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  1. 🤣🤣 well then I guess I’ve been playing some crappy Jason’s then. At worst, it might make it harder for Jason to track you and it will save you some time. At best, it helps you survive the night. I’ve had Jason’s tell me they had no idea where I was when I was the last one alive. It’s happened more than a few times. Enough for me to believe that it’s worth it.
  2. Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : Debs Favorite weapon : shotgun Favorite perks : sense avoidance perks Play style : stealth. By myself. Likes : lobby’s where people don’t quit Dislikes : lobby’s where people quit. People who don’t shut up. Goal : fixing the phone. I love escaping by cops it’s my favorite way to escape. Mic : not anymore no - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : part 3 Favorite weapon (s) : axe Favorite kills : the part 8 one where Jason throws his axe at your head. Favorite environmental kills : probably the curb stomp on the side of the cabin Play style : trap objectives first. Don’t chase 1 counselor for too long. Don’t stay in 1 area too long. Cover the map well. Likes : players who don’t quit Dislikes : players who taunt or fuck off during the game like they’re cool or something. I also hate Vanessas Mic : Not anymore no
  3. I was thinking about this earlier. Jason's rely heavily on sense. Without sense, Jason has a hard time seeing counselors. There has been a number of times where it has saved me at the end of the game. Most recently, Jason was chasing me on Camp Crystal Lake map. I got out of the cabin and crouched down in the grass, kind of hidden. I saw Jason run out to look for me. His head was turning around and he looked for a second, but he morphed somewhere else. He hit his sense and couldn’t see me, and he gave up real quick and he went to the other counselor who was still alive. Had Jason seen me on sense, he likely would’ve continued his chase and would’ve killed me. Once he went away I finished fixing the boat and left. He later saw me and tried to chase me, but he had negative water, so he was just able to keep up with the boat. I already had a head start on him. He couldn’t catch me, so he gave up and went to the other counselor. There’s other times where Jason’s will just quit a chase or start running somewhere else for no explained reason. Most of the time, I would be the last one alive and Jason just quits chasing? He wouldn’t do that when I’m the last one alive. I was hiding in Higgins house. Last one alive. I hear Jason’s music, and he left. There was at least 5 min left in the game and I was the last one alive. I didn’t see Jason the rest of the match. I survived the night. There’s no reason for him to discontinue searching when I’m the last one. I think of all the perks, sense avoidance ones are some of the strongest perks. Think about it. If you get high ranking ones and stack them, you avoid Jason’s sense half of the time. And even if you don’t escape, at the very least at some point in game, you’ll get a second chance. As long as you have a high stealth counselor that doesn’t emit a lot of noise, you’ll be fine. This strategy wouldn’t work on low stealth counselors.
  4. I used to be on the forums a long time ago and I kind of got away from the game, but am trying to get back into it. I went on a date with a nice woman. First date went very well. We both liked each other. 2nd date, she thought I was gay. Idk what happened.
  5. I’ve wanted to try this one for the longest time, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on it.
  6. Hide and seek is great. Any large building will work. Another great option is to run sense avoidance perks. I stack them. I noticed that a lot of Jason players rely on sense a lot. Use a character that’s high on stealth and you’re good. It’s saved my ass so many times. Jason just loses track of you.
  7. I played a little bit last night with some random people. Had some fun. Actually, a lot of fun for the first time in a while.
  8. I would welcome a video game that has nudity, as I don’t think too many video games do. LA Noire had nudity. I think at least 1 of the GTA’s had it. Idk. I never played the most recent one. Maybe I should play it some time.
  9. Thanks man. Yeah I think I can stomach just about every style except stouts. There isn't too many stouts I can really enjoy. I'm not a big fan of red ales either. I think my favorite style is pumpkin. I love that stuff. I had one that Sam Adams made one year. I don't know if it's been discontinued because I haven't had it since and this was about 4 or 5 years ago. It was called Fat Jack. It was awesome. I remember it being very think and heavy almost like a dessert beer and it tasted like pumpkin pie. I live in the Chicago area and every time I go to Wisconsin, I pick up some New Glarus. You can only get New Glarus in Wisconsin.
  10. Give me some ideas. I keep on going back to the same old thing over and over again. Mostly Blue Moon and Goose Island.
  11. The developers were just too ambitious for their own goods. They couldn't keep up. The article is fairly accurate, and it doesn't even mention the update that made messed up the power balance between Jason and counselor's. You know, the one where there was about a dozen knives per game and about 6 shotguns along with the weak Jason grab, no one even wanted to play as Jason. Does anyone remember that? I think the game is much more playable now than it was then. Escaping feels more rewarding now since Jason's much needed buff. I wouldn't say the game is dead yet. I still see new players whenever I get on quick play. At least on Xbox anyways. We will see how long it lasts.
  12. Wow. That's pretty good. Especially considering GameStop sucks with trade ins.
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