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  1. I can’t find it in store, but link in first post still takes you to it.
  2. I tried playing the 4 vhs tapes in their time stamp order, nada. Where are the potatoes? I have moonshine, 3D glasses, matches, 4 tapes and Starlacon book
  3. From my purely anecdotal experience, the PS4 community is complete toxic garbage compared to Xbox. I still encounter douches on xbox, but far fewer than PS4. Like someone else said, it's damned near every match on PS4.
  4. Wow, thanks! You guys are a blast to play with as well.
  5. Noobs, noobs everywhere!

    This. We need to create a welcoming environment where they don't get too frustrated right off the bat and ditch the game. The spike in player count would be welcome. Sure, the metas have developed and there's an established way you're "supposed" to play, but they need to be brought up to speed. Let's not become the Overwatch community that berates noobish players to the point of not wanting to play at all. (Can you tell I deleted OW off my hard drive?)
  6. Just got an update

    Supposedly 7pm EST tonight
  7. I so don't want to be "that guy," but did you do a hard reboot yet? I could join matches but could not hear anyone else after the patch until I did a hard reboot.
  8. I didn't play as Jenny, but I could tell that they played with the composure stat in the new patch while playing as AJ. I built up fear and went to tunnel vision VERY quickly compared to past matches, even alone with no threat. It did seem darker, so maybe it was the rain messing with fear as well, I don't know. This is all anecdotal and I have no real stats or empirical evidence, just my impression of what was going on.
  9. Given how the devs indirectly ruined the surprises (killing Jason) with the original launch of the game by giving YouTube streamers early access, I'm quite pleased that they chose to give the fans and backers a solid surprise by thinking of us first. Sorry that your petite fete was undermined, but I doubt you'll find many sympathetic ears here on this forum given the game's history with streamers. Edit: I'm not trying to set a negative tone or be derisive of you. I completely understand your post and sentiment. You should still have some great streaming with the influx of noobs and the horrible, horrible things you can do to them as Jason. Good luck!
  10. haha! Yep. First match I was Mitch wearing tie dye, and it spawned me on SW corner of map away from everything. Only weapon I could find was a pot and had to swim to central portion of the map. It just felt so appropriate to be staggering through the woods as that character with only a kitchen pot to defend myself. Every locked cabin door was met with "Dave's not here, man!"
  11. Yes. Jarvis House is a huge map, and was very difficult to control for me as Jason. Maybe it was that the map was unfamiliar, but I had a real hard time tracking people down. It's easy enough for the counselors to split up and cabin hop without throwing in the 4 seater car as an option. Given the size and how spread out objectives are there, minimizing the vehicular escapes is a welcomed plus for Jason.
  12. Agreed. We thought it was a cool twist when it happened to our room last night. It also happened to be our first match on Jarvis House. I assumed it was completely intentional.