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  1. I'm happy for the increase of traffic. It gives me more to read. And also a reason to post every now and then.
  2. A What If? story sounds way better than the proposed origin story. Especially if we're really done with getting sequels to the standard timeline, then I'm all for movies that just take the characters and put them in random scenarios.
  3. Jason's range on the infrared does seem a a bit broken, but I obviously don't have the game in my hands to make any real informed statement on why I feel that way. I do feel like the counselor should eventually be able to get out of range of that vision-type. But I guess the real problem for me is that I don't know how long that ability is supposed to last before it wears off, and Jason is forced to go back to the sound pings. I feel like Jason shouldn't be able to use that ability, once he enters a building, but then, maybe he can't use it. The video doesn't let us know. But. I don't want to complain about this. I'm sure its more balanced that the trailer makes it seem. I'm excited, none the less, and can't wait to play.
  4. This sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. There could even be counselor type-specific emotes to mix it up further.
  5. I'm also down for some player cards that detail a variety of stats. Stuff like: Jason Kill Count Fav Jason Kill Fav Counselor Type Survival Count (including stats for each separate victory condition) Fav Weapon Average Survival Time (per character type) Close Calls (How many times you've survived a close encounter with Jason) Amount of time running How many stumbles How many phones/cars/boats fixed How many miles/km traveled in water Most killed in area as counselor Area most kills made with Jason and so on... Plus a fun counselor card/license that can feature a number of icons from the game for an avatar/emblem. Easy, but fun fluff for look at, while browsing a leaderboard, or waiting for a match to start.
  6. I'm pretty happy about the results. I'm happy that Part 6 and Hell made it in. I was genuinely surprised about Part 8, but still happy about the variety of Jason skins. I'm hoping that we get to cheat a little bit with this one, too. Like, Manhattan Jason is perpetually wet. So you don't really get to see that nice purple color that his shirt is, because it's wet and shiny. Perhaps we get to choose to start off with a dry part-8 Jason as well as a wet one? *wink wink devs*
  7. I think, when dealing with Jason, especially post-Part 6, the idea is to avoid him as much as possible. Hell, even Freddy Krueger had a shot to do it, but instead choose to put the machette into Jason's chest, instead of cutting his head off. Your best shot of doing that is sneaking up (lol) behind him. But you'd pretty much have to wait until he was killing someone else to do that.
  8. Proximity doesn't really matter if Jason can't hear you if you're near. Ideally, proximity chat would make you debate about whether or not you want to risk talking about strategy when Jason could be near. Without the Jason threat, I feel like some counselors may never even get to speak to another player if they spawn on the map, isolated from everyone else. So, if Jason can hear you, I'm all for proximity, otherwise it just feels like a waste of effort that could be spent somewhere else in the development.
  9. The canon in my head for Pamela's reasoning for killing after the death of her son has me understanding why she did the things she did... At first, but by the time of the first movie, not so much. And with Jason, his killing makes him a sort of tragic character, which is part of the reason why I like him so much as one of the classic 80s slashers.
  10. I'm hoping that Tom incorporates some of the design aspects of other make-up artists in his new look. The bald and deformed Jason is solid (and classic, obviously), but when the designers add hair to Jason, I've always felt that it made him look more menacing.
  11. Man, anyone hoping that they use all the mocap for that "botched" decapitation from yesterday? When Kane shouted out, "Jesus!" after the first few swings weren't enough, I got excited about a potential "sloppy kill" animation that could randomly occur, instead of a clean chop, like the crew was going for.
  12. Happy New Year, people.
  13. To be clear, this is more of an app for the game, and less of an add-on, correct? So anyone with a decent computer could get this, even if they aren't getting the PC version of the game. Is that right?
  14. I think you'll be one of the lucky few who will have a physical disc for PC use. I'm sure they won't mind pressing a few discs with an activation code inside for the PC users.
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