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  1. I know you guys like being cheeky and obstinate, but out-of-bounds exploits are never OK.
  2. I think you could probably send an email to the address used for reporting cheaters (f13game@fearthegun.com).
  3. I suspect a ranked ladder system is very, very far down on the list of priorities. A lot of things about the game would have to change in order to realistically support such a thing.
  4. It's entirely down to the Heavy Hitter perk possibly being broken at the moment. I hedge because I have not tested it personally, but I can't recommend it until I know for sure.
  5. Yes, it was! And I am happy to have good debates. I always try to approach things this way, and not as mean-spirited arguments. There just isn't time in life to have super-angry flame wars on message boards, but a good debate/discussion is always OK. Let me frame this another way (at the admitted risk of starting an analogy arms race, which is really not my intention): You like the Friday the 13th movies, right? I know I do. But I hate Jason Goes to Hell. I mean, that movie is please-give-me-that-90-minutes-of-my-life-back bad. It's unbearable. I don't like that it exists, because it suggests things about Jason that don't and will never make sense to me, within the context of what else Friday the 13th has shown me. But just because I can't stand that movie, doesn't mean I'm going to ignore or disregard the other good and fun things that this series has given me. Just because this one specific thing irks me, it absolutely does not invalidate the rest of the value that the series has provided. (I know I'm stretching here, because the quality of those movies is a bit questionable here and there. But you get my point, I hope.) (P.S. Don't even get me started on how I would apply this analogy to some of the later Halloween movies...)
  6. This is becoming way too heated way too fast, and the last thing I want is for a helpful knowledge thread to get locked by Kodiak because it devolved into bickering and one-upmanship. @Pappus and I are not here for some sort of ego boost, or to tell everyone what the one and only true way is. All of this stuff was done out of a genuine passion for the game and a desire to discover useful knowledge and spread it to the community. Even if you disagree with the way Pappus or I approach certain parts of the game, I would at least hope that you can see the big-picture value in that.
  7. Marathon is excellent on certain counselors (namely high-Speed characters that can take advantage of the increased Stamina pool, like Chad), and outperforms Restful is every way.
  8. A strategy that leads to a dead counselor is a good strategy for Jason.
  9. Because Sucker Punch is broken at the moment, and we currently believe that Heavy Hitter may be as well (and if it's not, the effect is too marginal to value over other perks). EDIT: Also, to speak specifically to Swift Attacker's value -- every fraction of a second counts very, very heavily in close combat, and this perk helps a great deal with doorhitting.
  10. Regular Shift and +Shift move at the same speed. The only difference is the cooldown.
  11. In theory, yes. But Sucker Punch currently doesn't seem to work.
  12. I sincerely doubt you're gonna get 1 extra hit out of every damage source, going from 17% to 18%. I'd love to hear what you find out though.
  13. Yes, I updated my counselor guide with this information very quickly once the nerf happened. Check it out for the full rundown!
  14. Marathon roundly outperforms Restful with regard to Stamina efficiency. I'd perform some controlled tests with that -5% speed penalty first, though.
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