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  1. Forget any new content, just focus on a broken game. Should have done that long ago, to be honest. If you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody at all. New content can wait. Fix the game, I can wait.
  2. I've seen a couple of Roys sweep the Lobby at times, so it depends on the player. Heck, even part 7 has done the same.
  3. I agree. Let's say for example, Kenny and Jenny are the only two left, Jason has Jenny trapped, Kenny comes from behind and stuns Jason, bringing him to his knees, thus prompting Jenny to swing the machete into his shoulder/axe to the head, "defeating" Jason. Both counselors win the match by surviving, plus we get a special ending with Jason crawling away to kill another day. Would be a nice way to switch things up.
  4. I would say yes, and then everybody should be polished to look better.
  5. Lol I know this is for fun, but I would love to have Gordon arrive on the scene with Tommy. A man and his dog taking on a killer, so badass. Muffin would belong to Tiffany in the game due to having similar characteristics. Jason would unfortunately have her for lunch, much like the reference to the hot dog scene, with Kenny yelling "Come and get 'em!" while Adam would be right behind him eagerly waiting, "Dude, I'm right here."
  6. Will you be making one for Kenny and Part 3 Jason? Both are my favorite counselor and Jason to main in game.
  7. I would say Bill. He was considered a guy next door kind of counselor and the last game to be killed. He had decent luck, speed and composure. Repair and strength would be average and stealth would be low.
  8. You finally defeated Jason! But is he really dead? We're not telling!! End???
  9. Only found one last weekend. I have three altogether. Oh well, there is always the update lol.
  10. Jason stopped being scary for me when I got older lol. But seriously, I'll take what I can get with this game, updates and all.
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