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  1. To be frank, this could actually be better than the main game mode... which is sad...
  2. It's most definitely a "part 5" gamemode. Town of Salem / Mafia / Werewolves style. Not sure how it's supposed to work exactly, but I'm sure that's what it is. And P5 would allow it.
  3. This! A million times. But I just can't blame the players for it. I'd even go as far and say it's not just Jason though... sadly...
  4. These tirades are always silly... I agree. But they are part of gaming when it comes to MP/PvP/Competitive titles.. since forever... they are needed though, because they produce results. Positive and negative ofc... better than no results/changes at all though. Anyways... to get to my "riddle" The multi-trapping originated as a counter to a certain exploit that allowed/allows Counsellors to repair the phonebox (also cars/generators) by glitching out the interaction, which prevented triggering a trap. You could do this solo (best chance to counter with multiple traps), which was harder to pull off, or with a 2nd Counselor which made it easy to do (less chance to counter with multiple traps, if at all). So I'm not surprised alot of people sticked with it. I'd do the same unless someone gives me 100% proof they absolutely fixed that shit. And I'm not talking about a line in the patchlogs... those turned out to be inaccurate often enough. I'm just trying to tell you that not everybody who does this, is doing it because he's bad or wants to piss everyone off... more like because, sadly, alot of people have to rely on exploits to get results. What Hal Bailman said is also a reason. But I don't completely agree with it. But it surely should net you at least 2 kills, depending on the amount of other escape possibilities... so, I'd say a valid strategy for a meta/tryhard nonetheless. I personally wouldn't want to have to do this though and spread them more out. But I also don't think the whole trap mechanic etc. is ideal in general...
  5. So you just called them all noobs because they also dare to disagree with you and can see the obvious... even the guy who admits he's more of a casual player can. Must sting and we can see that I guess. I said I'd also let it go but you make it really hard to resist...
  6. Why just "giving" if you can "sell" instead. And not being able to switch the weaponry increases the amount of "extra-content" they can sell.
  7. Well, I guess you misinterpreted my intention with that post of mine because, if what I mention would become reality, all the complaints would certainly be warranted because it would give you an advantage over others behind a paywall. I doubt it's the case with the current "optional" kills though. So I'm not upset about it... more like.. indifferent.
  8. I'm confused. You just gave proof to my point. It's admirable that you oppose exploits. I do the same. That's certainly not the case. I'm sorry. You vastly simplified things. It really depends on the subject matter. And it's a fact that latency affects the grab mechanic heavily (I mean, you just said it yourself). I only allow myself to label people that start to argue against facts. It's like... flatearthers.... *EDIT* Okay, thanks for the videos. Here is a little problem though. I never said the grab-range isn't/wasn't huge. But I'm pretty sure the reason behind it was to combat possible latency differences. Which exist. My issue with trying to sell those videos as ammo for your argument is though... they are worth shit in terms of the relation to latency because... the people are standing still. It's nice to see the actual grab-range, but that's it and ofc it doesn't matter if the people lag if they don't fucking move, like you point out yourself... so, nice to see the grab range... but I don't see the relation to my... let's call them "claims"...
  9. I wonder what people will say when they release a pay2kill-kill (heh) that has an even faster animation than the headpunch.
  10. These changes are based on people being salty about something that is caused mostly due to people's latency being all over the place (and due to a lack of comprehension in that regard) and a method to combat the same kind of scrubs abusing an exploit to repair certain objectives without triggering the trap/s... Not even knowing and being unable to comprehend these things and claiming he's getting the giggles out of it. That's what's truly hysterical here...
  11. But that's just a piece of true humanity. Definitely worth the experience and learn about our species's behaviour in an uncontrolled envoirement. Aren't we great? The pinnacle of evolution
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