'm fucking over a friend. I'm never going to cross paths with this person again. If you don't like this style of play, then go play private with your friends. You don't have to play QP. I played a QP game today and escaped in the boat by myself with 2 other players still alive and I was the only one to survive. Oh well. I didn't feel bad at all.
  2. Well one of the Jason's has to be the weakest one. It is a shame though. Part 7 is one of the coolest looking Jason's. Just don't play as him. You have many other Jason's to choose from.
  3. How do you scare counselor's?

    I just thought of a new, unconventional way that scares counselors. When it's early in the game, and Jason's already killed everyone and you're the last one left. I always thought that was pretty scary. It's like a feeling of dread and impending doom. Like you know you have no chance of escape.
  4. How do you scare counselor's?

    Idk why the other abilities aren't like sense. Not just stalk, but shift to. If you use shift for 2 seconds, you have to wait the entire cooldown. That just doesn't seem fair to me somehow.
  5. How do you scare counselor's?

    Sorry. Should say counselors. Auto correct.
  6. I think a big part of this game is scaring counselor's. What are some ways that you scare players as Jason? The most obvious and effective one I can think of is the stalk-shift combo. Any other ones? I've heard some people wait outside an occupied cabin using stalk. Waiting for a counselor to come out. I've also heard of Jason's waiting inside a cabin while using stalk. Maybe inside the phone house before the phone is fixed. Any other ways to give counselor's a good scare?
  7. This is interesting, but I understand the devs making the game brighter on purpose. They're just showing off their graphics and details and want people to see all the little things that they put into the game. I see both sides of it, but playing so that you need your flashlight on sounds fun. I bet there's an option to turn off the music too, so you don't hear when Jason's close. Makes it more realistic and would produce a massive amount of jump scares.
  8. - Fix Jason's hit detection. Jason shouldn't be whiffing as much as he does when he swings his weapon or goes for a grab. - More randomization with objective spawns or cabin layouts. By know, players know the maps like the back of their hands. They know the usual spots to look for items and they know where things spawn. Mix it up more. - Less power items like guns and pocket knives. The number of these items in one game is unnecessary. Gives way too much power to counselor's.
  9. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Permanent stalk is a good idea. They can make it like the musical cue for seeing a dead body. When Jason shows up for your character, meaning your character sees him, they can start the Jason chase music. Maybe have a jarring start and a camera zoom on Jason, like you do when you see a dead body. I think that would be a nice addition to make the game more difficult for counselor's as well as make the game scarier with more jump scares. Stalk is such a great tool for scaring players and catching them off guard. Stalk is the thing that makes this a horror game. There are so many changes I want to see made with this game.
  10. What kind of beer do you drink?

    Warms my heart that this thread is still going strong.
  11. Jason is a freaking joke.

    That's the sad reality of this game.
  12. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Since October, I've probably played Jason a grand total of maybe 6 times. None of those have been a positive, fun experience. It's such a shame too cuz back in the summer, playing as Jason was a lot of fun. The devs did a complete 180 now. It's no longer Jason's game. At least now if you switch your preference to counselor, you don't need to deal with the bullshit.The only good thing about this game now. I won't play as Jason until they fix it. In all honesty, the gameplay was perfectly fine at launch. Besides the constant dashboarding and crashing, the balance between counselor's and Jason's in my eyes, was perfect. Jason gets his kills without having to break a sweat, counselor's could still escape, but you needed to work for it.
  13. Jason is a freaking joke.

    You really need to slash as Jason now. It's the only way you're going to have a chance at killing at least half the lobby for me anyways. It just pisses me off, cuz I still see some Jason's here and there clear the lobby, and I'm here struggling to get half. If I kill half the lobby, it's a good game for me. In my eyes, clearing the lobby is damn impressive, where as 4 months ago, it was the status quo.
  14. More game modes in general is needed. The offline and virtual cabin are nice, but we need multiplayer game modes as well. Ive been screaming for toggle options in private games for awhile now, it seems common sense to me and should've been in the game since day one.
  15. Unpopular counselors

    The only character I never see, is LeChappa. I never see any of those, and I think the reason is because he is by far the slowest character. In this game, that has got to be the biggest handicap. I would make the argument that speed/stamina are the 2 most important stats in this game. You can manage being an average speed/stamina character, but to be that slow, you're just screwed. You better fix everything early on in the game if you're LeChappa. I see a good mix of all other counselor's.