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  1. Spyro

    Im back! :)

    Lol My presence is clearly important to many of you who feel the need to react to my posts. Whether its to complain about my post, or attempt to mock it, the presence was still important enough to react.
  2. Spyro

    Im back! :)

    We'll I stepped away from the forums for a bit, and come back to several people whining about me being so "angry"! So I decided to post a new topic because I know how so many of you miss hearing my angry rants. Odds are the "forum na**s" will lock this thread claiming "made up rules", but at least I will have said my piece! As far as Im concerned everyone in this community has a right to be angry and express that anger because of how sh**ty the game has been ran by its creators, not to mention the forums are just as bad with "made up rules" by power hungry no bodies. Im hear to stay so you better get use to me being angry and saying my piece as long as the devs continue to beat around the bush and waste the money I spent for the game, a game I wish to enjoy but cant because everytime they do an update, they f*** it up even more. Now that 'thats' over with, feel free to say what you want.
  3. When the game first started it had some issues, but not as much as it does now. Jason was a threat, and you didnt have counselors treating him like a joke, armed to the teeth with guns, health spray, and pocket knives, and every counselor character was not able to stun him with just one hit instantly, their characteristics actually mattered back then. Not to mention, able to hit him through doors like they are some kind of God. When people first bought the game a majority of them bought it to be Jason, I remember when people complained about not being Jason. Now because of how the game creators have treated the game and favored counselors, NO ONE really wants to be the man the game and movies were based on. Jason is the biggest flaw of his own game. And it doesnt seem like the creators care to fix that, otherwise they would have never allowed it to get this bad! I recommend that no new buyers purchase F13, until the creators get off their a**es and fix the problem, not make it worse like they always do! Feels like I wasted my money!
  4. How surprising, the forum police and their buttkissers havent tried locking this post in which the topic has been brought up before. Have they come to their senses? Probably not. Lol
  5. Oh no, we cant have this. I see this thread being locked soon because a few people like to make up rules concerning the forums, even if its not an actual rule.
  6. Yea, watch out, you might get a few panties bunched up for creating a post that doesnt break any rules besides whatever rules a few mods want to make up. Or a few kiss-a**es who want to be like them. Lol
  7. So you cant show me where it says Im not allowed to post a topic that has been brought up before, is what you're saying while still trying to be the forum police?!
  8. I have read and skimmed through the Forum Rules twice now and do not see anywhere where it says that we are not allowed to make a post about something if it has been mentioned in the past! So I would like for someone to show me where it says this, and if not capable, then I expect my previous post to be unlocked so that discussion can continue. Otherwise this is an overstep of moderation!
  9. So my original complaint has been locked due to a couple of people b****ing "Whaaaa, this has been done before!" The topic is an important topic and draws a lot of attention and needs to be addressed. How many people tho, are willing to go searching for a thread that was created several months back, rather than read a recent post that they know is active? I sure the hell am not willing to search through endless threads to find the newest one or one thats active. To me this is just a way to silence us and hope that we forget what we're angry over.
  10. I must disagree on the devs being interested in our concerns. I cant see them being interested after the drastic changes theyve made crippling Jason. They surely tested the updates out I assume, and had to have seen the drastic changes and knew how frustrating it would be for players, yet they proceeded to go forward with the chang anyway. I also want to point out something I missed. I dont see enough people complaining about the range of Jason's weapons. I cant count the amount of times Ive seen my weapon go through someone and not do a damn thing. But yet I could be busting down a door and some counselor can stun me through the door before its even brought down! Thats stupid!
  11. I use to love this game, and love playing as Jason. But I must admit, that everytime I log on now, the more p***ed off Im getting with how this game is turning out, for Jason players. The creators have made the game so one-sided its not even funny, and it favors the counselors. For example! Removed Jason's ability to plant traps in the same spot. Created small maps that allow counselors to find essential items in close range to escape. Allowed dropped items to show on map. Placed guns, health spray, pocket knives, at camp sites, which essentially allows most players to arm themselves to the teeth. Updated Tommy to be better equiped. Reduced Jason's grab range drastically. Created perks allowing counselors to be more durable and stronger than Jason himself. And so on. ...... And what have they done for Jason in order to balance this out? Not a f***ing thing! I bought the game because I wanted to play as Jason, what I didn't want is to play as Jason and have 5 people escape in 5 minutes into the match.(Actually happened, I saved the video) I didn't want every counselor to have 3 pocket knives, guns, health spray, fire crackers and what not, at the ready, so that every time I get close to one I can be stunned repeatedly. (Saved numerous videos showing this b.s.) I can understand why some adjustments were made, Jason shouldn't be able to reach 10 feet across the map and grab someone, or lay layers upon layers of traps on each other. Its not realistic or canon. But you know what else isn't canon? For every counselor to escape and survive. Especially in 5 minutes! What isn't canon is for counselors to magically see where things are in the woods on a minimap. What isnt canon is for every counselor to be armed to the teeth. Which leads me to ask. Does the game creators just not care for the character? Or the game? Or its players? Some people still have luck with Jason, I do too at times, but mores times than normal, the one-sided shift is too irritating to tolerate. Im starting to wonder if Dead by Daylight is a better game to switch to? Maybe they treat their game and players with more respect than to constantly screw something up. Oh well, you guys got my money, and it seems thats all the matters. I will say its getting awfully close to me shelving this game and never touching it again. Unless the creators balance the damn thing out! Will they do this? When will they?
  12. I havent played it since I made this post. Does any know if anything has changed? Been busy with work.
  13. My friends and I enjoy the game but are fed up with the cheaters and we all feel as if not enough or anything is being done about them. We're debating on playing any more. And if we turn away, we'll be sure to warn others not to buy the game as well due to the amount of cheaters. Just recently we ran into several! I managed to take a few pics of 3 of them. Would like to know where we could report the 3 that Ive got on photos. 1 was on a roof, the other 2 standing on the edge of rocks in the lake where Jason couldnt grab them. I also ran into more playing on the roof but didnt take photos. The amount of cheaters is ruining the game! When will it be dealt with!
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