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  1. I understand, i got an idea for the first 3 days it throws the eclipse jason will be free but if they didnt get it in the first 3 days they will have to pay, also i want to organizate Double Xp Weekend :v.
  2. Is there a website of concept art? I know the game has a low community so adding skins will make it grow and i want to help you guys cause the game is really interesting for me.
  3. This is the image i hope u like it i made it with paint just to take a look how it can look like in the process, i really hope some1 can make the model put a little better touch of it so it can be cool-looking in 3d tell me how much do u like it if u like it ill try to contact with f13 the game support to publish this skin and make it better than i did in paint and if u dont like it u tell me what can i do or put some more on the skin :). i dont know how to compare the money of other countries, anyways 5$ just costs dont need to pay it with dollars but they can also pay it with the number of money that consists a.e
  4. For starting up i had the idea to make an jason skin that i called Eclipse Jason with a weapon called Schyte i would like to add also his own killing animations of the schyte but is impossible to create the skin without a program if there exists an app or program that can allow me to create that skin it will be really awesome, and one last thing his advantatges would be :+shift +stun resistance and +grip strenght and disadvantatges would be : cant run skills cool down will take more time and less sense. The skin will be only 5$, 5€, 5 Yen, 5 Pounds and all the other money of the different countries will also cost 5. please tell me if there is an program to make it :D.
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