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  1. Unfortunately I have to agree with this. I can play as any counselor and escape more often than not. I play as Jason offline when I feel like killing counselors now. Hope they bring balance to online play sometime.
  2. I try to use kills similar to the one that were used in the movies. For example, part 8 uses the head punch and double handed choke. Part 3 uses the head squeeze. Part 6 uses heart punch and the first fence post kill. Part 9 uses the bear hug, things like that. There should be a corkscrew kill for the party house on the Jarvis map, for part four Jason to use. More iconic kills to add variety, the better!
  3. Noticed some typos as well. Voorhes when it should be Voorhees. Still a great place to look at trivia and Easter eggs though.
  4. To be honest I don't know what to think of this Jason. It was a nice Easter egg to find, yes, but to play as him, no. It would look really terrible and hilarious to see him get ganged up on and beaten up as he already does as an adult. So I hope not.
  5. Man I hope so! And playing dead emote too.
  6. Unpopular counselors

    Kenny was my first counselor I started as to get used to how things could work. He IS hit and miss, BUT if played right consistently, he can be a dark horse in the match. I made it work. With that said, Kenny will always be one of my favorites. Moving forward, I've played Mitch and got to liking his style too. Then Chad and Jenny and the rest. Now I play random counselors for the challenge. All have pros and cons as does Jason and his other parts. To each their own.
  7. Whoops.

    If that is the case, you did nothing wrong.
  8. I witnessed this myself once. Must be a rare glitch.
  9. Recommended counselors

    I mainly use Kenny and Mitch. Had success with both more often than not.
  10. Give graveyards a purpose

    This would be a good idea. I go there especially if I am on the Higgins Small map and the cops are called. There is usually a spray and/or weapon to fall back on. A nice place to plan your escape. If you dare
  11. Paul Holt

    Yes! But please don't make him wear shorts for that lol.
  12. Paul Holt

    Yeah I read about what they were originally going to do with part 2's ending, they scrapped it because it was too silly, and for that I am glad. As to how Paul found the shack, yeah he was lucky in finding it. Paul was an outdoorsman so it wouldn't be too hard to discover, especially following footprints in the mud from the previous storm from Jason and Ginny. He probably had some skill in fixing the power and radioed for help, thus making the police arrive in time for Ginny to be saved. Even though we may never know for sure, Paul either died a hero or he was off screen giving a statement to the cops given his physical state wasn't all that bad for paramedics to fully tend to him. I doubt Ted even made it back to Packanack in his drunken stupor to even know what happened to get help. He was asking for after hours bars lol. Jason's wardrobe change called for a definitive look for Hollywood of course, but in my opinion, he knew the jig was up and had to get away and change his clothes and rest up from his wound, which he did at that little convenient store, then the next morning found Higgins Haven and continued his massacre there. By that time news was slowly spread about Jason from Ginny and Paul's eyewitness accounts. But that's just me, I love Paul and am glad you did him justice, thank you for that!
  13. Paul Holt

    It is. In part 2's ending. I'm saying that if part 3 opens with Jason removing the machete from his shoulder after Paul and Ginny leave seconds after, how would he have time to go after them, when he's wounded and confused? Plus part 2's ending was written off as a dream. Like I said, inconsistencies. It's fun to think about the possibilities. Thanks for giving input on the stats by the way.