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  1. Yep. People don't realize they're missing out on about half (or usually more) of their xp by not waiting it out. Then again, both matches I played last night went the full 20 minutes because the counselors had no clue and Jason was inept, so most don't want to wait. This isn't Fortnite or PUBG where you die and immediately leave to get back in matchmaking queue!
  2. I backed early on and got copies for both Xbox and PS4, but only played Xbox. I have now started playing with PS4 version and am only level 29, so yeah. There's people like us out there. I played a couple rounds last night in quick play and it was almost all young kids (at least that is who used mics), and both Jasons were very inexperienced. No objectives were trapped in either match. First round I spawned in cabin by boat with prop, so I installed that. Next cabin over had gas. I think this is my chance to get "Chad is a Dick" trophy. I repair boat and head out within first 3 or so minutes of game. Jason is part 8 so not a complete newbie, and morphs out to lake to tip over my boat. I swim laps around the boat and he can never drown me. Glitched? I dunno. I restart boat twice and he tips it each time, but eventually gets frustrated and morphs away. I escape to get trophy. The next round was a Part 3 Jason, and he was very surprised and frustrated by pocket knives and stunning.
  3. I have been playing DbD on Xbox for a couple months here and there, and it's (in my opinion only) a far better "jump in for a match or two reliably" horror multiplayer game. Friday is better with friends, but I can't get into a game with publics in it. The biggest problem with DbD is that it relies on blood points progression to level up, and blood points earned in private matches don't count towards progression. At least they didn't when I tried a private match, I could be wrong.
  4. @Thatguyinktown I should be available tonight. And every Thursday night pretty much.
  5. I hope to be. Send invite if a room gets going!
  6. Sorry @TheHansonGoons. Same here. I was really tired and faded fast.
  7. I don’t know if I logged out before falling asleep. If I held up the lobby, I sincerely apologize!
  8. I promise that was done out of incompetence and not malice! I genuinely screwed up.
  9. Will there be a room tonight? @TheHansonGoons @Thatguyinktown
  10. I was so excited... finally got into one of these rooms. Swiftly beheaded. That’s ok, I spawn as Tommy and disarm a trap at 4 seater so 4 can escape. Promptly beheaded again. Then I hear my wife working in the kitchen. (We had a new fridge delivered earlier that day, so all of previous fridge contents were on ice in coolers while new fridge cools.) yeah, she decided to transfer stuff from coolers to fridge right then. So, wanting to sleep inside that night, I went to help. At least I got one round... @TheHansonGoons
  11. No worries. I got the invite and tries to join but it was full. I had to get up early so I went ahead to bed. These luscious locks aren’t going to groom themselves.
  12. I hate that I missed it @TheHansonGoons and @Risinggrave. I was informed that I had been signed up for commitments the next morning and had to be up at 5:30. That sent me to bed early. Hopefully this week is a go...
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