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  1. Have you ever experimented with rain planes? They look pretty good in UE4, and you won't get the raining indoors problem.
  2. Since the last patch I've been getting a lot of crashes joining games... PS4 Pro here. Specifically, when joining a friend's game session or accepting an invite I'll get a hard crash. It usually happens if I'm in a current game session. I've been submitting reports when it happens, but just thought I'd add it here in case it's happening to anyone else.
  3. I think the game is really well balanced as it is. When faced with a group of well-organized counselors, Jason definitely has his work cut out for him. Personally I'm a fan of Part 6 Jason, but I'm usually in the minority there. ?
  4. Counselor animations are really rough currently. It's clear that most of the attention went into getting Jason's movements and mannerisms spot on (and they are ), but I wince every time I see Chad’s “fear face” in the opening…it’s really cartoony. Counselor corpse physics need some love as well. Bodies usually land in strange positions: propped up on their elbows, legs splayed out in every direction, ass in the air, etc. I think most of us have seen severed heads rolling through the forest long after being removed or a dead counselor flying away after being dispatched. It’d also be great if the counselors in the back seat of the four-seater could scoot over if not currently under attack. I’ve had several instances where a good samaritan pulls over to collect me, only to die because I’ve got to run around the back of the car to get to the free space just as Jason warps in.
  5. Yup, this has happened to me a couple of times as well. Last night I grabbed a counselor in the main cabin in Packanack, maneuvered her towards the window for the environment kill, and finished it outside in the yard. Very bizarre indeed.
  6. You can't report a player unless they've actually killed you, and then only you can file a complaint. One of the PC shooters had something like this, think it was Call of Duty or Battlefield. That's great if you're on Xbox, but those of us playing on PS4 or Steam don't have a reputation system in place.
  7. Teamkilling: the dead player should be allowed to register a complaint against the other player that results in a loss of XP or reputation. That way people who do it intentionally are punished while still allowing for accidents. I wouldn't mind a reputation system that allows people to flag players they don't want to meet again, or negatively affects the play stats of those who've been marked. Players who've been dinged with negative rep can work off the stigma by not causing trouble in future games.
  8. I've had a few groups that came after me very aggressively; one group seemed to have an endless supply of pocket knives. It was all I could do to finish them off without being killed myself. Despite some of the threads around here, I believe the game is very well balanced. When a group of counselors is organized and skilled, watch out!
  9. I'm surprised no one has mentioned Resident Evil: Outbreak. Truly a unique online team experience that I haven't really experienced until Friday the 13th.
  10. This is the first time I've seen the word "toxic" bandied about so freely about a video game...wow. Tomorrow your experience might be night & day different. There's no simple way for the developers to track people manipulating the game, but you have the resources to find and group with people who play like you do.
  11. Of all the revenge stories I've heard, this is by far the most recent.
  12. If it's done by a reputable network (i.e. not MTV or the CW) I might watch it. The Scream TV series is pretty awful and I couldn't watch that happen to Jason as well.
  13. The plates props hung on walls...ever notice the green patterned ones seem to have overlapping polygons?
  14. I believe the phones in the game don't need power to run, they're powered through the phone line. Jason knows where the phone is right away, which is a big advantage for him. I've been in matches where it's near impossible to phone the police because Jason breaks the fuse box every time someone makes a call.
  15. This is common knowledge already, as someone pointed out Wes revealed that the fuse is always near the cabin with the phone. I don't know if they need to change this either...counselors first need to find the cabin with the phone before they starting hunting for the fuse. Can't say I'd agree that the car & boat parts are near the vehicle. I know I've found a propeller quite far away from the boat on a few occasions.
  16. Every time I've played as a female, Jason has been a perfect gentleman. Aside from the normal mutilation of course.
  17. I don't think Jason should ever be unable to shift if his cooldown allows it, but perhaps give shift speed/distance a buff if he shifts while no one is looking or if he's cloaked in darkness. I do agree the effect is jarring and some motion blur or fade could alleviate that.
  18. Haven't seen The Innkeepers mentioned here. I caught this a few years ago in the theater and loved it...it's a great ghost story.
  19. I really didn't like that movie for the first two-thirds, then I loved it
  20. At least award it when you booted. I've been in a number of games where the host quit with less than 10 seconds to go. It's aggrevating.
  21. I was beginning to think they weren't in the game yet. I'm at Level 24 and have yet to encounter one or anyone who has.
  22. I suspect it means he's morphed away. I've come out of hiding several times after hearing it and never been caught. ...now I'm kinda worried he's in Stalk mode...
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